Crumbled Society

During a time where people no longer decide the fate of their nation.


4. Captivity or Death?

A tap on my forehead awoke me in a blur. 

Jesse was smiling, "I didn't believe you, but now I don't have a choice. Your arm healed once I brought you to the surface Leo. It's the radiation, your body has somehow evolved to use the radiation for good." He then went to a frown, "It seems were in quiet the situation though. Gavin and his men found us when I took you up. Gavin is pissed that your still alive as well."

Only then had I realized I was on the back of a pickup. The road was bumpy and they were going back breaking speed on the devastated road. 
"Oh man, this is bad." The driver said. He was looking back very often, and it was instinct to look back as well. 
What I saw was heartbreaking. The truck had been so loud on the road that he had the Smasher following behind us.

The smasher was a notorious group of thugs, they would slaughter their pray, and eat them later on. The lowest of the lowest of cannibals. They were about to shoot at our tires, we had to act quick, it was then I realized that I had been restrained.

"Shit!" The driver screamed, as he smashed the gas pedal down even harder, putting the engine at it's max. Sadly the smasher had supreme technology, and was catching fast. A man emerged with an assault rifle from the window, and shot out the first tire. We swerved, the driver trying to regain traction, but then they shot another one, flipping us over onto the road. Jesse and I had been chunked out when the truck flipped, Jesse had a soft landing, however I did not. I landed on a pile of bricks. He had landed on grass. "Leo, we have to run now!" He rushed me up to my feet, The smashers were dragging out the driver and eating him on the spot, like a group of savages. No. they were savages.

We began to flee through the woods, it was going to be dark soon. "Jesse, we have to find safety for you, we won't make it back to the basement in time, the only option is Gavin's place." Jesse looked at me knowing our only option was captivity or death. We started to cross the woods to Gavin's place. Jesse was unsure of himself.

"Leo, you don't know what this man will do to us, he's ruthless and inconsiderate!" He punches a tree. "I think I'd rather die here than be tortured there." 

"No, we have to keep moving, even if you die, I'm not sure I will. I also need to get these restraints off, and the only other person with a key to em' is Gavin." I started walking, and didn't look back. If I didn't hear Jesse's footsteps, then he chose to die, if I heard them he went with me. 

I heard his footsteps in relief. The only problem is when I turned, he wasn't there.

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