An In Between

Serafina Hollows was never considered as someone normal. Much less when she starts hearing voices. Talking to herself, or him. She starts blacking out and appearing in abandoned chapels covered in blood and bruises. She's starting to suspect the blood wasn't even hers. She knows this weird thoughts aren't hers, their his. Its not her its him.


3. Hallucinations Part 1



       FOR The next five hours or so Sasha and Kate dragged me through the mall. It was torture. My feet ache. After all our bantering, they chose a white dress which I definitely didn’t choose. It’s too short and too tight.
We ended up in Sasha’s condo so they could finish torturing me. I look in the mirror and sigh. This just doesn’t look like me. I like it. I don’t.
I look away before he comes. Before the voices, that voice. It doesn’t go away lately. Maybe I’m just having a personality disorder. Mom says she has reserved an appointment with a phycologist. I was supposed to see one right after the ‘incident’ but I’ve always hated doctors. Especially phsycs.
“No, no, and no.” I said crossing my arms. Kate was holding a pair of black high heel boots. “I’ll just fall on my butt and embarrass myself.”
“Oh come on Ina!” They look so cute with that dress.” High heels, bad idea for tonight. I’m warning you.
I shake the thoughts away. Don’t listen to them, they only bring you bad luck. If I don’t do as it says you’ll be just fine.
I hesitate before grabbing them but I finally do “Fine.”
When I start going downstairs I pass a mirror. From the corner of my eye I could see him scowling at me with his arms crossed, eyes glowering. I couldn’t help but smile internally.
Serafina, what’s wrong with you?? He’s not even real! Is he? I am seeing him, no, no I’m not. Hallucinations.
A pair of shrieks make me jump. Sasha and Kate were looking at me beaming. “You look awesome!” Sasha says at the same time Kate says “You look hot!”
I roll my eyes “We’re just going to eat pizza, stars!”
They exchange a know-it-all look “That’s not what I heard.” Kate said in a sing song voice.
I raise an eyebrow heading toward the door, my hoodie behind my back so they wouldn’t see the old ragged thing. “Whatever as long as food ends in my stomach, I’m going to be just—“ the door opened before I could finish my sentence. I bump into Chase’s chest and blush.
He looks down at me amused “Hey there,” he smiles as his eyes scan me “you look gorgeous.” I could feel I was getting redder by the minute. What a flirt. Shut up. He probably says that to all of them. Stars! Now I’m not scared of Him, but more annoyed!
I frown and Chase mistakes it for disappointment. Stars. Thank you.
Embarrassed his eyes leave my face and set behind me. “Hey Kate…Sasha.” He says with a slight smile. His eyes linger on Sasha a few seconds longer than necessary but he looks away. “Ready?” he asks with a smile and offers me his hand. I nod slightly and grab his hand.
Chase’s taste in cars is expensive. A black mustang stood in front of us. He holds the door open for me “After you.” 




       THE Voices weren’t always there. The voice. He came around my 16th birthday. I was scared. I kept thinking I was cursed. Maybe I was. Maybe I am. Telling someone would just get me into trouble. They would send me to a doc. So I talked to myself. I realized the how even more crazy that was. The blank moments didn’t come much back then. And the nightmares weren’t so bad. They felt just like nightmares. Now they feel more real. I can feel them, like memories.

Alek…who are you? What do you want? Just leave me alone. I just want to be a normal weird kid. I just want this hallucinations gone. But we both know they aren’t hallucinations.


        I Took my phone out. It had been vibrating for hours now. I have 16 missed calls from Ryder, 36 text messages and 1 call from Mother. I feel loved. I forgot to tell Ryder about my day out. Not that Mother would care.

Be back round 11? Been shopping. Sorry’ I text him, I was about to put my phone away when it buzzed again. Wow that was quick. ‘Why so late? Who’s with u?’

I stare at the screen for a moment and then answer ‘Chase. Pizza.’

‘Chase? Like a date? Wasn’t he dating Sasha? I don’t like him…’

I sigh ‘I gtg. Ttyl!’ I change it to silence and put it away.

“I was thinking we should go somewhere fancier.” Chase said glancing at me but still looking at the road.


      Minutes later we pull out at a new Chinese restaurant that opened up a few weeks ago. I would have preferred pizza. Oh and they have ballet parking. Great.

It was decorated like any other Chinese restaurant except maybe fancier, I guess.

A waiter took us to a table besides a fountain. Koi fish swam around in the water making a swirl of black white and orange. I turn my gaze toward Chase, he’s concentrated on the menu and is at the same time talking excitedly though I’m not sure what he’s talking about.

Maybe this was a bad idea. My crush for Chase has died down in this past few weeks. Too much has happened, it seems kind of stupid my little high school crush. It’s not the same, nothing is anymore. Right now dating seems stupid.

Is it me or is it getting hotter in here?

“Sorry I need to use the bathroom.” He smiles and nods giving me directions.

It wasn’t hard to find. Surprisingly only one person at a time could use it. Only one toilet. I guess they didn’t have enough space for a bigger bathroom. At least there wasn’t a waiting line. I enter and lock the door. This date isn’t going so well. Chase must be thinking about how boring I am.

I sigh gripping the sink. This boots are killing me.

“Told you they were a bad idea.” Stars. 




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