The truth is right there

A story featuring the X-Files, John-Luc Picard, and a man who is a Terminator. This takes place in 1992. The X-Files takes place in a reality where Star Trek is fictional but what if there was a twist? A twist that mostly would sound like a lunatic's rambling to Scully. A twist that leads a Terminator who resembles Q to appear? Well, it all starts one day when a T-800 was beamed aboard the Enterprise . . .



.. . 2:39 PM. . .

. . . Dallas,Texas. .

I had driven into the mountains then parked alongside the road. I knew this place far well. I knew every rock crevice, every hole, and every 'secret hiding place a teenager can party at with their friends' a man can think of. I once spent an entire summer here organizing a elaborate hide out for the Dallas section of the resistance with metal underneath. I put a marker there as well and every summer since then I had to straighten it until. . . One day I cemate it.

No more problems since then.

I climb the mountain side with every part of my body making tiny adjustments. I made it to the top then looked down to see the white but grayish backside of a shuttle's rear pointed in my direction embedded in a sea of gravel. I leaped down then landed safely on my legs beside the shuttle. I approached the back side then knocked on it. The back end retracted revealing back door.

I got into the shuttle . . .and then I fell.

I grabbed hold onto a pole that was near the front.

"Fine then," I said. "You annoying universe, I will straighten this shuttle out."

Now the first thought that entered my processor was that 1) I could have destroyed the shuttle craft control panel. 2) this ship is tilted upwards. 3) This is really annoying I have to straighten this damn ship before doing anything. But oh well, that is what a superhuman being would think. I wish I were human not a machine. I cannot say how many times I tore my hands up and had to repair them (and cover them) until the new skin had grown to cover the metal plating.

I struggled my way out of the craft then land on the stairs face first.

This is my bad week, isn't it?

I get up rubbing my nose.

I then proceed to drag the shuttle out using my hands then take it to the side in the proper position. I board up the shuttle craft this time to see a dark gray paint job about it. It had a heavy, serious, dark and intimidating atmosphere. I closed my eyes then reopened them. I have come to learn I can pretend to sleep by just mimicking the effects: closing eyes. It makes humans more comfortable around me. And that they are sleeping in the house of a human.

I surely hope the guy I am based off is full of valor.

I saw to my side there was a pod.

I wipe off the fog to see a face.

Which Picard is this one?

"Vulcan?" I said, baffled. "Okay this is new. . . I wonder if his name is still Jean-Luc Picard."

I pressed a button to the side then stepped back folding my arms.

The smoke drifted out and the Vulcan's eyes struggled to open. I noticed a bruise on the side of his forehead that seemed to have a cut. He had a dark blue and pink uniform on that were different from the uniform on Star Trek. He had a phaser on a belt. He also had pockets on the side of his uniform. I noticed he had dark boots on, too.

The Vulcan's eyes opened.

"Q," The Vulcan said, with eye narrowed. "You traitor!"

Then what hope (That I had for the man who I could be possibly be based off) I had: plummeted.

I blinked then put one hand on my chest.

"Qreg," I said, then gestured over to him. "Yours?"

The Vulcan frowned.

"You know who I am!" The Vulcan took out his phaser.

I frowned looking at the phaser and then to him.

"I am only aware of Jean-Luc Picard," I said, lowering the tip of his phaser down with one hand. "If I were to die right now I rather die knowing the name of a captain labeling me a traitor."

"John-Luc Picard." Now it is about time I called him properly.

I stepped aside right as he pressed the trigger earning wide eyes from him.

I grabbed the phaser out of his hand shortly after the second shot in the least expected kind of way.

"Captain," I said. "If I am correct by this assumption of your shuttle craft's tip, you need great repairs on it. Not minimal but enough."

John-Luc glared at me.

"Where is the Enterprise?"

"In orbit, just where you left it."

"I meant the original Enterprise!"

I lowered the phaser.

"Skynet . . ." I said. "So that is where they got the schematics of my body." I closed my eyes taking a sigh. "He was aboard that ship." I turned away. "They probably interrogated him, tortured him,and then killed him to get what knowledge they could."

"No, they didn't." John-Luc said.

I turned toward him.

"How would you know?"

"Because I am staring right at him."

"I am not the man you know. . ." I stopped. I realized what he just inferenced. He is still alive. "What is he?"

"A entity," John-Luc said. "Now give me my phaser back, civilian."

"Qreg, please," I said.

"Craig, give me the phaser." John-Luc said.

"There is no C and no I in my name," I said. "Q-r-e-g."

I went out the shuttle.

"Give me the phaser,Qreg!" John-Luc demanded.

It still sounded like he was saying 'Craig' not 'Qreg'.

I smiled, holding up the phaser.

"Oh this?" I asked, shaking the phaser from side to side.

"Yes, that!" John-Luc snapped.

I turned it off.

"You are not in your ball park, Mr Picard," I said. "You are in the 20th century."

John-Luc looked down then back up.

"No. . . That cannot be possible." John-Luc said.

"This planet is out of it's correct timeline," I said. "And universe, most likely. It is also stands to reason why there is two moons at night." I started heading up the mountain side holding the phaser. "You are welcome to join me if you like. I have a monster truck capable of tracking over rocks back at the house, If you like to roast in the sun and wait around then be my guest."

"I am not leaving you until you give my damn phaser back." John-Luc stubbornly said.

I snickered.

"You'll only get it back when you leave Earth." I said.

I was at the top of the mountain hearing the Vulcan close by when. . . I felt it.

I had a feeling that George is close.

I froze.

"A Vlectorian!" John-Luc shouted.

I forced myself to look up then I put Jean-Luc's phaser into my pocket.

John Connor was born a couple years ago. A Terminator will be here in 1995 and there,along with his mother, they will work together to prevent Judgement Day. This Terminator will be instrumental in ensuing the other generations live. He will also have a hand in convincing different versions of Terminators to change their side for the good of the people. To convince them that humans and cyborgs can co-exist. The Terminator is killed in 2101 before my own time but I have files on him.

He certainly left a mark in the resistance.

I never met him.

I looked up seeing the white circular side of the saucer. I felt myself free floating in the air. I began to make a slow but flawless plan to get George outta there. I couldn't leave him in their hands. I never could leave someone in the hands of evil. That is on of my many flaws that cannot be deleted. I have achieved sentience a long time ago. My own personality, soul if you will, and interests. Some of my personality was born from a observational view of this 'Q' being.

I found myself in the white space.


That was my first thought.

I felt unable to move.


Using my will and inner strength inside, I went forward feeling my legs pleading to stop and rest. To give up. To let whatever is happening take over. I saw a white table with the figure of a human male in his late thirties. I stopped seeing there was red blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He had no pulse. I saw through his exposed body that some had stabbed something large through his cavity and yanked out one of his organs.





"What are you talking about experiments?" I heard John-Luc asked. "Unbind me!"

I turned around feeling my hands rolled up in fists feeling intense and horrible rage. I saw John-Luc on a table still with his uniform on. I stepped forward toward the gray alien beings feeling my legs become attracted to the floor. The floor acted like a magnet. My hands were trembling. The fresh image of George dead on the table burned in my processor.

John-Luc turned his head toward my direction.

"So, you were part of this!" John-Luc accused me. "I should have known!"

Paranoid Vulcan.

I stepped forward.

You should stop while you can, the alien beings thought, you can't really save others lives when you are made of metal.

Stay where you are and it will be easier, the second alien being thought.

Yes it will, Thought a tenth alien being. 

Did he have someone who cared about him?

Did he have someone to come back for on his starship?

Does he have a family that will be there for him when he needs them the most?  Does he have a son? A daughter? A team? A family aboard the starship that is part of the working personnel  on the bridge even though they are not related. Did he live for two hundred plus years staying detached? No. He probably has spent it living it out sharing his experiences. 

John-Luc had everything.

I, on the other hand, did not.

To hell with them. I stepped forward toward the tallest alien being fully in Terminator mode. All my morals and rules were tossed aside. No mean should face a fate like George. I had a mission in mind: Terminate  interfering alien beings and rescue John-Luc Picard. I forced another step forward. I couldn't stop what I will do next. I was furious. I was outraged. I had a good reason to be mad. They just murdered one of my few friends on this planet.




I won't be emotionally distraught. I won't have emotional connections. These are my downfall.

I grabbed one of the alien beings by the throat. 

Let me go, the forth alien being thought, or you will pay sincerely.

I didn't reply. What did I do instead? I stared at him while crushing his windpipe and his neck until all that was left had been death. I tossed his body right into the second and third gray alien beings. I ripped off the restraints encountering a electrical sensation going through my body. I turned toward the first alien being who held up what seemed to be a pathetic piece of toy. They were practically children with toys being naughty. Naughty children. Even with the magnet on full maximum that did not stop me from moving my right arm right around the electrical shocker then yanked their arm out of their socket and dropped it to the ground.

Their scream was mortifying.

HE'S GONE MAD,the sixth alien being screamed.

I turned around to see there being a rounded hole being made into John-Luc's right arm. He was halfway out. It was slowly being made bigger and bigger due to a long thin object that had a circular item with razors all connected. I grabbed it by the handle then yanked it out of the wall above John-Luc making the room suddenly turn from white to black for a moment. looked over to make sure John-Luc was still there (which he was, as it turned out) then used the long item to smack the Vlectorian's away by hitting the side of their necks sending them flying. With all the rage I was being encompassed, I managed to yank off the restraints around John-Luc's joints.

I turned around then stabbed the long item into the squishy body of a Vlectorian and stared into his empty oval dark eyes.

They were all screaming: get him off! GET HIM OFF THE SHIP! GET HIM OFF THE SHIP! LET HIM GO!

They were all running in different directions.

Some of whom collided with one another landing on the floor.

I picked up John-Luc into my arms then ran in the direction of the rounded hole.

And then I jumped out holding a unconscious Vulcan in my arms.

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