The truth is right there

A story featuring the X-Files, John-Luc Picard, and a man who is a Terminator. This takes place in 1992. The X-Files takes place in a reality where Star Trek is fictional but what if there was a twist? A twist that mostly would sound like a lunatic's rambling to Scully. A twist that leads a Terminator who resembles Q to appear? Well, it all starts one day when a T-800 was beamed aboard the Enterprise . . .


2. In the interrogation room

The T-800 was looking around the room sitting down in a chair. John-Luc was puzzled by hearing the story that was coming out of his transporter chief's mouth. It was impossible! Very impossible for all of this to happen. The T-800 refused to give a name even when they asked. He never gave a straight answer.

"Now it will take a couple days to get the transporter fixed, Captain." Miles said.

"Until then we are stuck with him." John-Luc said.

"Sorry, can't get the Transporter fixed fast enough." Miles said.

"No apologizes necassary,O'Brien." John-Luc said.

Perhaps it was Q's doing, John-Luc suspected, what could he possibly have in store?

They didn't have pictures of him anywhere.

"Oh, I don't know," Came a rather unfamiliar voice. "A heart breaking depart?"

John-Luc turned his head toward the man who wasn't in the type of uniform he saw around the Enterprise. It was black and red not dark blue and pink. The man frowned at John-Luc's uniform. He had three pips on his collar.

"I already have a first officer," John-Luc said. "Go back to the ship you were discharged from. Star Fleet sent the wrong orders."

The man smiled.

It wasn't the first time that Star Fleet sent two Commanders to the Enterprise. There was Chakotay and Data. The two had a arranged sword fight to see who should stay and should go; it was a rather better solution then waiting for weeks on end for Star Fleet's reply. Star Fleet was busy training cadets in the war against Klingons.

"Oh dear," The man said, stepping forward. "You don't know me. Don't you?"

"No," John-Luc said. "I do not."

"And you are not at the very least curious as to why I can read your mind?" The man asked.

"My face says it all." John-Luc said.

The man yawned.

"Boring," The man said. "I am Q and I intend to break your heart." John-Luc was baffled. "Not through your ship. But I want you to realize even with the loss of Beverly, your heart still can be broken."

Q vanished with a snap of his fingers.

He didn't get to ask where the Enterprise was.

How did Q know John-Luc lost wife? How? They had just met. Yar suddenly came to his side acting concerned.

"Captain, we just detected a power surge in this room." Yar said.

"Yar, I believe I just met Q," John-Luc said, then he looked up toward the corner of the room where a security camera is. "And we have finally got pictures of the entity once and for all." He turned his head toward her. "Send the picture to Star Fleet."

The year is 2364.

"Ay, Captain." Yar said.

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