Fearless [c.h]

Calum is depressed and claims that he doesn't need help. So his mum sends him to Australia to live with his dad, but will things get better or not ?


3. Hey, Let's Make A Band !

It was around midnight when I woke up. I had slept for almost five hours and was full of energy, unable to go back to sleep anymore.

I turned the lights on and rubbed my eyes, yawning. I almost forgot that I was in Australia, far away from my family.

I grabbed my phone and saw a text from Mali-Koa.

[From: Mali-Koala]

I'm sorry I couldn't say bye :( i love youu, text me asap x

I mentally rolled my eyes.She expected me to forgive her easily, but she's obviously wrong. I texted her back, though,

[To: Mali-Koala]

I arrived a few hours ago. hate it already.

I tossed my phone on the bed and walked out of the bedroom. The house was strangely quiet, and I didn't like it. In my old village, it was always noisy. Kids yelling and laughing on the streets, the TV always on, and Mali singing at the top of her lungs.

Yeah, I already miss all of that. I sighed and decided to take the elevator instead of the stairs because I'm an lazy ass. Once downstairs, I was lost. This place was too big, I didn't like it.

I screamed when someone put their hand on my shoulder, and they immediately put their free hand over my mouth.

The lights turned on, and I recognized Luke.

"The fuck you doing awake, Calum ?" he asked.

"So I need your permission to be awake ?" I huffed, stepping away from him.

"No, you don't."

"Great to know. This is my house, what are you doing here ?"

"I told you, I spend a lot of time with your dad in here. But I just decided to stay over tonight because I didn't want you to stay alone," he shrugged and walked off.

I ran after him and walked beside him, shoving my hands in my pockets.

"I don't need your help," I mumbled.

He shrugged and went inside a room. I followed him and my jaw dropped at what I saw.

The room was big, and full of musical instruments. 

Luke sat on a chair, watching as I delicately grabbed a bass and ran my fingertips over it, as if it could break if I did any wrong movement.

I strummed it, in awe.

"You play bass ?" Luke questioned. This boy asks way too many questions, it's annoying. But I answered.

"Yeah, self-taught. My friend plays the drums, we used to jam together," I smiled at the memory of Ashton and I. We had a lot of fun together. But that was before.

It's in the past. You know what they say, smash the past like it's glass.

"I play guitar and sing. Oh, and my friend plays guitar too. We should make a band! "

"Uh, what ?"

"A band ? You know, when at least two people record songs together and play together and-"

"I know what a band is, for fuck's sake! "

"Okay, cool then, it's settled."

"What ?"

"We're making a band."

I mentally face-palmed, but agreed. I've got nothing to lose, right ? I put the bass back down and walked out. Luke followed me.

"Where are you going ?" he asked.

"I don't know, I'm hungry," I shrugged.

"Let's order pizza! "

"Nice choice," I grinned as he grabbed his cellphone.

He dialed Pizza Hut's number and I sat down on a couch, tilting my head back and staring at the ceiling.

"Calum, what pizza do you want ?" Luke whisper-shouted.

"Hawaiian." I answered.


Time flew by fast. Luke and I ate pizza together, watched some movies and he was a really nice guy. 

It was now the morning and my dad was supposed to come home. Luke was in a good mood, he was singing his lungs out while he showered, which made me chuckle. Mainly because he was singing ridiculous songs like 'Jingle Bells' and the Teletubbies' theme song.

I walked back into my room -I was slowly starting to familiarize with this place- and changed into my old ripped NASA tee shirt that Mali got me two or three years ago, my pair of black ripped skinny jeans and my old converse.

"What are you wearing ?" Luke frowned once we met in the lounge.

"Um, clothes ?" I rolled my eyes, walking in the bathroom to brush my teeth and leaving the door open.

"Um, for how long have you been wearing those ?" he asked.

"Few years," I said shrugging, and started brushing my teeth.

"I'm going to take you shopping this afternoon," he decided.

I ignored him, and after a while we heard a car honk.

"Mr.Hood !" Luke said loudly.

I popped my head out of the bathroom door.

That was my dad ?!

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