Devlish lust

Even the most angelic minds have the devilish thoughts. Humans are so underrated nowadays. They torture, rape and harm each other... But us? We pleasure.


1. Intro

Shadows crept up the side of the alley walls; twisted, tangled vines of dark ivy climbed beside them, creating a massacre of hellish symbols as if ignorance was its best and only friend. Leafless tree branches pranced in a satanic dance in the wind also; crisp packets and neglected receipts joining the dance floor- a bed of harsh, autumn leaves- the wind was their music and I was their reluctant audience. They twirled, and rocked to its tuneless howl as a sickening cast of black souls latched effortlessly to the feet of the occasional passing people- the odd look of blended sympathy and fear echoing from the visiting people's expressions. Nonetheless, no-one attempted to help me.

My straining teary eyes, begged for relief- guilty to confession of wanting to perversely caress the blotchy skin on my pale cheeks and then scream to my throat to bludgeon the painful lump which restlessly lay with an agonizing chuckle . I was a whimpering mess.
"Please!" I croak pathetically, my head painfully tilting up towards the cold, dark clouds which frown down on me with anger,
"If there is some sort of God or devil out there, please help me! Please?"
I waited a few minutes and despite the obvious fact that no-one was going to respond, I clutched onto the purest fact of innocence and hope. However, unsurprisingly, hope let me down again and as per usual, innocence was snatched.

I could feel an intense, sharp glare of something watching me as before I could take another look down the long end of the ruthlessly cold alley way, my eyes tore onto my stalker.

It was him again.

His silhouette cover in the opposite set of shadows to me, hid his usually tanned, muscular abs and towering posture which was always defined by the curious glint in his stone black eyes that undressed me when his contorted frown was visible.

I didn't know who he was or what he was but he was always there- always watching me from a distance. But now, he was closer than two meters away and that made my heart sink and my stomach squirm with adrenaline.

Terrified, I took a step backwards into the wall, my snuggly fit jeans forcing the ivy to curve around my shapely bottom as I beg for the wall to swallow me up.

With beams of light now attacking him as he stepped out from the shadows, I take my chance to examine my stalker before fear completely controls me.

Crystal clear defined cheekbones arched over his powerful dimples, looking like my finger would be left cut if I touched the firm edge of his gorgeously sinful face which created a masked effect for his naturally dark hair colour that was harshly gelled towards the sky. He wore a tight black and white tux with a tie and yet moved effortlessly and freely, despite the restricting fabric which clung to his perfectly carved figure.

Now standing closer towards me, he was a clear head taller than me and his eyes appeared to be a glazing brown base colour with streaks of black which burned into the depths of my soul. He was mesmerizingly terrifying!

"Who are you?" I gasp, breaking eye contact from his body and challenging a stare off in his curious eyes.

He doesn't reply as he takes another pace forward, the look of confusion claiming his appearance as he inspects my body with his roaming eyes; I hold back a whimper of fear and somewhat excitement.

I suddenly regain the feeling of being bare in front of his demanding eyes as he skilfully turns my fear into a higher cast of confidence at the mirroring glimmer of curiosity which lies in both of our expressions,

"Why are you stalking me?"

His eyes break from my body as they slowly trace back up to my lips, perhaps trying to identify the words that I was saying as a silent yet powerful grin flickers on his lips,

"Stalking? That's a harsh word. I prefer the term...investigating."

His voice was a deep, husky cackle as he leaves me with a sense of despair and fear. I open my lips to say something but he beats me to It,

"And you can't blame me. A young lady who hides in alley ways alone dressed in such revealing clothes..."

Repulsively, my eyes burn down towards my tight, red tank top which presses against my large breasts and my clinging black jeans which hugs every curve of my body, especially my shapely bottom. I wanted to cry out and escape his imposing gaze on me but I couldn't bring myself to move.

"I didn't ask for you to see me like this!" I shoot back, earning a sly smirk from his part,

"Oh, but you did."

I frown, fear seeping away and instead an anxious bubbling sensation building up as he takes another glide towards me, our faces almost touching. He raises a suspicious eyebrow,

"You begged for someone to help you only ten minutes ago?"

"I didn't think anyone would hear-"

"But you did?" He cut me off harshly as I lower my head in defeat,


I could feel his widening smirk upon me as he gently takes my hand, a bolt of electric relief and somehow pleasure sparks through me, taking me by surprise with the gasp that escapes through my lips. Sinfully, my eyes burn into his gaze which met me half way as the look of fear slams onto his expression.

His hand is roughly pulled from mine, a look of pain tormenting in his eyes as he stares at his hand as if I burnt him. I couldn't help but feel hurt as he takes a step back from me, taking a tender breath and locking his eyes in mine for some sort of explanation that I didn't have.

"Why did you call me?" He changes the subject completely with a sharp intake of breath.

Horrified, I tried to remember why he found my crying in an alley way on my own looking like a slapper. How classy.

"I needed help." I whimper, clutching onto my long, flowing locks of brown hair but trying to reach into my brain to search answers for myself. Never in my life have I felt more confused.

Anger wound up on his expression as he attempted to mask it with a tight smile,

"You need help and yet you look so confused. Why?"

Dangerously, I peer up into his questioning pupils which now sparkled with curiosity but somehow, I think he knows more than I do about my emotions. I held his gaze, whilst avoiding the question.

"Let me re-phrase the question then." He sighed, stepping back. Suddenly, the minute he removed himself from my personal bubble, I could think clearly again.

"Why were you crying?"

"I was scared."

His eyes examined mine for the truth and then fixated on another demanding quiz,

"Scared of what?"

I stayed quiet, tears brimming in my eyes again. My eyes darted around, hoping to spot a path to escape his presence but I knew he would just find me again, as usual.

"There's no point in running. So answer me. Scared of what?" He repeated himself, this time his voice a little more harsh. I took a deep breath and then clenched my jaws together, silently pleading to get away from this gorgeous yet sinister man. My eyes rolled back to face him, a new found confidence building inside me- or perhaps it was anger and humiliation.

"You will think I am dirty."

I couldn't help but notice his growl as his hands slam either side of my head into the wall creating a loud bang- kind of like a gun shot. I didn't hit me but the gust of wind scared the hell out of me-if only that was possible- as he throws himself away from me, pacing around angrily.

Suddenly, this once calm tempered man became a wild beast with a string of profanities. I wanted to scream or cry out but I knew that would make him worse so I let him wind himself up only drop his fury in a matter of 3 seconds flat.

"I will never think of you as dirty." His nose scrunched up at the word dirty which made my heart sink in humiliation.

Before I knew it, he had clicked his fingers and all of the sudden, I was in an expensive house which was full of white riches. Painful and scarce, my breathing was everywhere and I could hear the fear in my voice at the pure fact that I had just changed location without moving. I went to scream but then he was quick to tell me where we were.

"My house,"

I panted heavily in fear until he gave out a demanding order to sit on the leather sofa and I did not dis-obey.


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