Sometimes enemies start off as friends.


1. First Day

_Angelica's POV_

Alright, first day. Taking a deep breath I walked over to my closet and picked out my outfit. A leather jacket, dark-blue jeans, a slung over top and a beanie should do today. It had been two days since the move and we'd just settled in. By 'we' I mean me and my mom. We had to get away from my dad.

As I finished getting dressed I heard my mom yell;

"HONEY THE BUS IS HERE!!" Cursing, I rushed downstairs and out the door. I only just caught the bus as it was leaving. Mentally slapping myself, I looked round for a seat. The only one available was one next to a guy who was staring out the window.

I walked between the aisles, getting a few odd looks from people as I sat down.

"Ignore them," I heard a voice say beside me. I turned round and the guy was looking at me.

"It's not often we get a new girl, they're just curious." He smiled and positioned himself to face me. So did I.

"My name's Andrew. You?"

"Oh, umm, it's Angelica." I smiled at him and he grinned back.

"It's great to meet you Angelica. So what tutor are you in?"

It took me a second to think before I spoke.

"It's uh, 12W I think."

"Oh great! You're with me! Don't worry, I'll show you round, help you meet some people."

He smiled once again before turning round to talk to the guys behind us. I faced forward again and looked around the bus. One pretty girl caught my eye and smiled. I smiled back. Maybe school wasn't going to be so bad.


Nope I was wrong. First, I had double Spanish: I HATE Spanish!! I accidentally bumped into someone in the hall, and apologised. They just glared at me and walked off. Okay then. Just then, I saw Andrew in front of the lockers. Breathing a sigh of relief, I rushed out of the stampede over to him.

"Hey! We met on the bus?" Great job Angel.

"Oh yeah, hey there Angelica! How's it goin'?" He smiled and his friends stared at me. Shifting uncomfortably, I replied;

"Um, not great. I just had DOUBLE Spanish!" I groaned and rolled my eyes.

"I take it you're not a big fan of Spain then?" He laughed and pulled me closer to him and his friends.

"Angelica, this is Alfie, Jake, Liam and Harry. Guys, this is Angelica."

They all grinned and spoke a chorus of "Hi"s, "How are you?"s and "Hey there"s. I blushed and muttered "Hi".

"So beautiful, do you mind if I call you Angel?" Alfie grinned. I blushed like mad and stuttered,

"N-no that's fine." I smiled and twirled my hair around my finger and looked down.

"Okay then, Alfie, she has all her classes with you. Take care of her, yeah?" Andrew growled, suddenly glaring at Alfie. Wow. Overreaction much?

"Uh, yeah sure mate. Meet you back here lunch, ok guys?" Alfie mumbled looking at me. Everyone agreed and we set off to our next class, Alfie's arm around me.


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