The opening act

Perrie and her band called little mix are asked to go on tour with 5sos
Do they all fall in love or are the just an opening act to the boys


2. the call/telling the mom

Perrie's POV

I woken up to my phone ringing at 1 this mornin I groaned and sat up

"Hello " i say

" uh hi I was wondering if you wanted to come on. Tour with 5sos and I'm sorry if I woken you up " the person says

"It's okay I was awake and I'll have to ask the rest if my band if they want to come and call you same time tomorrow " I grumble

"Yh that would be great and this is Ashton irwin by the way " he say

"Okay goodbye " I say a bit rudely can I need sleep lol

The next morning

Perrie's POV

I woken up and got dressed into a pair of white skinny jeans and a a brown rest with a black see threw top I walked downstairs and made some toast once it was finished I walked in and found my mom sitting on the couch watching TV I sat down next to her

" hey mom you okay " I say

" oh hey sweet I'm okay " she answers back

" mom ya know how me and the girls haven't been on tour for a while well I got a call like 1 this morning and the person asked of we wanted to go on tour with them I was wondering if we could go " I say a bit nervously

" we'll sweatie you can go but the girls parents have to agree too " she says

" AHH YES I CAN GOO THANK YOU THANK YOU I LOVE YOO SO MUCH " I scream I ran out the house and got into my car before I text the girls to meet at jades house

A/N thank you so much I'll update Sunday If not next week thank love yas opAl

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