An In Between

Serafina Hollows was never considered as someone normal. Much less when she starts hearing voices. Talking to herself, or him. She starts blacking out and appearing in abandoned chapels covered in blood and bruises. She's starting to suspect the blood wasn't even hers. She knows this weird thoughts aren't hers, their his. Its not her its him.


12. Here we go again


             We took the bus again. It was almost entirely empty. There was an old man in the front reading a magazine or at least he was pretending to read it. A random guy was here also and a couple who were all over each other. Alek and I sat in the back, he was reading the same old book. I was tempted to ask what was it about but he would probably ignore me.

His lips twitched up in a corner. Right, he can hear me. 

"Where are we going?" he stares at the book for a few more seconds and then looks at me "Callous' house."

I wrinkle my nose "Why?"

"Because he's not the only one who lives there."

I tilt my head confused "Bri?"

He sighs pinching he bridge of his nose "Sometimes you can be really moronic." I frown pinching his arm "You know that doesn't hurt, right?"

I huff and turn away from him looking out the window. Its probably past twelve. The streets are dark but still crowded. Clubs and bars blared music and colors. The occasional couple roamed the midnight cafes cuddling, which makes me think of Chase. So, everyone thinks I'm on a trip with Ryder. If Mother remembered what really happened what really happened and knew that I ran off with a 'stranger', she would definitely have a heart attack. Maybe I am going to be the death of her.

My hand goes up to my neck and touches the black crucifix. I run my fingers over the beads. A symbol of protection, who knew something so small could cause such big destruction. I grip it tightly feeling the beads dig into my skin. My eyes wander to my wrist. The burning rune glows red in my light skin.

When I look back up, Alek is standing ready to get off the bus, He looks down at me impatiently.

I shove past him clicking my tongue. He needs to learn some patience. People need to learn some patience with me. Cant they understand that?


      We're back at Dr. Olson's mansion once again. The majestic house stands tall in front of us. Before we knock, the door opens revealing Bri "Its good to see you again miss." I stare at her smiling face for a few seconds and then find my voice "Likewise." I glance back at Alek just in time to see him shake his had. He walks past me and enters the house without an invitation. A bit annoyed at his lack of manners.

I follow him in, "Where's Callous?" Alek says quickly scanning his surroundings out of habit. Without waiting for a response he starts toward a hallway, "He's--he's--" Bri trails behind him stammering but Alek's strides are too long for her to keep up.

I sigh frowning and try to keep up. We enter a spacious room adorned with wide glass windows and a glossy marble floor. It looked more like a ball room. Majestic columns were lined by the sides and beautiful chandeliers hanged from the ceiling. They didn't have any light bulbs or candles and yet the crystals gave a dim light. I've never seen a crystal quite like that before. Maybe they're made out of some rare gem. I hadn't noticed that my mouth was hanging open until Alek tips it close. I give a small glare touching me, but my gaze drifts to a boy who's staring at me while leaning against one of the columns.

His eyes were the most curious thing. They resembled cat eyes, his pupils were slit and golden. He had a lean figure and was about my age. His poise was careful and delicate. When he notices me eyeing him, he grins like Cheshire cat. His canines were sharper than normal. My eyes widen when a tail flicks  from behind him. I tap Alek a little bit too harshly and he gives me an annoyed look "The--the--" I point at the boy stammering.

Alek glances over his shoulder, not bothering to turn around, and lets out an annoyed sigh "Great, the Margays."

I raise an eyebrow still wide eyed "Margays? Wait, as in plural?"

Alek ignores me "You lot still living here? Where's Callous?"

The boy just keeps grinning his eyes not leaving mine until Alek notices and gets between out line of vision. His grin falters and answers with brows slightly furrowed "Busy." he had an accent I couldn't quite point down.

Hands behind me grip my shoulders and turn me around "Aren't you a pretty one." The boy, Margay, was leaning down toward me. There was little space between out bodies and the tip of our noses were touching. From the corner of my eye I could see Alek's jaw twitching with anger, I don't know what he's angry about.

I find myself unable to move mesmerized by his eyes, but there was something different about them. This time they were silver. How did he get so fast over here?

"Having all the fun without me brother?" hands wrap around my waist from behind and I glance to find golden eyes.

Golden? Silver? I glance between them. There's two of them. They're twins!

"Okay that's enough you brats. Get the bloody hell away from her!" Alek grabs them by the collars of their shirts and pulls them away. I let out  a breath I didn't know I was holding. The Margays glare at Alek with their arms crossed like little kids. Now that I see them side by side I start noticing slight differences between them. The one with golden eyes has a golden hoop earring on his right ear, while the one with silver eyes had a golden hoop on his left ear.

This is really confusing, considering I have twin brothers. "Just tell me where the bloody hell Is Callous and we'll be on our way." Alek said agitated.

"Why? What's the hurry?" The twins knew they were pissing him off and it seems they weren't planning on stopping until Alek blew his cap off.

"Come on boys stop tormenting him." The familiar voice of Dr. Olson echoed in the empty ball room.

"Finally." Alek grumbled under his breath. Everyone had forgotten all about Bri who was quietly standing with her hands clasped on the background.

"I think I can guess why you're here." he walked towards us with long strides. He was wearing a white suit, looking stark as always. His eyes landed on me "Your brother correct?"

I wince at the mention of him, not knowing what they were doing to him. For all we know he could be dead. I felt the weight of Alek's hand on my shoulder. I shake my head reprimanding myself, I shouldn't have thought like that. He's alive, he has to. After a small squeeze his hand drops from my shoulder.

I look up at Dr. Olson and nod my head slowly. I wanted to cry, right here, right now but I told myself to be strong. I cant be that weak little girl from before. If I want to save my brother, I need to be at myself.

As if Dr. Olson saw a change in my eyes he smiled at me. "I may be able to help you." he said a bit hesitant. May? What does that mean? I thought Alek brought us here for his help. "Ashton, Erik. Show the lady to a room. I'm sure she's tired. With all that has happened today, she'll need rest."

Rest? How can I rest now? My brother has been abducted. I was about to protest when I saw the twins perk up at the mention of their names. A tail grazes against my neck sending shivers down my spine. "A room for the lady, coming right up."

From the corner of my eyes I could see they were planning on looping their arms with mine, but Alek quickly got in the way wrapping an arm around my shoulders and pulls me close, too close for my taste. "Lead the way perverts."

The Margays look at him rather annoyed with him and at the fact he was touching me. Still, they kept their mouths shut.

Dr.Olson's house is larger than I thought. We pass through immense hallway that might as well be bigger than my room. This place could be a castle. We end up in front of a door, one of the twins opens it. It was the same one I had woken up at before. The twins were about to step in after me but Alek slams the door in their faces. "Assholes." he grumbled taking a few steps towards me.

"Look who's talking." I mumble under my breath. He stops abruptly and glares at me "I thought we were past that." he said in his usual raspy voice. His dark eyes burn into mine, I look away.

When I stay silent he huffs running his hands through his hair "What's your problem?" he asks looking frustrated which annoys me.

I turn to face him fully "You are, Alek. Ever since you came, my life has been a disaster. This is all your fault."

He let out a dry laugh and then says coldly "Your life was a disaster before I came."

"You're a jerk." I spat out. Maybe it isn't fair to blame him, but if he had stayed out of my life, maybe I would have been a normal teen girl, with boring teen problems. I wanted to hit something, I wanted to hit him and by his gaze I think he knew I meant it.

"Fine, be like that." he said harshly as his eyes glared daggers my way. He stormed away slamming the door behind him. My eyes catch movement as something fell from his jacket. It was that same old book he's always carrying around. I lean down and grab it. It was made of leather, but it wasn't a book, it was a journal. Well this is interesting.

I lay down on the bed making myself comfortable. I scan the pages. Some looked old, the writing seemed ancient and the book was quite thick. The pages had turned yellowish with time and some of the ink was smudge. I shouldn't read this...but then again I am a curious girl.




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