The truth is right there

A story featuring the X-Files, John-Luc Picard, and a man who is a Terminator. This takes place in 1992. The X-Files takes place in a reality where Star Trek is fictional but what if there was a twist? A twist that mostly would sound like a lunatic's rambling to Scully. A twist that leads a Terminator who resembles Q to appear? Well, it all starts one day when a T-800 was beamed aboard the Enterprise . . .


6. Questioning

. . . 1992. . . May 4th

. . Texas,Dallas. . Police department. . . 11:29 AM

Commander Data was in the interrogation room. His captain was safe in the shuttle in the stasis pod wedged into the bed of gravel in the mountains behind Dallas in Texas. It was too surreal to be in a time period that shouldn't be around. He tensed up seeing a man widely known in the federation for making the Enterprise vanish.

The door closed behind me.

"Did you come with another cyborg?" I asked.

Data stared at me.

"You are Q," Data said. "And you should know."

"You are Commander Data of the USS Enterprise D," I said. "My name is Qreg like Craig or Greg." I sat down into the chair. "The one who I am based of is not a man who can tip the edge of the war in the future. He is some-one unrelated to it. There is a war against machines that I alone am attempting to prevent though I may not be alone in this mission. You can save billions and perhaps millions by cooperating with me." I stared at him with my serious face that was easy to make. "Do you want to save lives, Mr Data Soong?"

Data cleared his throat.

"I was beamed down here with another," Data said. "One who had purposely masquaded himself as one of us for the past few months. He is the one on the table. He is the one who helped another 'T-800' escape my reach. The other T-800 had taken my captain captive. His shuttle is currently in the mountains."

"Data, I will make sure he gets back to his ship," I said. "I swear by it."

"What are you?" Data said.

"I am T-801, I am a friend," I said. "Data . . . Just say what happened to the FBI agents who come, they won't believe you, and that's how it should go. You don't have a file about your appearence in the future."

"A living machine . . . " Data said. "What is it like?"

"Boring." I said.

I get up from the table then head to the door.

"You don't know where he is at." Data said.

My hand was around the knob.

"I can try." I said, then left the room.


.. . 12:58 PM. . .

. . . Dallas,Texas. . . Police station. . .

"Ah, you are from the FBI?" Came Patrol Officer Jacob Miller, asking Scully and Mulder.

"Yes," Mulder said. "We are."

"Well, that makes three FBI agents visiting our suspect," Miller said, with a laugh. "Give him a shot. He will say the same nonsense he told us."

Mulder and Scully shared a look.

"There was another FBI agent here?"

"Yep," Miller said. "Claimed he was Special Agent John Hiddleston."

"There was no FBI agent by the name John Hiddleston sent here before us." Mulder said.

"Wow, you got a FBI impersonater running around," Miller said. "Good luck!"

Miller walked past the two with one hand on the edge of his gun. A position that a patrol officer wouldn't have but he is a different story. Mulder allowed Scully to enter the interrogation room first. Mulder went in second. Mulder closed the door behind himself using his right hand.

The two agents sat down into the chairs in front of their suspect.

"I am Special Agent Fox Mulder and this is my partner Dana Scully," Mulder introduced himself and Scully, then showed his badge as did Scully. "We have heard you were at the crime scene."

"I was there." Data said.

Mulder put his badge away as did Scully.

"Why?" Scully asked, curious.

"Because I had to neutrualize a potentinal threat," Data said. "You have taken my phaser."

Scully looked over to Mulder with a 'seriously? A nut case?' kind of look.

"It is for our safety." Scully said.

"My name is Commander Data Soong," Data said. "I am currently enlisted in Star Fleet and assigned aboard the USS Enterprise 1701-D in the war against the Klingons. If you have anything regarding the Klingons that could aid in our war then do tell me." Data folded his arms. "If you are working with the Klingons, you can expect no participation from me."

"What if we are not working with the Klingons?" Mulder asked.

"Then we have a tenseful partnership." Data said.

"So, what is the problem?" Scully asked.

"Engines are not fuctioning," Data said. "And my communicator is not operating. My shuttle craft is in a mute position to take off."

"To where?" Scully asked.

"The Enterprise." Data said.

"Where is the Enterprise?" Mulder asked.

Data pointed up.

"Above your home planet, Zeretheria." Data said.

"Zeretheria?. . ." Mulder asked.

"To us; that is the name of your planet," Data said. "They weill send security teams to sweep the land for the captain and I."

"Is he by chance Captain Jean-Luc Picard?" Scully said.

"No," Data said. "John-Luc Picard."

"And who visited you earlier?" Mulder asked.

"I am half on believing this machine is not Q and is in fact a different person from the future, a Terminator you will, ensuing your future is safe," Data said. "He has the appearence of a human but underneath he is not."

"How are you so sure?" Scully asked.

"You can tell when you are speaking to a machine who's been around for a long. . . long time." Data said.

"Thank you for answering our questions,Mr Data." Scully said.

The two departed the room. Scully shut the door behind her. Mulder turn toward the window appearing to be unsure yet a look of disbelief was on his face. It was different from Mulder who usually believed in UFO's and the idea of green (no, actually, gray) aliens existing out in the night sky. He turned away from the mirror toward Scully.

"I have a theory," Mulder said. "I believe this is a classic form of obsessing."

"Mulder, really?" Scully asked.

"A really well-arranged set up obsession," Mulder said. "Complete with some very realistic looking prop."

"I think this 'Data' figure might be telling the truth," Scully said. "Or some of it."

Mulder smiled then looked back and shook his head.

"Star Trek doesn't exist," Mulder said. "If it did. . ." He turned his attention toward Scully. "It would mean we are living in a Alternate Universe where Spock,Captain Kirk, and the Terminator exist. Which means we have a Terminator hunting down Terminators to prevent our timeline from getting screwed up."

"Okay, what about the abductees?" Scully asked.

"Well, there could be another alien race out there that we are more familiar to doing this kind of operation and it is likely against Star Fleet regulations," Mulder said. "That would mean these are criminal."

"Mulder, you are over-thinking this." Scully said.

"And maybe Qreg is a Terminator on our side," Mulder added. "It does make sense with the evidence we have. Who do you think this. . ." Mulder gestured to the blue eyed Data in the other room. "Data is? If he isn't Data."

"I believe he may have a second personality believing he is from the future and he is feeding you with lies because Qreg wants to press your buttons," Scully said. "It will give them more reason to shut down the X-Files. More ammo. Qreg might be a government employee tasked with feeding into your paranoia."

"He is doing a good job," Mulder said. "I believe him . . . But I just can not wrap my head around one thing."

"What is that?" Scully asked.

"Why is Data not doing a thing when he can repair his combadge?" Mulder said.

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