When new girl Vanessa befriends content Emma, these two girls feel inseparable. Vanessa unleashes her badass and both of the girls become partners in crime. Emma’s always been the quite, innocent, good girl, whilst Vanessa has to make a loud entrance as well as exit. These two girls feel like long, lost sisters and their lives feel like a long, long rollercoaster ride. Filled with mistakes, love and bad girl behaviour.


3. Truths




As if our fellow students were the wheels on a car turning down a sharp, right countryside road, heads swivelled at the sight of me and the new girl entering the corridor together. Mumbling and gossip flooded the corridor, especially from Chloe and the popular girls. Vanessa gave me a twisted smirk and continued to walk, Chloe sheepishly waved me over, however there was this feeling. It was as if there was an air to Vanessa, such an air of my lost, lifeless soul being attached to her as guidance. Ignoring Chloe’s wave I pursued through the crowd of mumbling and the sharp tongues as I apprehensively, jerked past Chloe – not knowing what her reaction could be, to her sudden change of personality. Vanessa lunged on another cigarette, legs crossed on the bench outside.

“You actually followed? I don’t understand why you’re friends with them, they’re judgemental snobs who don’t agree with anything that doesn’t concern them.” I wasn’t really friends with them, just Chloe; I suppose I was a tag along. “You really should open those glossed lips of yours you know, I can’t bare people who don’t talk and share their opinions – especially when their opinions are actually quite valid.” She gave another of her girlish giggles and winked at me. “If you want meet me here after school, if you want though. I’m not demanding you into anything.” It finally moulded together. Yes, she was a slightly, frustrated, psychotic young lady, although her attitude was real and not a fake she was also relieved she’d found someone – me .   




“Honestly Emma, why would you associate with her? She’s a referral student for behaviour, she has a gob like a neglected four year old and she has no concept of politeness!” Pippa the leader of Chloe’s new found friends spoke to me calmly yet abruptly.

“Emma you can’t just go off on us. It’s a Friday you usually come back to mine, she’ll just influence you!” Chloe backed Pippa up. I knew this would happen, I know Vanessa could be an influence but she actually is quite well mannered when she gets respect. However Chloe’s been my best friend since my first year here, yet she has been letting me trail along.

“She can go round with who she wants! It’s none of your business who she decides, nor is it mine. Your all little snobs who just want to rule what everyone does.” Vanessa startled all of us, she turned to face me and gave her twisted smirk. “It’s up to you, I won’t force you. Not bothered anyway.” As Vanessa began to walk off, lighting up her usual cigarette I hurriedly caught up with her. Chloe and Pippa muttered to themselves furiously as Vanessa gave me a reassuring grin. “Want one?” She pushed her cigarette box towards me, as we both sat on a bench outside the school. I shook my head in disgust. “Oh come on, one won’t hurt, just try it.” She fluttered her eyelashes at me, giggling to herself and I joined her giggles with my own as I took one. Supposing that she was beginning to influence me, although she is not forcing me, I’m glad I came with her.

Igniting my cigarette, I inhaled one breath of the cigarette; feeling the taste hit the back of my throat I spluttered coughing, exhaling the smoke. Vanessa bawled into fits, giggling franticly. Even though the taste wasn’t as pleasing I felt as if Vanessa and I perhaps were bonding, I felt like she didn’t want me to trail after her. That she wanted me to be apart, of perhaps her daily routine, perhaps I had found a new friend.




Lustring, garnet coated worktops illuminated the kitchen as a crystal, glass chandelier hung above our heads. Diaphanous windows resumed the positions of were the walls should have been, they glistened out onto the well-kept garden which bloomed with life. Various flowers transformed the garden into that pot-of-gold that children vividly imagine at the end of a rainbow. Not a speck of dust or dirt was to be seen and each window was as pristine as the Queen’s crown jewels. Abnormally, detaching itself from Vanessa’s quirky ways, the house was reserved; soundless enough that you could literally hear a pin drop from upstairs.  Not to sound ignorant, but from the way Vanessa acts I expected her house to be the belonging to all mayhem. Yet, it was far from that.

Vanessa had poured herself a glass of Echo Falls, although I had chosen a glass of water for myself. I had only ever drank, half a glass, at family affairs - that was a bare minimum of alcohol I was allowed.

“Where’s your parents?” It had only just concerned me that it was fairly late now and there seemed by the distinct silence, that no one else was home. Vanessa shifted,

“My Mum works for a big newspaper company in New York, my Mum and Dad both live over there, I used too as-well.” She breathed, it seemed as though she felt un-comfortable discussing the matter. “We moved to New York one year ago. I didn’t take the move well, I had a perfectly, distracting and bad influencing group of friends over here. I won’t even try and defend them and make them come across as the posh snobs from your school, they all don’t really go to school. My school from New York referred me to a British school.”

“Isn’t that illegal; you living alone.”

“A maid comes daily. No one knows of course – that I live alone. If you tell anyone, I swear you won’t breathe another breath. This was our old home; they kept it in-case they ever decided to come back. I suppose…I’m sort of an outcast in our family, due to my malicious ways. Not that I care.” Pouring herself another glass, the spluttering of the wine shattering the silence. Astounded by the life she actually led I was fairly shocked; I was ignorantly expecting her to be a spoilt brat, smothered with money. “It’s not bad though, all my old friends live here.” She winked at me, putting her glass down. “What’s your view on meeting people.”

“Well it depends really who it is, I’m quite shy-“

“You don’t say,” She interrupted, chuckling to herself – clearly a bit tipsy. “I was going to invite a few of the girls round, but they have a party just outside the village – I didn’t want to drag you along though, you need to…doesn’t matter.”




My driver had come to pick me up. Thoughts surged around my head, as if they were on a Formula One racetrack. Vanessa had no smothering, apprehensive parents who spoilt her with the aspects of surrounding her with wealth and protectiveness.  Perhaps her aggressiveness and behaviour is the conclusion of her wanting them to notice her and to listen to her screams. Although she could just be a troubled character, who just doesn’t have a care for her reactions.

It’s extremely absurd the fact that she doesn’t walk in from school to a hello, or a kiss of her parents. Mine are extremely busy indeed, however my mother always takes the time to ensure that I’ve had a pleasant, satisfactory and executive day.

It had only just entered my mind, the fact that every night she sleeps alone, with nothing or no one to comfort her in person; of course you can phone them – but it’s not necessarily the same.


It seemed quite unfair. However, I hoped that she would see me as someone she can confer with and trust. Even though she is extremely confrontational, I had a feeling that perhaps we’d get on quite well with each other. On the other had it had only just occurred she’d convinced me to try my first ever cigarette, perhaps Pippa and Chloe were right – she could initially be a bad influence. I shouldn’t accuse on a first basis judgement, that was morally wrong and I sounded like the group of gossiping and mumbling girls in our school. Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves, it’s not like she’s a proven criminal.

What are the limits that could she possibly push me to do?

Only time will tell. 

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