An In Between

Serafina Hollows was never considered as someone normal. Much less when she starts hearing voices. Talking to herself, or him. She starts blacking out and appearing in abandoned chapels covered in blood and bruises. She's starting to suspect the blood wasn't even hers. She knows this weird thoughts aren't hers, their his. Its not her its him.


5. Hallucinations Part 3

         After I climb through my window I sigh in relief at how easy it was. I take off the foot killer boots that are right now ruined, sorry not so sorry. I throw the dress aside, I'll have to burn that later, literally. Glancing outside my room I see the coast is clear though I hear chatter downstairs. I hurry to the bathroom and quickly get in rubbing every inch of my body. The blood had dried and crusted on my body. My skin ended up red and raw from all the scratching and rubbing, thinking the water would wash away the memories also. Surprisingly there weren't any visible cuts or bruises on my skin.

I washed and combed my hair. I wrap a plush white towel around my waist and head silently into the safety of my room. I lean against the door scanning my room. I hadn't taken notice of how much time I've been spending in here lately. It has been a refugee. I hadn't had time to clean up though. Piles of clothes laid scattered on the floor, books were stacked high in a corner, I think I even saw some Cheetos and wrappers under my bed. At least my clothes columns were classified by clean pile and dirty pile.

I dug out my old 'pluffy' hoodie and some shorts from the clean pile. Pulling the hoodie over my head and placing my hands on the pockets I walked out of my room. I always felt safer and more confident wearing comfy clothes. Especially this hoodie, it belonged to my dad before he...left. It was a little big but I liked it that way, I always thought that the bigger the space the better I can hide.

I was barefoot but even carper couldn't muffle the eerie creaks of the wooden stairs. All heads in the kitchen snapped my way. Two bored looking officers looked at me warily, my mom looked angry and so did my sister, but surprisingly her eyes were rimmed red, had she been crying? The twins were holding hands with worried looks, traces of tears roamed down their cheeks. Then there was Ryder who looked hysterical, the moment he saw me he jumped to his feet and quickly closed the space between us.

I was embraced by his familiar scent and warmth. I don't know why but I was so relieved to see him and feel safe in his arms. Over his shoulder I saw that Chase was also here. The room was dark but I could see that he was looking at me, crying. A wave of guilt fell over me, I feel so awful for abandoning him without notice.

Finally Ryder pulls back, his hands and eyes checked every inch of me to see if I was hurt. "Where were you?" Mother snapped, she wasn't shouting but she might as well had. Her face was now void of emotion.

I couldn't get my vocal cords working. When my voice finally came, I stuttered "I--I was..." What? Out in a club fighting vampires? Cold Ones. Same #### Alek!  I'm having a life crisis here and you're correcting my vocabulary terms! If you don't have any useful ideas then go, away. Tell her a friend of yours had an emergency ad needed your help. It's the truth, at least a bit. My only friends are Chase, Kate and Sasha, she's not going to believe that. You won't know if you don't give it a try. Stars, this is all your fault. You followed me. Because you asked me! Do you always do what you're told moron! You know what? I'm not even talking to you. Think, not talk, think! Moron.

I groan mentally and look around. Mother was glaring at me with crossed arms and the officers seemed impatient. The small fat one said "Ma'am, is this your missing daughter?"

Mother turned her glare at him "As a matter of fact, yes she is. I guess I bothered you kind officers for nothing. Thanks and good night." She rudely pushed them out the front door and slam it shut.

I turn around to take advantage of the distraction and hide in my room but she quickly walks back before I set foot on the first step. "Now hold it young lady. I'm going to ask you again, where the hell have you been all this time?"

I chew on my lip nervously and after a few seconds I say looking down, "A friend called me. She--um, he...needed help..." I mutter playing with my fingers. You know, that wasn't such a good idea now that I think of it. You didn't really have a phone since you left it on the table with Chase. I'm going to kill you. Can't. Already dead, or, almost.

I heard Evangeline snort on the back of the room while Mother rubbed her temples, "Where were you?" she repeated again, tiredness filled her voice.

"But I told you already--"

"Do you know how worried we all were? How worried I was? Serafina you can't just keep disappearing like that. One day," she lets out a harsh laugh "one day, I'm so sure you'll be the death of me." she didn't say anything else as she stormed past me and into her room.

"Way to go dork." Evangeline hissed pushing past me and into her room.

I could feel tears stinging my eyes. I look up ad meet Chase's hurt gaze. He stood up walking toward me slowly. I rub my eyes with the back of my hands and say "Chase, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to--" he placed my phone in my hands and without looking at me he mumbled in a hoarse voice "We'll talk about this later." He ran a handed through his hair and headed out with a long sigh.

I gripped my phone tightly. I'm so stupid.

I thought I said those words in my head but instead I said them aloud. Ryder lets out a small chuckle "Yeah you are." he hugged me again. We stayed in silence for a while taking comfort in each other.

"If you need to talk, you know you can come to me." he mumbled into my hair. I nodded in his chest "I know." he softly caresses my hair and sighs, "I love you." I nodded again, "I know."

My eyes darted to two little figures in a corner. I raised my head "Max, Milo, you should go to bed." I crouched and extended my arms. The two little brats ran toward me and I hugged them tightly.

Milo's tiny voice said, "Ina, are you going to leave us like daddy?"  I took in a sharp breath wide eyed. Pulling back so I could see their tiny face, I said "Never." I kissed both their heads and ushered them upstairs. I look back at Ryder over my shoulder "Night." He smiled and waved with a hand on his pocket "Night, sis. I love you." I rolled my eyes smiling "I know."

Closing my door I quickly searched for my laptop around my beautiful messy room. I finally found it under the pile of clean underwear over my desk and got cozy on my bed. I searched Deathwalker. There were various results. One even said it was some character from a comic, I chuckled silently at that. I couldn't imagine Alek as some sort of superhero. Still none of the sites described what Alek said.

Suddenly my laptop closed and my bed dipped. "You don't trust me?"

I snickered "Stars, no I don't. Not in a million years. You are hiding something."  

He shrugged crossing his arms while he made himself comfortable "Don't we all?"

I scoot away from him discretely feeling uncomfortable at his closeness "How do you want me to trust you if you don't tell me the truth? What's a Deathwalker? Truly.''

He examined his nails "I already told you before."

I roll my eyes "Maybe I forgot."

He sighs annoyed and stares at the ceiling "God, you're a curious one."

"I'll eventually find out." I glare at him but he just rolls his eyes. This is turning into a battle of the rolls, certainly. "Good luck with that." and with that he was gone.

I groan into my pillow exasperated, will he stop doing that! Who does he think he is? Batman!?

I lay upside down on my bed. Stars, what a day. Night. Shut your hole. Cheers. Do you always have to have the last word? Always.

I could almost see his victorious smirk.

















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