Fearless [c.h]

Calum is depressed and claims that he doesn't need help. So his mum sends him to Australia to live with his dad, but will things get better or not ?


6. Safety Pin Those Knuckles

Ashton looked like he had been crying. I'm pretty much sure he did. His hair was messy and extremely curly when his image popped up on the screen, and he was smiling slightly.

"Calum !" he squealed excitedly.

"Ashton !" I said in the same tone, causing him to giggle.

"I already miss you," he pouted. "But anyways, what's up ?"

"I made friends, Luke and Michael."

"Really ? Tell me about them."

"Well, Michael is like a childish baby...But he's nice. His hair is dyed red and it's so cool. He has piercings and claims that he's punk rock although he once had pink hair. He loves pizza unhumanly and is a cutie."

"A cutie ?"

I blushed in embarrassment; I wasn't supposed to say that. Ashton chuckled.

"And Luke ?"

"Luke's a tall giant blonde with a bright attitude and he thinks lip rings are cool, and he has a flawless music taste."

"That's cool, Cal, but what about your dad ?"

"What about him ? He's only making life harder for me."

There was a minute of silence were Ashton seemed to be thinking. I sighed and ran my hand through my long curly hair, which by the way reminded me I needed a new haircut.

"I gotta go I need to take Harry to school, it's like seven o'clock right now. I'll talk to you later ?" Ashton offered after a while.

"Yeah sure," I gulped.

He waved and the screen went black. As soon as it did I bursted out in tears and tried to punch the wall- tried because I screamed in pain and my cold knuckles started to bleed.

Someone must've heard me because the door was suddenly opened and someone pulled me back as I continued screaming.

"No, love, don't do that, you'll hurt yourself even more."

Michael's voice.

It was filled with concern. I sighed and pulled my knees to my chest, burying my face in them.

"Calum, it's okay," he whispered, wrapping his arms around my chest. "Let me see your hand."

I showed him my hand and he frowned, taking it in his own and examining it. He tried to move one of my fingers but pain shot up my hand and I screamed, immediately pulling back.

"You dummy head, you broke your knuckles," Michael sighed, grabbing my hand and wrapping a tissue around it. "Come on, let's go see Gemma, she'll know what to do."

He held my undamaged hand in his and we walked off. I didn't bother asking who Gemma was, I could have cared less.

We arrived in the kitchen and Michael told me to sit on the island.

"Gemma ! Come here for a sec," he shouted.

A young, tall beautiful girl walked inside, sighing.

"Clifford, if you broke something again I'm gonn- oh, is that Mister Hood's son ?" she asked when noticing me.

"Yes, and I think he broke his knuckles so we need your help."

She nodded, not asking how I hurt myself and just applied ice to my knuckles.

"Michael, take him to the hospital. I'm not sure if he broke his knuckles and I'm not an expert. Just take him, they'll get him an X-ray.


"You good ?" Michael asked when we got out of the hospital. I glanced at my casted knuckles and shrugged, although it hurt like hell.

We got in the car and drove home.

"Why did you do this ?" Michael questioned, eyes concentrated on the road.

"I don't know. I just had the urge to punch something, and the wall was the first thing that came up to my mind."

"Well next time, try to punch a pillow. And with your left hand, not your right," he chuckled. "The important is that you're okay."

I simply nodded, staring at the road from my window. Michael glanced me for a split second then turned away, thinking I hadn't noticed.

I wonder if he feels bad for me too. If not then he must think I'm crazy.


A/N:I apologize if this chapter's short. I'm going to make this a malum book because malum and hey (everybody!) why not? There has been a lot of drama going on with the boys lately and with that article on Rolling Stones. Who cares about their sexual lives ? What matters is the fans and the music and that's what a band is made for. I'm not sharing my opinion in here anw, have a good day and smile. Even if it's a fake one xxx


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