An In Between

Serafina Hollows was never considered as someone normal. Much less when she starts hearing voices. Talking to herself, or him. She starts blacking out and appearing in abandoned chapels covered in blood and bruises. She's starting to suspect the blood wasn't even hers. She knows this weird thoughts aren't hers, their his. Its not her its him.


10. Is it still me?


            I've been roaming through town for quite a while now. I trashed my phone. Well, he did. He's been doing this, without my consent might I add. I'm being totally not me. Being not being. I'm here but not here.

He's, I, have been strolling through the streets flashing daring smiles and winks. Walking like I own the place. Not me. Right now, Alek, you're on my I triple hate list. On top of it. I thought you were friendly. Not when it comes to you. We need to change your look. What? I'm not going to walk around with you looking like you. I've let you long enough.

I could feel a devilish smile creep up my face. Right now I really wish I could say something non friendly, nice words.


     We stop at a series of stores I had never been at before. If you're going to be me, you'll dress like me. If you're going to be a Deathwalker you should start acting like one. Soon word will get out of my new appearance and I expect you to not ruin my reputation. I snicker, or at least I try since he wont even let me do that. So, I'm like Batman now? All black? He just rolls my eyes annoyed.

I wear black because it gives stealth, cover. Its easier to be intimidating if you wear the part.

I'm Batman. Stars.


         Look. I'm holding leather. Double no. Hell yeah, girls in leather look hot. Cliché. Leather jacket? Passable. Leather pants? No. Stop being a ninny and try them on.

Just then, I notice I'm me again. How do you know I wont just walk away? Because I know you're not dumb, most of the time.

I sigh holding the uncomfortable, silly, tight clothes. I cant fight in this. I'll make it work. Style before comfort love. I roll my eyes and drop the pants back where it belongs.

I scan the store and settle my eyes on a more comfortable looking jeans and grab them. Fine they're skinny but not leather death grip. I'm still using my shirts though. They look like potato sacks.

Question, when I you...are you?

Look, I'm you, you're me. What's there to be afraid off?  It’s not like I can look. I'm just going to-- stars I ask the worst questions. Some things are just better unspoken.

I end up wearing the jacket, the jeans along with a white shirt and a pair of black boots. We debated on the heels but he gave in. Luckily. Who runs in heels? His debating point was on how they make calves look hotter.




          "How come I can do this?"

He raises an eyebrow. "This." I poke a finger on his cheek while he swats my hand away annoyed. "So?" he stops walking and grabs my wrist pulling my sleeve down. He rubs a finger over the mark. Its been itching lately, sometimes it stings. But its a good itch I think. "The stronger our bond gets, the stronger I become."

"So, then you wont need me?" I ask hopefully, with a bit of sadness though.

"Of course I'll need you. Without you I'm...nothing. Just another useless ghost. I'll get stronger. More powerful, more corporate, I guess." he continues walking besides me. We've been wandering around without a destination. Its funny the faces people make when they bump into Alek. "But, you'll still be dead. Not human."

His features harden. I've hit a nerve, again. "I may be dead and a Deathwalker but I was human once. I still am. At least a part of me." he whispers the last part.

To break the awkward silence I say "How does the bond get stronger?"

"That's a stupid question."

"Ina?" I glance toward the familiar voice. I see Kate's spiky hair stand out from a small crowd up ahead. She got purple highlights. I glance at my side, Alek already disappeared. Kate eyes me up and down with a raised eyebrow. "Went shopping?"

I sigh burying my hands in my pockets "Something like that, don't ask." skinny jeans pockets are uncomfortable and impossible. Mental note. Shouldn't I have said that before the mental note? Stars. Is there a thing such as useless thinking? Have you been inside your mind? Shut up.

She grins and nudges my stomach with the back of her hand, a little too hard. I wince still recovering from the stitches, but try as best I can to mask it. I may heal a little faster than usual but it still takes some time.

"Hey girl, who knew you had such a lean body. Tight shirts suit you." Alek had talked me into wearing it.

"It wasn't y idea. A frie--" I click my tongue and instead say "An acquaintance, insisted I wear...this."

"For your date?" a mischievous smile decorates her face.

"How--" I shake my head crossing my arms. "Never mind, you know everything, and I don't even know if that's still happening. I doubt Chase wants to still be with me after..." I look away. People start giving us annoyed glances. We're in the middle of the way.

I never really enjoyed living in the city. There's too much noise, too much light, artificial light. Too much people. There's just too much here. I always told Mother we should move to a more quiet town. Father always backed me up, but Mother always wanted to have the last word.

"I'm pretty sure that wasn't you," I give her a curious glance, come on she cant know that too. "With all that has been going on lately. I think its too much for  teenage girl." Kate gives me a half smile "An also he's been calling you like crazy but of course you being you, you never answer your phone."

I chuckle a little, not my fault either. Sure blame it on me. Oh stars, will you just go away. Maybe, just maybe if I think of an invisible wall. If I think hard enough to block him. I take deep breaths and think hard. Who knew thinking would be so exhausting.

Somehow I know, I feel, he's not there. Temporarily. If I had known, I would have done this eons ago.

"You know, something's missing." Kate says rubbing her chin. Great, I know that look. "Makeup. We need to finish your hot look."

I groan, I wish I could block Kate too sometimes. "No, I'm fine. Make up just doesn't work with me." but it seems she just ignores me smiling wide. "Come on." she says cheerfully at the same time she gets hold of my arm and drags me through the narrow crowd.





Hi, Sorry for the short chapter, not my best work either. I've just been busy with Christmas and stuff. And you know what would make my Christmas? A like or a comment? It would mean a lot :)

Anyway, Merry Christmas ya'll !











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