1. This is Kris.


I look at the door and see Jo standing in the doorway. Positioning herself behind the door, and peeking her head round, she waits until I respond. A simple look is all it takes for her to continue. 
“You weren’t at training this morning-“
 “No, I know. I did my training earlier, and came back here.” I say, cutting her off. I notice how she keeps a tight grip on the door handle, and doesn’t come any closer. I’d rather she wasn’t here. “I just felt like training earlier, that’s all.” I say, reassuring her of her feelings, that I am purposely avoiding group contact. She purses her lips, as her eyes drop to the ground and nods.
Acknowledging the awkwardness of her presence, she heads out the door, and adds “I’ll bring some food back if you want.” After a brief moment of silence, she shuts the door behind her. I remain seated on my bed, and just let my thoughts continue to whirr in my mind.

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