An In Between

Serafina Hollows was never considered as someone normal. Much less when she starts hearing voices. Talking to herself, or him. She starts blacking out and appearing in abandoned chapels covered in blood and bruises. She's starting to suspect the blood wasn't even hers. She knows this weird thoughts aren't hers, their his. Its not her its him.


4. Hallucinations Part 2



          I glance to my right and stare at him wide eyed. “Go away.”

“Sorry love, no can do. Come on, we need to go, now.” He held out a hand for me to take as he leaned against the only window in the bathroom.

“I’m on a date and besides why in a million years should I trust you?” I raise an eyebrow.

He just rolled his eyes looking a bit pissed off. “Stop being so stubborn. If you want answers, if you want to remember you need to come with me, now.” He raised his eyebrows and a side of his lips twitched up in victory. He knows I’ll go.

I sigh and grab his hand forgetting how cold his skin was. He pulls me up through the window and into the chilly night. The window led to a dark ally. Garbage was piled up in the corners and a usual stray cat disappeared into the shadows.

A jolt of pain on my left wrist made me yelp. “Ow! What do you think you’re doing!?” his hand was gripping my wrist tightly, it wasn’t cold anymore, it burned.

“Stop being a wuss it’s just a little burn.” He let go roughly and I instantly rub it. There was a strange marking now. “What is it?”

“A rune.” He already started walking out of the ally and into the streets.

“What’s it for?” I ask hurrying after him. He’s too fast, even walking.

“Remembering. From now on you’ll remember. Having you forget like that is messing up with your head and making you crazy.” So I am crazy. And it’s his fault. Why does that upset me so much?

“Where are we going?” he doesn’t slow down once. Pushing past people, who glare at us. He’s wearing black, like always.

“We’re going partying.” He wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me close. Somehow that doesn’t sound good, at all.



           The ground shook, music was blaring loudly, too many people pressed together with little clothing, the colorful lights were blinding. This is a scenario I had always said I would never find myself in. Still Alek kept a tight grip around my waist. His smirk was gone replaced with seriousness.

“What are we doing here?” I yell over the music. He pressed his lips against my ear. I shiver. It’s cold and no breath comes out. What’s an in between? He stops for a moment staring at me and then says “I need a favor.”

I shrug not really knowing what to answer.

“I need you to let me in.” I raise an eyebrow “Uh we’re already in?”

He shook his hands stepping closer “In.” he raised his eyebrows and motioned his hands toward me.

In? What does he—oh. “No, no and no. I’ll just lose my memory again and you’ll—“he grabbed my hands “Please. Either way I’ll do it. I just want to do it this time with your permission. It’s not the same and there’s a reason why I placed that rune on your wrist.”  He ran a hand through his hair “You need to understand. I’m not the bad guy here.”

“Why can’t you choose someone else?” he just rolled his eyes as if that was the dumbest question in the world. “I can’t. Trust me if I could I would. You weren’t my first choice.”

“Well…” I rummage my mind for another excuse, any excuse to get me out of this mess, “why do you even need me?”  I also don’t like the idea of my nightmares coming true. He sighs obviously getting impatient. “Look can’t we talk about this later? If you hadn’t notice, there’s music blaring into our ears.”

I shook my head “Serafina—“ he didn’t finish as his eyes darted behind me and widened. He pushed to the side roughly “What the—“ he pressed a hand over my mouth muffling the words I was about to speak. “Before you start cursing me, hear me out.” He turned me, placing my back against his chest. I expected to hear a heartbeat, feel his chest rise and fall like a normal person but instead there was nothing. “Open your senses. What do you see?”

I scan the crowd and shrug “A bunch of drunk teenagers who’ll probably get laid tonight?”

He sighs in annoyance “Yes but no. Come on Serafina. See.” His hands over my arms made me shiver a little out of habit. I scan the crowd once more and raise an eyebrow. How did I not see her fiery red hair before? “Ms. Scarlet.”

He nods “It’s actually Scarlet Crimson but she goes by Crimson Scarlet at your school. She’s not who she says she is, not really. Look again.” I look at her. She’s laughing with some friends of her I presume. They’re all pale and their hairs and eyes have vivid colors. I shrug “She’s in a gang?” Alek sniggered “Not really. She’s a Cold One and a dangerous one. Her herd has been going from school to school kidnapping teens.” When he sees my confused expression he continues “In your pathetic human world they’re called vampires.” It was my turn to snigger this time. Vampires. Right.

“You don’t believe me about a simple herd of Cold Ones? Trust me there are way worst things.”  He turned my chin back to their direction and I swat his hand away clicking my tongue in annoyance.

“Friend of yours?” I frown. Sitting between them was that kid from the lockers. “Trust me he’ll end up either like them or being dinner.”  I take a step forward “Well let’s stop them.” Before I made a second step he grabbed my arm again “Not you, I am. With a little of your help.” I groaned “I don’t even know how—“ I didn’t even have time to answer.

A few seconds later I was leaning against the herd’s table I was confused for a second but then Alek said Relax love, leave this to me. Don’t call me that I am not your love.

Scarlet noticed my presence first. Her voice ringed over the music. “Ms. Hollows?” I never liked my last name. Serafina Hollows.

My own voice surprises me. It’s my voice but at the same time it’s not. “Not really love. Now you and I are going to have a little talk.” How did you do that? I try asking but end up thinking it. Not now sweetheart, we’ll talk later. It’s me but not me. It feels weird.

“Oh sorry. Would you prefer that I call you Serafina?” I roll my eyes and throw the table aside with one hand. "Look, I don't have all night." Some of the herd protested at their spilled drinks while some stood up menacingly. For a moment their eyes change, but it could have been  the lights. "You and yours should leave before I make you."

Scarlet looked a little bit ticked off "Look sweetie I've no idea what's your problem but I'm sure a little call to your parents won't hurt." She reached for her purse but I grabbed her wrist before she did. Even my own speed surprises me "I don't think so."

Her eyes widen when she sees the mark on my wrist "Deathwalker." she whispers and this time her eyes definitely turn red "Kill her." she hisses to the rest of the herd.

A smirk creeps up my face, This party just got exiting. The herd hissed at me fangs and all as I drew back in disgust, I swear Alek if you let them bite me--Shush love let me work.

I almost yelp as one of the vamps, cold ones, whatever, jumps at me but we swiftly slide to the side. Wait, we? Yeah we, its not like you're doing this moron. If I could, I would scoff right now at him.

People started to notice the commotion that was going on. Some were too high or too drunk to even care.


    I'm sitting now, looking down at the fallen ones. My eye widen at the sight. Limbs and bodies covered in red laid splayed on the floor, but Scarlet wasn't among them. We're already done? What happened? The rune is sill new so it will take a while until it works properly.

I was carrying something heavy on my hand. When I see the drink in my hand I drop the glass on the floor and watch as it shatters "Ugh." Not fancy of drinks?

Looking around I notice everyone was gone. There were a few more bodies on the floor that weren't from the herd. I've learned that is best not to know some things. "Where is everyone?"

"Ran away. Which reminds me we need to leave too." Alek appeared besides me, hand in pockets and kicking a bloody leg, I had to resist the urge to hurl. "Police are on their way and we need to burn this pricks."

"Where's Scarlet?" I ask.

"Got away." he said sounding defeated. Is then I notice something sticky was all over me. The white dress I wore was now red, I gasp "Please tell me that blood is--"

"Don't worry fashionista it'll come off." he said with a roll of eyes. I try wiping it away but I just end up smearing it even more. I finally give up and drop my hands with a sigh. My gaze wanders back around the club "Those people..."

"Trust me its best if you don't know. Now help me here. The faster the better. Besides I cant really drag them for long." I wondered what he meant by that but he said "Just the cold ones." Alek grabbed one of the bodies and dragged them through the back exit.

I put myself together and drag one that is missing few limbs, while trying not to faint at the sight. Apparently they don't weight much. After we finish dragging them all out, Alek lights them up in an abandoned alley. I cover my nose as soon as the stink hits my nose.

We stare at the dancing flames for a while. My mind trying to wrap around everything that had happened. Number one, I'm not crazy, well at least not that crazy. Number two, Alek is real, at least until now he is. Number three, I killed people..."You can't kill someone who is already dead idiot."

I roll my eyes and finally ask "Alek what are you?" it was barely a whisper but I know he heard me. "Scarlet called me a Deathwalker."

He didn't answer for quite a while. I stared at him sideways. I couldn't make out his face in the dark but he seemed hesitating, still he answered "I'm...not dead nor alive. I'm cursed." he said as a matter of fact while kicking a pebble on the ground. Apart from the crackling fire and his cold voice, the city seemed quiet tonight. "When I...died, I couldn't accept the punishment that was bestowed upon me for the...sins I had committed during my life. I was a coward, and I preferred to be enslaved than to face my destiny with dignity. Now I was chained to Death for eternity. I'm bound to be neither dead nor alive."

"An in between." I mumble while he bobs his head staring with a distant look at the fire. The wind is wiping hard and yet it doesn't seem to affect him.

"I pay my sins with my duty. But I can't do it alone. For me to be able to do what I do, I need to be bonded with a soul. I can't choose who but Death does. Death always knows." he says tiredly and rubs the back of his neck looking at the sky. Suddenly I'm not so scared of him anymore. He was just a desperated boy who did what he could to survive. "In the years I've served, I've only been bonded twice. You're my third,'re different from the others." he stared at me slightly frowning. The light flickered on his pale face, I opened my mouth to talk but he looked away and continued. "Anyway I think that's enough information for your little human brain to process. You must be tired and also your brother must be driving himself mad looking for you."

I blink a few times "What?" his seriousness gone now completely replaced by his teasing smirk "Its past 2 in the morning." he tapped his wrist as if he had a clock.

My eyes widen "What!?" I start pacing "Mother is going to kill me. I told Ryder I would be back by 11." I run my hands through my hair in frustration "Do you have a phone?"

He looks at me as if I was the biggest idiot in history "Sure you moron, I'll just let you borrow my none existent phone. You're on your own now. Cheers." and with that he was gone. That asshole!

I had no phone, no money, no way to get home, and on top of that it starts raining.

I think I know the way back home, but it will take a while.

        It was raining and the streets weren't so crowded. How did I even get into this mess? I look down at my wrist. The rune looked vivid red. The only evidence that this night was real, the only evidence that I am not that crazy, and well there's also my dress. I think its a little too early for Halloween. Once or twice a few people asked if I was okay, I either waved them off and kept walking or told the insistent and suspicious ones that I was at a masquerade.

I wonder if there's others like Alek. More Deathwalkers. I think this night gave me more questions than answers. At least I know I'm not mad.

Oh stars! Chase! He's going to think I bailed on him. Well I did bail on him but still, oh stars! Could this night get any worse? Oh stars I shouldn't have said that, the night gets worse if I say that...stars...

My feet start to ache even more but luckily I had reached the neighborhood, my house was just down the street.

I narrow my eyes. Patrols were parked out front. That cant be good. Ryder probably called the police. I cant let them see me like this, I think they know when someone is covered in someone else's blood. Go through the window. Oh now you help. But he didn't say more.






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