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A story featuring the X-Files, John-Luc Picard, and a man who is a Terminator. This takes place in 1992. The X-Files takes place in a reality where Star Trek is fictional but what if there was a twist? A twist that mostly would sound like a lunatic's rambling to Scully. A twist that leads a Terminator who resembles Q to appear? Well, it all starts one day when a T-800 was beamed aboard the Enterprise . . .


21. The final chapter

. . . 2104. . .

"I can't believe we are actually flying the Enterprise above Earth!"

I was beside the navigation while Mulder was in the transport room.

One hundred years later; we successfully completed a version of the Enterprise from head to toe. All we had to do was beam their belongings and every living organism aboard this ship heading away from Earth. I had the complete map of the Enterprise in my processor including the physics and every science related factor to their future related devices. I take a step aside from the Navigation.

"Ready, Fox?" I asked, speaking into the com.

"Ready!" Mulder said.

"Beam them up, Fox," I said,then step aside from the captain's chair. "Qreg out."

The second Enterprise was tearing through the atmosphere, but, it would soon be empty of any life. I watched the figures materializing in the respective locations being in the chairs and beside the turbo lift. If I had a heart then it would be beating quickly. I walked to the turbo lift until I am in between the two security guards.

And then the second Enterprise vanished off the screen.

Everyone aboard the ship was beamed onto this one.

It is a miracle Skynet was distracted allowing us to go out without Hunter Killers on our tail.

"Captain, it seems the event has stopped." Spock said.

The two security guards took their phasers out.

"Hold your horses." Came the deep voiced man.

Kirk and most of the Bridge crew turned my direction.

"Q," Kirk said. "What did you do?"

"Scotty to Captain Kirk," Came another man's voice. "We have a intruder at the Transporter claiming he and his friend just saved us."

"Qreg," I said, then looked over to the Vulcan. "Hello, Mr Spock," I held my hands up. "You are very welcome."

"Keptain, something is messing with ze navigation." Chekov said.

"Nothing is working, Captain!" Sulu said.

I smiled.

"No worry, you are going straight back into the past where you belong," I said. "I have calculated the exact factors to send you straight into the past using the right formula. This can only be used once. And we are doing this to save the future. Your futures in fact."

The Enterprise speeded faster than it should have in the other direction making a 'Star War'sy kind of screen going into hyper mode yet everyone is able to move freely. The captain turned toward my direction appearing to be rather concerned for his crew and not so eager for a elaborate great wait.

"What did you do to my ship?" Kirk asked.

"I am only doing what I was reprogrammed for." I said.

"And what was that for?" Kirk asked.

"To save your ass, Captain Kirk," I said. "I was reprogrammed by Commander Spock 46 years into the future and sent into the past to create another way to prevent the death of seven hundred people. So I, along with another, recreated the Enterprise and WAITED for you."

Spock came over.

"I reprogrammed you?" Spock asked.

"Yes." I said.

"But you are a human." Spock said.

"I am a cyborg," I said. "And your computer skills were a lot better by the time you hacked into me."

Spock narrowed his eyes.

"What was my last request?" Spock asked.

"Save the Enterprise." I said.

"My request would have been to take my Katra and take it to Vulcan." Spock said.

I briefly closed my eyes then opened them.

"You do not understand," I said. "I just saved a entire quadrant by saving your ass."

And then the Enterprise stopped. The second Enterprise was destroyed by the Resistance shortly after landing upon my request and elaboration of how paramount it is to not be found by Skynet. I told them they didn't need to check for human life as it would be gone. I had ensured the existence of The Resistance, the timeline of Skynet, and the lives of two Star Fleet members along with a starship crew.

"Keptain, we are. . ." Chekov stopped in mid sentence. "Five light days away from Vulcan."

"Captain, we are being hailed by a T'clepid." Uhura said.

The captain went over to the chair appearing to a little confused.

"On screen." Kirk said.

"Captain Kirk?" The Vulcan asked.

"Yes, this is he." Kirk said.

"You have been missing for seven months," The Vulcan said. "The Federation was just about to engage in war with the Klingons regarding your disappearance. Shall I send note to the Federation regarding your return?"

"Seven months. . ." Kirk said. "Yes, do so, please."

The Vulcan nodded then turned away and the screen turned off.

"Tell me. . .How did you manage to jump in time?" Spock asked.

"I am in no position to tell you,Commander Spock,"I said. "Aging: on."

Spock looked at me, intrigued.

"You have a system for aging . . . fascinating." Spock asked.

I nodded.

"I been waiting a hundred years to age," I said. "And I will gladly go to the brig with my friend Fox Mulder if you'll like, Captain Kirk."

Kirk turned toward my direction.

"Take him to the brig along with his associate until we get back to Earth." Kirk said.

I lowered my hands then was guided straight into the brig which took all but fifteen minutes. I felt achieved. I felt happy. I felt so glad to have done my mission. All I needed to do was shut down and not turn on until the next mission came about. I could do that. Or I could just wait to meet this version of Picard. I sat down on a bench while Mulder eyed the security guard.

"So what are you going to do for the next hundred years?" Mulder asked.

"Shut down or find a life," I said. "My missions have been accomplished." I looked up toward Mulder. "And you?"

"There is probably some unsolved mystery on Kirk's planet," Mulder said. "Bound to be full of X-Files."

I had a soft laugh.

"True." I said.

I lowered my head.

"I wonder if Picard is going to be a human in this reality." Mulder said.

"You never know," I said. "He may turn out to be a Beastazoid in this one."

"Now that would be interesting." Mulder said.

"Yes. . ." I said, with a smile. "It would. . ."

The End.

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