Crumbled Society

During a time where people no longer decide the fate of their nation.


3. Jesse and the Basement

My eyes began to crisp as i huddled in the corner. Day light had finally come, and the wait was over. My body felt less heavy and I was ready to talk to Jesse. I walked over to the center of the room, and stomped twice. The floor began to cave in and I was enveloped around concrete walls. The floor above me had closed and the elevator was opening it's glass panel doors to the basement.

This was no ordinary basement. The basement was a secret operative room, simply for the purpose of finding a new functioning machine. A machine called Society. The basement has been researching different systems for years now, one that doesn't require the constant drain of resources, but instead one that cherishes and develops it even more. 

I walked through several thick stainless steel doors to the main section of the basement. Truth be told it was more of a laboratory than a basement. I pushed my way through the last set of doors, and was blinded by the light. It was always a polished white here in the basement. To think that Jesse could manage all of this by himself was amazing to me every time I ventured down here.

I started to walk to the main study room. Jesse turned around in his chair, "Oh hey Leo, did you find anything?" He wiped his glasses, and raised them over his grayed hair. 

"No, I'm sorry I didn't" I looked down in shame. 

He looked at me with a sudden frown, "It's okay, just make sure we don't run out of food." 

My face was flooded with life once I remembered that I didn't come home quiet empty handed. 

"Jesse, I do have something to show you!" I rushed over to his side.

He looked at me rather weary, "Well, where is it?" I grabbed his arm. "It's here."

Jesse was silent, "Leo, are you sure your feeling okay?" I started to pace back and forth.

"Just break my arm, don't ask any questions. Just do it, you'll have to watch to understand."  He took off his coat. 

Jesse walked over to a table and grabbed a device. It was the snapper. It was as light as a pen, but as soon as the button is pressed, it has enough force to kill a man. 

"Are you sure about this Leo?" 

I nodded my head and followed him to the metal table. I strayed my hand out like I was about to arm wrestle, then I gently placed it on the crease in my arm. "Push the button for me Jesse, I just can't do it myself."

Leo looked at me like I was crazy. He put both hands on the table, "Jesse, are you ready?" he shivered making the table shake.

I laughed, "What is there that I haven't already lost?" he smiles with me and closes his eyes. he sharply presses the button.

I've never felt pain like that before. It hurt like hell. My bones were shattered across the table. Jesse was freaking out, as the blood spew from my arm. "I'm SO sorry!"

I forced a smile in fear of losing my arm. "It didn't hurt when I was outside. I should have died, but I didn't. My body healed from a real high drop Jesse." 

Everything was getting blurry. My head slammed against the table, and I lost consciousness. 

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