Fearless [c.h]

Calum is depressed and claims that he doesn't need help. So his mum sends him to Australia to live with his dad, but will things get better or not ?


5. Weirdos

A/N: I'm thinking about making this a Malum fanfic...Or a Cake one? I don't know, I just ship both a lot. I have everything planned but let me know which ship you want it to be in the comments. The one that is most asked for will be chosen. And also, updates will be uploaded on weekends, mostly Saturdays because I have the whole day off. I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while but I wasn't in the best mood ever. I relapsed and I'm having a tough time. AND GO WATCH THE JBH MUSIC VIDEO AND BUY SGFG ON ITUNES! So yeah, sorry about this long-ass author's note, hope you'll enjoy this chapter which was fun to write.

Michael was a weird guy. His hair was dyed in a really cool red color, and he had emerald green eyes and extremely pale skin. He had a piercing on his eyebrow and was really loud.

"RISE AND SHINE," He shouted when Luke opened my room's door to let him in. 

Michael giggled and poked Luke's cheek.

"Hello,Lucas," he said, then turned around to look at me. "Hi, stranger."

"Mikey, I told my name isn't Lucas. And this is Calum Hood, as in the son of Mr.Hood, so behave."

"Oh shut up,Luke," Michael chuckled, extending his hand.

I shook it and he patted me on the back.

"So you're the famous Calum, eh ? Your dad kept talking about you all the past weeks," he smiled slightly.

"Oh," I mumbled. I didn't know my dad was that enthusiast to meet me.

I awkwardly tugged at my sleeves, a bad habit I've got. Michael's eyes flickered towards them and before he could speak, Luke said, "Well, since everyone's here, I think we should get going, no ?"

"Go where ?" Michael and I asked at the same time.

"The mall ?" Luke chuckled in amusement, gently grabbing my wrist and tugging me towards the door.

"C'mon Mikey! We'll race you to the car !" He laughed and mouthed 'come on'  to me. We ran towards the exit and heard Michael running behind us, trying to catch up.


The mall was huge. Twice as big at the place I will be calling 'home' for a long, really long time. It was really crowded which wasn't good for me. Instinctively, I slipped my hand in Luke's out of fear. He looked up in surprise then his features softened and he gave me a sympathetic smile.

"It's okay," he whispered reassuringly, giving my hand a comforting squeeze.

"I'm hungry," Michael whined, pouting like a five years old.

Speaking of five years old, he reminded me of Louis. Same attitude, well kind of.

"We just arrived," Luke rolled his eyes in amusement.

"Well the car ride made me hungry."

"Well, since you lost the race earlier, I don't mind eating right now. And you, Calum ?"

I didn't realize he was talking to me and gave him a confused look.

"Oh, uhm, okay," I sheepishly murmured.

I guess anywhere but in this crowded place is good. So I let Luke and Michael drag me to MacDonald's and we sat at an empty table, away from all the noises and people.

"Mkay, I'm gonna go order," Luke said, getting up and letting go of my hand. 

"Ooooh, bring me the usual," Michael nodded. "And you, Calum ?"

"Just a happy meal, thank you," I said quietly.

Luke nodded and left,leaving me alone with Michael.

"Hey, you okay ?" He asked.

"Yeah, I just-just don't...don't like crowds and...crowds, you know." I was strangely beginning to feel tiny and vulnerable.

"It's fine- hey, Calum, look at me."

I did as told and he smiled.

"You don't have to feel like this, aight? I'm here, you can tell me if you need anything, it's not like I'm gonna judge you or anything."

Oh, but little did you know, Michael, how many times I heard these particular seven words and how much I've been disappointed in the end.


The boys dragged me to many, many stores and made me try on different outfits.

"Oh, what about this one ?" Michael asked, referring to a blue tanktop with an anchor on it.

"Uh,I'm not sure," I said quietly.

"Why not ?" Luke asked.

"I-It gets chilly, I might get cold and-"

"It's okay, you'll put on a jacket on top of it," Michael reassured,interrupting me.

I nodded and he went to up to the cashier and I followed behind like a lost puppy. I didn't protest about him paying because I knew my dad gave them a credit card that they could use for anything they wanted.

Then we went back to the car and I was in Michael's side the whole time.This time Luke drove us home and I sat in the passenger seat while Michael was sat in the back.

Once we got back home, I carried the few bags to my room and noticed that dad wasn't home, which made me relieved.

We all sat in the living room, it was around twelve o'clock.

Luke and Michael were talking about a soccer game and I soon lost interest. I used to love soccer- heck, I was going to Brazil to be in Australia's team for juniors but well I soon started hating it. The more I played it the more I began to feel like it was pointless. Where was kicking a ball around going to take me in life ? Nowhere. I'd only get paid to play and entertain people. Like any other normal teen, I wanted to go to Uni, to make a difference and make a discovery. And soccer wasn't going to provide me any of that, it was pointless. Just like my whole life. Why achieve things when they're going to disappear when I'll die ? They'll be buried with me.

My mom may think I need help, but I am perfectly fine. Being always happy isn't a good thing. I never understood why being sad was a bad thing. I'd rather be sad than pretend to be happy and lie to myself.

I got a text from Ashton asking if we could Skype. I excused myself.

"S'alright, I gotta go anyways," Michael smiled, giving me and Luke a quick hug.

A/N: I wrote that in a hurry cause I have homework for Monday and still didn't touch it even. Have a good day, I love you and you're beautiful in every single possible way.





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