An In Between

Serafina Hollows was never considered as someone normal. Much less when she starts hearing voices. Talking to herself, or him. She starts blacking out and appearing in abandoned chapels covered in blood and bruises. She's starting to suspect the blood wasn't even hers. She knows this weird thoughts aren't hers, their his. Its not her its him.


6. I hate Phycs



                 Ryder wanted to drive me today to school and Evangeline miraculously let him. She had her headphones on and tried to ignore us as best as possible. It was sunny today. Weather was back to normal. Ryder kept giving me looks through the rear mirror. I sigh "What?" I ask looking at him through the mirror. He shrugged hands in wheel. "Are you okay?''

I lean against the window "Will you stop asking me that." it was getting a little annoying at how much he worried. I'm A-Okay! Well, all things considered.

"Okay, okay, I was just asking." Even after he said that he kept glancing back at me.

School seemed normal, boring. Students chattered and goofed around. "I don't want to go." I say resting my forehead against the window.

"No one ever wants to go to school." he turns around and looks at me. "You have and appointment with Dr. Olson this afternoon. I'll pick you up early, so on the bright side you wont be taking English Lit."

I roll my eyes "Hurray." I get out grabbing my bag. Ryder waves goodbye and rides away. I stare at the red car until its out of sight. Turning around I start walking in. It seems fighting vamps isn't punishment enough for me, so I also have to take classes. Screw my life.

Bell rang when I reached my locker and I took my sweet time grabbing my stuff. Chemistry, Pre Calculus, History, I actually lost count of the books I took out.

I had decided to wear my 'pluffy' hoodie so my wrists would be covered. Don't want anyone asking questions about my burn mark. I also checked it out this morning to see if something came up but I didn't find anything.

"Hey." startled I drop my books. It was just Chase. We both leaned down to grab them but he was faster "Sorry I just wanted to talk to you."

I waited for him to hand me my books but he just held them tighter. "I need to head toward class." I say looking down. I want ready to talk with Chase right now. I didn't know what I should say.

"It will just take a minute." he insisted. I take a quick look at his eyes and they were pleading.

I bit my lip and sigh "Okay but let me go first. I'm sorry I bailed on you like that but I wasn't lying about a friend needing my help. Yeah I didn't have my phone but I just knew he needed my help. Well he's not really my friend he's just--" I'm getting kind of ticked off at how much people are interrupting me.

"So it was a guy." he raised and eyebrow.

"Yeah but it was--"

"So you bailed on me for another guy." he continued as I clench my jaw.

"It was not something like that Chase. I didn't have a choice." I quickly say before he can interrupt me.

"You could have just told me before leaving and given me a little warning. When you didn't come back I panicked. Besides what could have taken so long...Given your record I--"

I huff and repeat "My record." I snatch my books off his hands and walk down the hall. Trouble in paradise? Shut up. Manners.

Chase grips my arm and turns me around "I didn't mean it like that." he ran a hand through his hair frustrated. "I like you Ina, a lot and I really want this, us, to work out.

I let out a short laugh. He likes me? Somehow hearing him say it makes something flutter in my chest. I didn't really know if he was being this affectionate toward me because of the incident, out of pity. Hearing him say it, relieves me.

He too a step back "You find me amusing."

I shook my head holding back a laugh "Yes. No. Look, this is going to sound very stalker...ish, but you have been my crush ever since I can remember." After blurting out that stupid confession I feel my body temperature rise out of embarrassment.  

His lips tug up in the corners and I could tell a smirk was working its way up its face, "I know."

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow. What?

"Kate cant really hold a secret." That little traitor. "I've actually always been attracted to you, but with Sasha and all..." he looks down placing his hands on his pockets. Was he blushing?  I couldn't help but blush myself. He looked so cute that way.

"Why don't we try that date again? Movies, then a pizza? And I really mean it this time. Pizza." he looked hopefully at me, he was the one being hopeful? When did the world turned upside down. Two years ago I wouldn't even think Chase Hemsworth would lay eyes on me.

"Of curse." his shoulders hunch relieved. I should be the one relieved. I was the one who bailed on him and yet he was the one who wanted to ask me out again. I shove my hands on my pockets, keeping myself from throwing my arms around him, but he took care of that as his arms wrap around me.

Lately I've been getting lots of hugs. I almost melt as my legs go jelly. Stars he smelled so good. The moment didn't last long as he pulled back. "We should head to class now." he slipped his fingers around mine and shivers go up my arms. Good shivers. I think I'm not breathing.

Stiffly I walk as he drags me toward home room. "Hey something happened to Ms. Scarlet. It seems she wont be giving classes for a few days."

Now I wasn't breathing. I completely forgot about Scarlet. Don't worry I'm sure she's smart enough to not come back here.

I started trembling as last night's memories flushed back. Cold ones. I still can't believe this sort of things really exist.

I could feel all eyes on Chase and me as we enter. I thought he would let go but he held on tighter. I think my face is redder than a tomato. But a ping of something else tugs on my chest.

Please, he's just doing it for attention. Would you please go away! Oh! We're progressing on your manners. Stars! I cant moron. I cant ####### go away I'm stuck with you. Not that I'm happy too. Do you know how annoying is to see your cheesy pathetic girly life. He sounded furious for some reason.

Chase likes me. Nothing and no one will ruin my day, not even Him. He who shall not be named. And his back to his sarcastic self.

I grip desk staring at the ceiling. Again not even him.


          I was relieved when lunch came. I kept babbling none stop. Stars, I mean he. He kept babbling. I thought this stupid rune would keep me from having crazy thoughts.

Our table was more awkward than usual. Kate did all the talk. Chase and Sasha sat at opposite sides of each other playing with their food. I sat besides Chase but my mind wasn't really in the conversation. Even though I didn't sleep well last night, I'm not sleepy. On the contrary I've never felt so good. Again, all things considered.

I pull my hoodie over my head and excuse myself. I drop the trash before I exit.

"Don't go to the appointment." Alek appeared besides me wearing black from head to toes. I barely glance at him asi keep waling. I doubt anyone can see him. "Its not like I can bail." I stop, he's smirking. I just know it. "No."


"No! I already got in trouble before and its your fault."

"Memory refresh. You followed me." Stars, I hate that sarcastic tone of his. I'm decided on ignoring him. "You cant ignore me now Serafina."

"Watch me."

Ryder sent me a text saying he was on his way to pick me up. I sigh in relief and head outside.


         It  was about time the sun came back. This past few were just rainy and cloudy. I close my eyes feeling the breeze.

I'm just 16. Since when did my life became so complicated? I place my headphones on and let the music take me away. I really enjoy tuning out everything. Everyone. The world. Forgetting the problems. Drown in the music. But eventually everything comes crashing back down and forces you to face reality. Then again maybe that's just me. At least now I know I'm not hallucinating anymore. Mad? Maybe a little. But who says being mad, crazy, a little insane is a bad thing. Imagination and dreams wouldn't be real without mad people.

My little me moment doesn't last long. The red car appears into view and I slide in. Ryder seemed happy “Hey!” I nod and take a headphone off. “Hi.”

He frowns slightly “Are you okay?”

I groan giving him a pointed look “Never been better.”

If people keep nosing into my life, I’m just going to keep pushing them away. It’s better that way. Right? Though the thought of being all alone scares me. Not having someone that I could trust the important things with. Not that I’ve ever had someone like that.

When I was smaller I told Ryder everything, but now…he would just worry too much and I don’t want to be a burden to him or anyone. You have me. Sarcasm. Not really. I don’t trust you. Good. You shouldn’t. How did you die?

A few moments passed and he didn’t answer. Why does he always clam up like that whenever I want to know. Know things. Him. Speak for yourself. I’m not the only one. 


                The office was stark. Stark white walls. Stark white floors. Stark white furniture. Stark, stark, stark. Even Dr. Olson was stark white. The slim man wore a white lab coat. Stark. Stark white hair and skin. The only thing that stood out were his blue eyes. He sat back in his chair, fingers entwined, eyes scanning a folder in his desk. His eyes moved toward me, “Ms. Hollows, right? May I call you that?” his voice was calm and kind. He looked like a man who one would trust the instant you meet him. But I’ve learnt to never trust anyone in our first encounter. And definitely not a phsyc.

I shrug and bob my head in response. This chair is uncomfortable, I couldn’t find a position I could feel comfy with. Maybe they were made that way on purpose. At least I have my hoodie. That’s a comfort.

“Serafina, tell me bit of yourself.” He asks smiling kindly.

I sigh. Great, let’s play 20 questions. “Like what?” It was so quiet in here that my voice seemed to bounce off the walls, it echoed.

“What do you like to do? Your family, school, friends. Whatever you feel comfortable with.
I avoided his piercing blue eyes because I felt that if I stared too long he would see directly into my soul. “I don’t like talking about myself.”

“That’s a start.” He quickly said leaning back on his chair “Why?”

I frown pressing my hands together, “Because. Just because. I don’t like trusting people, eventually they will turn their back on you one day. And leave.” I whisper the last part, meant only for my ears, but I have a feeling he heard it anyway.

“True and not true. There are…relationships that last days, weeks, months but some, can last a lifetime. Those are the ones that matter. But if you don’t look hard enough, you’ll never find them. Hard work. Nothing in this life is free Ms. Hollows. There’s nothing worse than living a lonely life. Humans aren’t meant for loneliness, they always seek the company of others. To trust. To be loved and cared for.” He took a pause, “Don’t clam up Ms. Hollows. Find that someone if you don’t already have him or her. We all need a friend to trust our secrets with. If that someone truly cares for you, you won’t be seen like a burden.” He close the folder and stood up, “Think about that. I think that’s enough for today.”

I look up at the clock. It hadn’t been even 10 minutes. “That’s it?”

He chuckled “That’s it. We can talk more if you want.”

“No!” I unintentionally yell. I clear my throat, “No that’s okay.” As I scan his face I tilt my head, why do I feel like I’ve met him before? “Um, bye.” I hurry outside before he could say more. Ryder sat at a waiting room, reading a book. He looked up and then at his watch. “Done already?”

I nod grabbing his arm, “I’m starving.” Do I know him? Do you know him? Mhmm. At least I think I do. Calous Olson. He’s a Cold One.

Shivers went down my spine. What? He’s a vamp? Cold One. Don’t worry, he’s not like Scarlet. His herd doesn’t kill humans. I’m not going back there. You liked him. You actually said something. Well now I don’t like him. Come on, give the poor man a chance. Can I ask you something? No. You don’t even know what I’m going to ask. I know I’m not going to like it. You need me. So? So at least give me some answers, I deserve them. I already did. No you didn’t, not the complete truth.


I’m right aren’t I?

My phone buzzes ‘Sorry change of plans. Can’t do pizza. Party. Be my date?’ it was from Chase. No pizza? I wanted pizza. ‘There’s pizza.’

I sigh, I hate parties. But I do need to make it up to him. I owe him. ‘Sure.’

I’ll definitely regret that answer.

















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