Fearless [c.h]

Calum is depressed and claims that he doesn't need help. So his mum sends him to Australia to live with his dad, but will things get better or not ?


1. New Beginning

Calum's POV

"Calum, open the door, please! " my mom sobbed, but I didn't answer as tears rolled down my own cheeks.

I tugged at my hair in frustration, trying to calm myself down but failed.

"Calum !" Mom yelled.

"Go away! I hate you!" I yelled back, and suddenly her muffled sobs stopped and I heard her walk away, sniffling.


Nothing is worse than being rejected by your own mom. She was just getting rid of me by forcing me to travel to Australia to live with my dad who I haven't spoken to in thirteen years. She was using me being depressed and needing help as an excuse to get rid of me and it made me mad.

My breathing went to normal again as I looked out the window next to my tiny bed. It was snowing, and a few kids were running around, laughing and yelling while making what seemed to be a snowman.

I got up, rubbing my puffy, red eyes and put on my coat, a beanie and matching blue gloves. I reached for the doorknob, unlocked the door and quietly slipped out of the small room. I looked in the direction of Mali-Koa's bedroom, and hesitantly approached it. I haven't talked to her since yesterday night when I snapped at her because of something, and I missed her. Unlike most brothers and sisters, we were really close and rarely fought. She was my bestfriend, literally.

"Mali ?" I spoke, and received a humming in response.

I opened the door and saw her sitting on her bed, headphones plugged in and looking at her laptop screen. She looked up at me with a wide smile, but it quickly faded away and turned into a frown.

"I-I'm sorry," I whispered, opening my arms for a hug.

She hugged me and patted my back, then pulled away.

"I know that you don't realize it, but it's what's best for you," she said sympathetically, rubbing my arm in attempt to comfort me.

"I don't see how moving to the other side of the planet where I don't know anyone to live with my 'dad' that I haven't spoken to in ages is supposed to help me be happy," I grumbled.

"I'll miss you," she said as though I hadn't said anything.

I just mumbled under my breath and stormed out of her room. Just when I was about to leave the house, mom interrupted me. Great, just what I needed, right ?

"Where are you going ?"


"You're leaving in an hour, Calum. Your plane leaves in three hours."

"Yeah, thanks for reminding me," I rolled my eyes and before she could speak I went outside and slammed the door behind me.


Sighing, I sat on the porch and watched kids play in the snow. I had many happy memories from when I was a kid, playing in the snow. Back then, my parents hadn't divorced yet and we were one united happy family.

But that was before the fights started too. Mom and dad started fighting a lot, and the fights became more and more violent to the point where mom couldn't take it anymore and they divorced.

I don't remember much from my dad. I can't even remember how he looks like. All I know is that we are really alike. 

I snapped out of my thoughts when hearing crying. A child's crying. My eyes flickered towards the road and I saw a small boy hugging his knees, rocking back and forth. 

I got up and approached him. He looked up, fear visible in his crystal eyes. 

"Hey there, bud," I forced a smile.

"Mommy told me that I am not allowed to talk to strangers," he mumbled quietly, wiping his eyes

"Then what if I become your friend, will you talk to me then ?"


I smiled and extended my hand for him. He shook it, still hesitant.

"Friends ?" I asked, and he nodded, "Okay!"

I helped him get up and dusted off his pants.

"Are you lost ?" I asked, while tying his shoelaces.

"Mommy told me not to go far from her, but I didn't pay attention," he admitted.

"What's your name ? Mine is Calum."

"Tomlinson...Uh, Louis Tomlinson."

I nodded and suggested we go and look for his mom. Louis happily accepted and I took his hand in mine, and started walking while chatting with him. After a while, he let go of my hand and screamed, "Mommy !" and ran in the opposite direction.

His mom laughed and caught him in her arms, scooping him up.

"I told you to not go too far! You're lucky this very nice boy helped you," she said, giving me a small smile which I returned.

"That's my friend Calum," Louis giggled.

"Anyways, I have to go. Goodbye Louis !" I waved and he waved back, his mom thanking me.

I ran off in the direction of my house and was already freezing when I arrived. I took off my gloves and coat and curled up on the couch, immediately becoming sad again when coming back to reality.

"Ah, you're here," mom said, walking in with my suitcase. I hadn't a lot of stuff anyways, just my laptop and clothes. We weren't really rich since mom didn't use to work before dad left us.

"Where's Mali ?" I asked.

"Oh. She left half an hour ago or so, you missed her. She was already late and had to go to Uni."

She shrugged casually. 

How could Mali leave without saying goodbye? What kind of sister does that?

"I hate you so much," I had to stop myself from sobbing in front of my mom.

"Calum," she said softly, placing her hand on my arm.

"Don't," I roughly pulled away and snatched my suitcase from her, then shoved passed her and went to the car.

She joined me a few minutes later. During the whole ride, I ignored her and kept looking out the window, earphones plugged in.



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