An In Between

Serafina Hollows was never considered as someone normal. Much less when she starts hearing voices. Talking to herself, or him. She starts blacking out and appearing in abandoned chapels covered in blood and bruises. She's starting to suspect the blood wasn't even hers. She knows this weird thoughts aren't hers, their his. Its not her its him.


13. Past Memories

    My eyes widen at the first date, this was old, really old. I pass through the pages that are barely readable and start reading, skipping some dates and blurry pages.


June 25, 1952


Chad died. I really messed up this time. Even after all my hiding and careful steps. Damn. Using a human body increased Death's possibilities of finding me. I was careless. Now I'm useless, I wont be able to do anything without a body. I might as well give up now. It could take a hundred more years to find my next human...but I promised, I gave my word. I'll keep searching. I'll be more careful next time.


January 6, 1973


I ran into Seigi today. The ####### almost chopped my head off. In the end I escaped, well, he let me escape, and told me of a certain Scarlet. A Cold One. It seems she's one of Death's newest pawns. Dangerous, he said. I should stay clear of her but...I can't let her roam around doing whatever she pleases or Death's bidding. I'll track her down. 


March 3, 1973


So she's a #####. A red head to be precise.* Has quite a mouth too...but that's not the point. I found her on a pub near Lake City, luring young men. Pity I didn't have  a solid enough body. We exchanged a few words but once she found out who i was, she and her herd scurried off. Ill keep gathering more information. Something tells me she's closer to Death than she appears to be.


April 19, 1978


I haven't been able to do much this past few years, without a permanent human, everything is futile. I've been possessing some that have potential, but the bond never lasts long. I need to find my own. Soon.


February 10, 2001


I found him, well, her. Quite a bit frustrated at her gender, I've never bonded with a girl before. This will certainly be awkward. She's only a toddler, which also frustrates me. I cant believe I still have to wait, but if there's one thing this life has taught me, its patience. In the meantime I'll die of boredom babysitting the little human. 


May 31, 2003


So she's not that boring. The kid gets into more trouble than i did at that age. I think i like her spirit. Serafina. I think the name is too...soft, too delicate. i feel dumb, like a little guardian angel following her around like a lost puppy. This human, she's different. There's something about her...I'm curious, and that's a lot coming from me.


August 13, 2012


She met a guy. Chase. I don't like him.


July 12, 2012


She's 12 now. Soon we can bond. I'd hate to ruin her life but, this needs to be done. 


September 15, 2014


The little carrot sucks at science. And math, totally math. I cant believe she can be such a moron sometimes. 


October 26, 2014


Okay she's growing. I should give her some privacy. Teen girls apparently go through really rough changes...


January 13, 2015


Is it wrong that i think she's hot? I mean i am a man after all and she's a woman, almost a woman. I mean, its perfectly natural, right? I wish i could bond with her right now and--, god no. Stop. Why did she have to grow?


July 13, 2015


We bonded. Though she doesn't know yet. I haven't bonded completely. She's 16. I think she's old enough and Scarlet has been growing more active each day. I need to do something. For now i'll just erase her memory. I don't want her to know the things we'll do. The things I'll do, she'll do.


September 21, 2015


She's getting nightmares. Visions and thoughts too. I don't think the memory erase is working. She's getting distorted visions. She's going crazy. I think this was a bad idea.


October 15, 2015


She's broken, confused, scared totally screwed and messed up. In short she's a teenager only with more problems than a normal one. Our bond is making things even worse. I think, that someday, she'll also be my doom. 


November 6, 2015


I think i'm the one confused. Even after everything she's gone through, she keeps a cheery face in front of her friends. I know she's not truly cheerful or happy. Why does she do that? Even in my times as a human (the ones i remember) never did i show feelings i didn't mean.


December 24, 2015


I think she knows.


January 5, 2016


She's driving me nuts. This was a bad idea. I should have waited more. For both our sake. Last night was a mistake, i shouldn't have shown myself like that. I risked her life by making her confront Scarlet. 


January 10, 2016


Moron, she's a complete moron, who wont listen to me.


February 7, 2016


I researched the word moron. Apparently it means carrot in welsh. Suits her.


February 8, 2016


I've been disliking this Chase more and more. They're together. Its not jealousy, I just don't enjoy seeing them together.


February 9, 2016


I'll help her. Find her brother i mean. Its the least i can do.






At last i updated. Sorry for the latest update ever. My computer broke down and it took some time to fix. Again Sorry xD












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