Crumbled Society

During a time where people no longer decide the fate of their nation.


2. The Dawn of a New Future

Not only did this power give me hope, but it changed me emotionally. It has been years since I've dreamed of a better life. Now all of this was possible, nothing could stop me. As far as I'm concerned, I might just be immortal. I had convinced myself that, until I kicked an empty can, and my stomach started to rumble.

The air was better than usual. Most of the time, I'd get a good sniff of dead corpses. Sometimes it made me wonder, the smell would eventually perish, would it not? Humanity has barely clung to life through pure instincts, but those instincts are far from humane. That's why the world sobs everyday. Our social ways of life have died, and so have the systems in which we had setup. Dead. Gone. 

The only way to survive on this arid dark planet is to be the strongest, and to be the strongest you have to have backbone. Unfortunately, that's something I wasn't born with, but it can be forged through demanding effort and diligence. Anyone alive, knew that at this point. 

The sun was beginning to set, and Gavin was likely gone. He was smart, him and his men knew how to survive during the night. The rest of us had to pray, to live another day that is. There is one main reason you need to be underground at night, or in a low radiation level area. At night, the radiation in the air has evolved, into a terrible monster of death. If light isn't gleaming through the atoms of radiation, it will turn into a poisonous virus, it takes on symptoms immediately, and kills it's victim slowly. First it will decay the bone to a soft cotton like form. Making the victim paralyzed, and inflicted with death shrieks of pain. Then, the radiation will intoxicate the organs, and eventually lead to total organ failure. At this point, most victims are dead. There have been several rumors of a third symptom, but there has been no evidence to back up the claims of the insane.

The sun had fallen, it was hiding behind the trees, and darkness emaciated from the ground. I really needed to get moving, even with this new power, so many things were left unknown, and I don't plan to let it end here.

It was time to head home, and tell Jesse what had happened. I broke off into a sprint heading south. I dodged past obstacles left and right, making my way closer to the suburban area, my home was in that town. Jesse was going to be disappointed that I came home empty handed today, but this new power was much better than a chocolate bar. I took a right past the last skyscraper, and started to run even faster to the house. The last skyscraper was a landmark. It was shaped like an upside down L. The top had toppled over onto another roof. It was like an entry to the suburbs. 

About halfway to my destination, my legs began to feel mushy. It was the radiation, i would be dead soon, but in this case my bones would heal. So, I carried on, hoping the radiation wouldn't reach any of my organs.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened, and I had made it back to the house. I opened the plant infested door, and brushed myself off. The basement is where Jesse was, but I couldn't go down there until I was toxin free. As soon as all of the radiation in my body came in contact with light the virus would die and dissipate.

So, I waited for the dawn of a new future.

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