One minute can be all it takes to change a family. Annglien was living with her mother when death causes her to be ripped away from what she knows to a household with a new father and two new sisters that are as alien to her as she is to them. Trying to adjust to a new life it will take more then just a court order to get this family to bond and find that there might just be more to what makes a family than a legal document.


1. Chapter One

Annglien was about to turn ten in a month without a father she loved. To most turning a new age is a big deal but to Annglien a birthday was nothing compared to a family. Her parents had gotten divorced nearly a year ago, and still she did not know the reason.  Annglien always loved and respected her mother even forgive her when she knew her mother was wrong. But this time she could not forgive her for taking away her father. Annglien was the type of child that always did what she was told and never did she argue with anyone.

She and her mother looked just the same, long brown hair, skin as white as snow and thin looking, the only difference was that Annglien was much shorter then her mother was her age.

With her daughter turning ten, her mother thought that she should give her the wonderful news she had been keeping secret for some months now.

‘Annglien, could you please come down her for a second?’ Her mother called up the stairs. Julian went to the kitchen to wait for her daughter when she heard her coming down the stairs in a hurry. ‘Sweet heart could you sit down, I have something important to tell you’ started her mother. There was no easy beginning for this to help her out with such news. 

‘Mother so do I. You know that boy that I liked so much fo...?" But she was cut of when her mother showed her to be quite.

‘Annglien, I really need to say something to you.’

            Annglien was too excited with her own news to listen to her mother. ‘Well as I was saying. You know Jack. He told me today that I was the only girl in his heart. He told me this in front of all his friends today when I came to his school. I think I’m going to marry him mommy.’

Her mother could not take it any more so she just yelled the words out to her daughter.

‘ANNGLINE, I'M MARRIED.’ There was complete silence at the table while her daughter took in what she had just heard. At first she was shocked but then she thought she understood what her mother said. Her mother wouldn’t give Annglien bad news, meaning there was a joke and something more hidden within her news.   

‘Mom, why didn't you tell me that you were going back together with dad? Now we can have a double wedding. It can be a mother daughter wedding. Oh it would be so romantic.’

 Annglien just want on about the wedding plans that would not be happening with her mother’s further plans. I wedding with her daughter would be nice but it would not happen now or ever. 

It was nice to see her daughter so happy in front of her. Those dreamy eyes looking like they were seeing a fairy tale and it was all she wanted. How she would miss them. Annglien always had that look as if she was the happiest child on earth when she was overjoyed about some news.  

‘Annglien, please listen to me, I'm not getting married to your father, I married someone else.’ her mother finished and could tell Annglien was not happy about the news at all.

‘But why mom, don't you love dad anymore?" now she was starting to cry as she said it. Those dreamy eyes were starting to reflect as if they were miles away at that moment. Far away to reach her. 

‘Please listen to me… you can say what you want when I'm done.’ Her mother offered.

‘I love your father, but we'll just too different, we could never be happy again. I'm very in love now but I will never stop loving your father. I’m sure you will come to love your new father; he even has two girls that are older than you. You can finally have real siblings. Anyways I was going to wait to tell you this after you gotten over your father and got used to having a new father but seeing as that won't happen soon, I'm going to tell you now dear.’  

Julian told a deep breath before giving the lost blow that she knew that would break her daughter. I'm already married. We'll moving in with him and his daughters tomorrow whether you like it or not’

For the first time what Annglien was about to say she meant. ‘How could you, making me move in with someone I don't know. And why did you marry him without asking me. I hate you, I HATE YOU, I wish you weren’t my mother.’ Annglien had always wished that her parents would remarry so that she could be at their wedding but now that has been token right from beneath her. 

Annglien run out the kitchen picked up her school bag and went back downstairs. "I'm spending the night at Jack's." She said coldly to her mother she now knew no more.

‘Annglien, make sure you'll back here by three, that's when we're moving’ that's all here mother had to say to that. Watching the kitchen door being slammed right in front of her. Julian knew that her daughter would be safe at Jack’s. They had known each other since the beginning. Annglien's and Jack’s parents grew up together just like their children were doing now.  



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