An In Between

Serafina Hollows was never considered as someone normal. Much less when she starts hearing voices. Talking to herself, or him. She starts blacking out and appearing in abandoned chapels covered in blood and bruises. She's starting to suspect the blood wasn't even hers. She knows this weird thoughts aren't hers, their his. Its not her its him.


11. Meeting the parents


            The silence is almost deafening. I never thought blocking Alek away would feel so lonely. Its also tiring.

How the bloody hell did you do that? Hoorah peace is gone and chaos has settled in once more. I'm being serious. No one had ever done that before. Humans aren't even that trained minded. You lot are dumb and easy to control. I thought you were part of that lot too? Again, how did you do that? 

I guess I'm just that good. Oh sure.

We're riding toward Chase's place. After Kate finished her torture on me she offered to take me herself. I still think this is a bad idea. After my outburst at the cafeteria I doubt he still likes me.

Wow your self confidence is way below ground level. I take back my solitary thoughts. I preferred the loneliness to your non stop bickering. You missed me? No.

"We're here." Kate says from the driver's seat. I look out my window and stare at the fancy mansion in front of us. Definitely a bad idea. What was I thinking?  Dressing up like this, for this? Oh right, I wasn't thinking, literally. You did this on purpose didn't you? Hey don't look at me.

"I'm not going." I mumble. Kate turns on her seat to look back at me. She's frowning and with her dark make up she looks menacing. "Like hell you are. Ina stop your self-pitying party and get your butt into that million dollar mansion." she stops for effect "Now."

"Okay but if I'm humiliated for the rest of my life I'll blame it on you. His mother is a fashion designer, you know. Once she sees my outfit she'll probably not let me in." All I'm missing is the tattoos and uncountable piercings. That wouldn't be so bad. Don't start.

I step outside the car and take a deep breath. The eternal steps don't seem to end.

My finger presses the doorbell on the expensive door and a monotonous sound rings across the house. The seconds drag by and at last the door opens. Wow, they even got a butler.

"Ms. Hollows, I presume?" Its your typical British butler, I thought they only existed in movies.

I blink a few times or try since my lashes are too long with the mascara, they really bother my eyes. I stammer "Y-yes."

He eyes me up and down and then opens the door wide to let me in. This house s breath taking, and a little blinding with all the glitter and white. Expensive. Its a million dollar mansion alright. Might as well be made of gold.

"This way please." Alfie guides me to what looks like a living room. I sit on a impeccable white leather sofa. I stay on the edge with my hands on my lap scared that if I get too comfortable I'll damage the furniture somehow. "Wai--" Alfie didn't finish as loud steps echoed on the marble steps of a spiral stairwell. Chase came into view. He looked even more breathtaking than the house.

He wore a dark blue dress shirt. It was slightly open and I could see a silver chain he always used. Chase looked as if he had just taken a shower, his dark hair was damp and was a messy thing on his head making him look so boyish. I'm actually relieved he's wearing jeans and converse. Without giving me a second glance he hugs me tightly. Stars he smells so good. "I wasn't sure if you were coming."

I smile, so he isn't mad at me. "I'm sorry, for the way I acted on the cafeteria. It wasn't me." I say softly. Pardon me but in part it was-- I block Alek before he can say anymore. I don't want him to ruin my night or do or say anything...inappropriate.  

Chase pulls away and takes my look in. "Whoa, never thought I'd see you wearing something like that." he says wide eyed.

I can feel my face get beat red "I know. It wasn't my idea. I should have probably change before coming here."

"No! that's not what I meant, I was just surprised. You look great in anything."  he places his hands on his pockets and rocks back and forth. I cant help but grin like an idiot and let my guard down. Oh Christ that's just, that's just wrong. I'm pretty sure he's having a whole 'nother scenario passing through his mind right now. Go away.

"Thank you." I stand up and it looks like Alfie had left and now returned "Dinner is ready master Chase." I would have laughed at what he just said if it wasn't for one word "Dinner?" my voice comes out like a nervous squeak.

Chase gives me an apologetic look "Yeah, sorry. My parents insisted on meeting you ad what better occasion than a classic dinner with the Hemsworth?" he chuckles nervously.

I take a deep breath. This want part of the plan. I don't even know which one is the shrimp fork. Alfie leads us toward the dinning room. Chase holds my hand and gives me a reassuring squeeze.

The dinning room was just as fabulous as the rest of the house. Smooth wooden floor, well polished, might I add it doesn't creak. Thanks the stars for that. The furniture seems expensive and barely used or maybe just well kept. The table was the classic long one with a crystal chandelier on top.

Chase parents hadn't arrived yet but I had a feeling they would appear soon. Fortunately we didn't have to sit at opposite sides, those kind of dinners are always weird and awkward.

Not long after the sound of rushing heels filled the silence in the air. A petite woman that looked like a blond model appeared on the doorway followed by a well dressed man who resembled Chase. Mrs. and Mr. Hemsworth, I presume.

As soon as Mrs. Hemsworth walked in, a hug smile plastered on her face, she made her way toward me and gave me a tight hug. I was shocked by her sudden affection that I stared at her wide eyed and stiffly. "Hi! Hello! How are you? We're so glad you could come!" she said cheerfully after pulling away, she clasped her hands together taking in my appearance. "Oh, my, god! I totes adore your outfit! I think I just got inspiration for a new line!"

I blink a few times still a bit dazed. Chase nudges me and rose his eyebrows expecting me to answer. ", you? I bit my lip at how lame and boring I sounded. Mr. Hemsworth extended his hand for me to shake with a warm smile. "Pleasure to meet you Ms. Hollows." his hands were big and rough but his voice was kind. Bubbly Mrs. Hemsworth chirped "Well you must starving. Why don't we sit." she motioned for the chairs. "Please call me Lucy, Mrs. Hemsworth makes me feel old." she said chuckling

Maybe this dinner wont be so bad after all. 


Lucy was really bubbly and friendly, through the dinner she kept talking about her fashion shows and trips to Europe while Mark made slight comments, nodding and smiling through the conversation. They were a beautiful couple and you could see how much they loved each other. Mark kept placing his hand over Lucy's and she gave him sweet smiles. It made me think of how different things would be if Father hadn't left. I wonder if there's a possibility of Chase and I ending up like them. You're such a girl. You're such an idiot. Learnt from the best.

"So, Ms. Hollows." Mark was asking while cutting a piece of steak, which I got to say is quite delicious. Rich people seem to have an obsession with steak. "What are you plans for the future?" Oh, oh, this conversation just got serious. I glance up at him trying to gather my thoughts "Um, well, I don't really know yet..." I stare down at my plate feeling as if I had answered wrong. Lately I've been a mess at school. I'm getting bad grades, getting easily distracted, not turning in assignments, falling asleep. How can I even start thinking about my future when I don't even know if I'll even live one more day.

"No matter. You still have lots of time." Mark answers me offering me a kind smile. Time. I've been running short on time this days.

After that the table was silent Bored. Bored. Bored. Can we go? No. We just got here. I just got here. Well nothing's happening. Lets go, I'm pretty sure there's lots of Cold Ones wanting killing tonight.

My phone buzzes. Its a text from Mother. How strange.

'Get home. Now.' I narrow my eyes at the text. It must be something really urgent if she's texting me, she never texts me. I stare at the screen for a few more seconds and then stand up, my chair makes a craping noise as I do so.

All heads look my way as I quickly say "I have to go. Something's wrong and Mother wants me to go home." Chase stands up too. "I'll ride you." I smile and nod.


Mark and Lucy wave goodbye with a worried look as we drive away. "What happened?" Chase asks while riding. I sigh "I don't know." he glances at me sideways raising an eyebrow "You don't know?"

I tap my feet nervously wishing we could go faster. I wonder what's wrong. The worst scenarios cross through my mind. I can hear Chase sigh, I think by now he knows I just wont answer sometimes. Maybe spacing out has nothing to do with Alek. Maybe its just who I am.

Calm down. Your heart rate is over the roof. I take deep breaths closing my eyes. When I open them again Chase is parking in front of my house. Red and blue lights illuminate the night. police cars have been getting a habit of coming here.

I quickly get out of the car and I half walk half run to the door. Before my hand reaches the door knob a police man grips my wrist tightly 'Where do you think you're going girl?" My body jolts back with the strength he pulled me with.

Angrily I slip off his grip and twist his arm "My home ####### and I you touch me again I swear you'll get something worse than a twisted arm." I run inside, a mess of guards swarmed the place. There were broken windows and furniture scattered across the floor.

Mother was in the kitchen half sobbing and talking with two police men. The twins ran my way as soon as they saw me. They hug my legs but I pat them relieved they were okay. Evangeline seemed okay, sobbing like crazy but other than that okay. Maybe a broken nail.

I looked and looked but Ryder was nowhere to be found. My pulse quickens as I start to panic. By the time I reach Mother my heartbeat seem so loud I can feel it pulsing in my neck.

Mother's teary eyes dart my way. "Where have you been?" she hisses. As soon as she turns my way so does the police. "I--I was at Chase's." In less than a second I feel her hand slap my cheek. My head snaps to the side and my hand shoots up to cover my cheek. I stare at her wide eyed as the hot pain starts to rise. Mother had never hit me before so the shock of the slap paralyses me.

Tears flow down my cheeks as I curl my hand into a fist. The room was dead silent when she talks again "You were off with your boyfriend while your brother is being kidnapped?"

She wasn't screaming but she might as well have been. "Kidnapped?" I whisper softly. I couldn't still understand well what she had just said. Who would kidnap Ryder? Why would someone kidnap Ryder? I felt a hand on my shoulder. I had forgotten Chase was here too.

One of the police men held a drawing before me. "Do you know this woman miss?"

I could feel my face heat up and it wasn't of embarrassment. What I felt right now couldn't be described. My heartbeat by this point was deafening. 

I gripped the paper tightly, my hands shaking. I'm going to kill the #####. I've never hated someone so much in my life. The name was about to escape my lips when a hand reached out from behind me and snatched the paper from my hands. "Scarlet." I turn around with my hands clenched to see Alek.

"What are you doing here boy?" One of the guards snaps harshly at him.

"I'm a friend. Damn don't you have someone who can draw better." he turn to the guard "I bet my grandma can draw better." he makes a funny face at the drawing. Even in a time like this he has to be annoying.

"Get out of my house brat." Mother started rushing his way. Alek just chuckled backing away slightly. "Like mother, like daughter."

I wasn't coping yet with everything. Ryder was gone. Scarlet had him. She could be doing God knows what to him. Tears start flowing again and my chest started to hurt.

"Calm down Serafina. I've told you worrying doesn't solve anything. You're going to give yourself a heart attack." He placed a hand over my heart firmly making me stare at him. He was slightly frowning but his gaze softens once he knows the pain I'm in right now. The physical pain wasn't the worst one. He rubs his thumb against my cheek wiping a tear away. "Stop crying," he says softly but as quickly as he says it, his smirk comes back "you look ridiculous." I roll my eyes but a small smile appears on my face.

Before he drops his hand Chase snatches it away "Who the hell are you?" Chase asks quickly getting between us protectively. "Calm your tits mate, I'm just a friend." Alek said smirking not backing away.

"I don't care if you're a friend, I don't want you touching my girlfriend." he snaps angrily. Chase was slightly taller so Alek just looked like a pissed off Chihuahua. Well, amused, he doesn't usually looses his cool. "I touch whoever and whatever I want." Alek says pushing him. Well this escalated quickly.

"I don't care who the hell you are but I want you both out of my house, now." Mother says coldly, tears were streaming down her cheeks. I shake my head snapping out of my daze. We're wasting time here. I turn and start walking to the door but Mother grips my hoodie pulling me back. "You! Are not going anywhere." she drags me toward the stairs. Anger boils inside of me "Let go!" she turns around shocked at my outburst.

"I know who has Ryder. I can save him." I start walking back outside when Alek blocks my way "You aren't going anywhere love. You're staying here where its safe."

I click my tongue annoyed "You need me, moron."

He squints his eyes "Don't use my lines, besides I think I'm strong enough."

"You think?"

"I know." we glare at each other waiting to see who backs down first. I'm not afraid of him anymore. I got worst thing to worry about. He groans "Why cant you be a normal lazy girl like before? But no you have to go against everything I say." he grumbled and then mumbled while rubbing his temples "Stupid stubborn girl."

I smile innocently while he just rolls his eyes. "If you get yourself killed..." he pointed a finger at me "I can take care of myself."

He laughs sarcastically "Oh sure. Damn you can be so funny sometimes."

He turns before anyone else in the room can say anything else. Alek opens his mouth and says another forgetting spell "Dissimulare et oblivisci et repone."  Everyone's eyes glaze and they drop their gazes. "No one will know you were ever here, they'll think you were taken along with Ryder. Its easier this way." It all sounds so simple.

"We'll find Ryder but first we'll make a pit stop."  

















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