Devlish lust

Even the most angelic minds have the devilish thoughts. Humans are so underrated nowadays. They torture, rape and harm each other... But us? We pleasure.


2. In a strangers house

Gingerly, I took a sip at my sweet smelling filled glass which the man had now passed me. I was thankful when he took the first sip of my glass to prove that it is not drugged but at the same time annoyed that his lips were on the same glass I drank from.

Unmoving, his eyes burn into me cautiously when I rested the glass on the black, granite table. Each rise and fall of his chest mimicked mine as his mischievous yet attentive eyes warily inspected me for the hundredth time, him being completely oblivious to how insecure I was becoming.  

"What's your name?" He cocked his head to the side, eyes latched to me in awe with his husky words,

"Rhine Fontaine."

His smirk lifted at both ends of his full lips, teasing my thoughts. He raised a hand to me for me to shake it and then quickly decided otherwise, dropping it down by his sides.

"Blake Harding."

I felt butterflies in my stomach to how easily that name fluttered gorgeously in the air. Blake Harding. It was exquisitely unique and yet so demandingly erotic that even the most angelic minds have devilish thoughts. Disturbed by how easily the mood changed and how sexual my thoughts were willingly, I changed the course of the subject.

"Aren't you drinking?"

Blake's eyes follow mine to my lone glass on the table and then a blush radiated through his cheeks,

"Not tonight."

My jaw drops in disbelief.

"Why not?"

"I can not control myself under the use of... alcohol."

I shake my head disapprovingly before elegantly reaching for my glass. Now entwined in my fingers, I hold the glass up to Blake's lips which purse together in a tight zip.

"If I am getting drunk, so are you!" I sigh, eyes pleading silently- curious to see how he would react with this toxin in his body. He hesitates and then looks as if he was going to accept before my fingers accidently touch his lips as I edge the cup towards him. Suddenly, that same pleasured yet burning sensation from where he held my hand earlier ripplesd through my body and I was certain Blake felt it too because he pulled back again in disbelief.

"Not with you. No." He growls as if he is battling with himself. My eyes look away, yet again feeling really hurt that he wouldn't come near me or touch me even after practically kidnapping me and stalking me. Shouldn't I be relived?

"I didn't mean it like that," He bounces back into life, sensing my self doubting thoughts perhaps,

"I meant it like if I get drunk, I could hurt you and I do not want to risk that."

Neither do I. I thought to myself, despite not having anything to loose and having an almost perfect man opposite me, staring at me with what I would define as passion. For the first time in forever, I was actually the willing one.

"So, Rhine Fontaine," He began, catching me by surprise with his mischievous grin and sudden change of topic,

"Tell me about yourself."

I scrunched up my nose in a frown as I searched for any detail about myself, but failed miserably so I turned it back around on him.

"What do you want to know?"

"You can't answer a question with a question." He grins, twisting his body to face me more directly as he becomes more at ease on the sofa next to me.

"Yes you can. 21 questions?" I argue back with the same playful tune he endeavours,

"Or we can just go back and forth with questions? The counting bit is boring."

I nod my head in agreement as I let Blake begin,

"Last time you wore clothes that weren't revealing?" He teases me as I acted along, biting my lower lip and pretending to think,

"When I was eleven. How old are you?"

"Depends who you are asking?"

Confused, I shake my head,


He smirks as if at my innocence but I take no notice,

"What are you?"

"Excuse me?" He jolts in his seat, slightly tensing up,

"I mean, I am not stupid, Blake." I roll my eyes, carrying on,

"I know you're not human. You are always watching me, you have never aged since I was eleven, you have never eaten or drank properly and I know it is you who watches me sleep."

His jaw drops in amazement but he quickly covers it up with a cheeky laugh,

"I don't know what you are talking about. I think you are drunk."

"We moved from that alley-way to your place in less than a few seconds and I have only had two sips of the drink! Unless you have drugged me?"

His head shakes quickly at my accusing tone but then he sighs with disbelief,

"You catch on quick I s'posse. I was warned. You might as well know now."

"Warned? By who?"

At this point, my blood began to boil at the thought of finally getting answers to why I thought I was crazy for the last ten years of my life. All that counselling and pitiful adults blaming my childhood to why I was suddenly schizophrenic- I was about to find out who was to blame- because I was certain it wasn't me.

"My father, Lucifer."

My mind was scrambled in a matter of minutes as I struggled to assign his words with reality or better yet- the truth

"Why am I here?" I squeaked, then almost downing the whole glass of wine, not gagging- a gift from experience- as his anxious eyes stayed glued upon my actions.

"This is a story for another night." He shakes his head, removing the glass from my hands and setting it aside on the table,

"Tonight, I want to learn more about you."

I bit back a sarcastic scoff but it slipped out and sounded so mocking that it brought a delighted grin to Blake's face,

"That was harsh," He chuckles evilly which makes me laugh at the irony,

"No, what is harsh is making a child go through nine and a half years of testing because they think she is schizophrenic and then letting her spend the first ten years of her life being abused to beat the madness from her body. That is harsh."

Both of our laughter faded extremely quick. Blake's lips purses tightly and then he leans in dangerously close, eyes burning into mine with a painful growl,

"I tried to help you ever since you could speak. I was the man you looked to as a best friend and spent every waking second trying to protect you. You are stronger now and that is why you are able to access my house, see me clearer and hear my true voice. Every day, you are getting more and more powerful and that is why I am helping you. So as much as it pains me to say this, your past is the past and you should never regret anything you ever went through or done because it shaped you to be the gorgeous women you are today at nine-teen years old."

My words were snatched from my throat at his words. I knew he was real and I certainly knew that gradually over the past nine-teen years of my life, something's changed regularly; such as I could cause people pain or pleasure just by looking at them. I didn't need to touch anyone but I held the power of toying with someone's emotion that I could never explain and that I could never expose out of fear of being tortured harder.

However, by my thirteenth birthday, I had figured out how to control when I use my 'powers' and never used them since- not even the happy ones to stop me getting hurt because it drained too much energy that i needed to fight all of the horrible men.

"Blake?" I whispered quietly as he gently peers down at me with a forced smile as if he knew what i was thinking,

"Yes Rhine?"

"What am i?"

He hesitates before readjusting his position to look at me,

"It is extremely difficult to tell you everything in detail and for you to understand so i will be basic, stop me if you do not understand."

I nod in agreement, curiosity claiming me for the worse.

"Heaven and Hell are real. God is real and so is my father- Lucifer but the spectrum of Hell being bad and Heaven being good is a myth. Heaven is where angels go and it is like the second most powerful place in the whole period of time, after Hell. In hell, creatures that you would have never known to live, have survived for longer than anyone could ever even imagine. The only distinction between them is Heaven is where only angels live and Hell is a habitat for everything else."

My mind whirled with all this information as he proceeded to explain,

"But Heaven and Hell have belonged to Two people for ever since they have been existent- God and Lucifer. However, the Dayark, our version of a bible or prophecy, explains that one day, a Bralia would be born and she or he would be so magnificent that she could manipulate God and Lucifer into going to war with each other which would destroy earth, Heaven and Hell with no going back."

"I am confused, what has this got to do with me?" I frown, focusing hard on every single word but the information was not sinking in,

"Rhine Fontaine, you are the only ever Bralia."

Slightly jarred, my lips parted with no intention of closing any time soon with the news i just heard. I didn't want to believe him but as of his sharp stare, i couldn't imagine for one second, he was lying.

"However, there is only one other person with a title which could over power you in a blink of an eye. That is a Apollyon which basically translates to 'destroyer'."

"Well, who is titled Apollyon?" I whispered, fear creeping over me at the answer which i was already aware of.

"Rhine Fontaine, I am Apollyon."

Like a kick to the stomach, i felt sore and in pain but not physically just in my heart. It was like a sharp pinch or a shock to the system but it worked either way.

"But i would never hurt you. I swore to myself the day you were born that we would never have to harm each other." He reassured me and as much as i felt better, i still felt uneasy.

"I will train you to use your powers to the best of my ability and you can live with me for all eternity so you never have to visit the nasty humans who tortured you. But  in return for your trust and loyalty? Is that a fair trade?

I had no idea what i was thinking but for once in my life, i didn't have to hide or run away and i had never felt as safe as i did with Blake- no matter if he was sent to destroy me if i took a turn for the worse.

"Right, you should rest and we will start training in the morning." He smugly grins as if he just won an award as he leans in and takes me by the hand as if to show me the way.

An electric bolt shoots up through my arm but it wasn't painful- it was almost full of pleasure. I release a sexual gasp unwillingly as my eyes shoot up to Blake's mesmerised ones but he doesn't let go and instead clicks his fingers so we were in a gorgeously golden room with extravagant expenses.

"This is your room." He whispers half heartedly without releasing his eye contact with me. Moments pass as we just curiously stare at each other and then he finally breaks the silence,

"I will let you sleep in a second but can i just try something? Don't move."

He goes to move his other hand and then drops it as if he decides he shouldn't but I quickly take it into my other  hand so we were entwined in either hands. Again, the bliss passes through my body but this time i bit back a moan.

Gently, i release his hand again and with hard concentration, I lift my thumb up to his lip and then i delicately trace it along Blake's lower lip. it immediately reacts and becomes swollen  which settles the voice in my head saying it was just me feeling this overpowering pleasure, coursing through my veins.

I let my thumb release the soft contact of his lips and break my hand from his hand so we were entirely un connected with each other. It suddenly became a lot colder and a lot more silent despite the minimum words that have been said in this room.

"I think you have already mastered the power of giving pleasure." He mumbles seductively but i could hear the pain in his words,

"I didn't send any pleasure to you. I stopped tampering with people's emotions when i was thirteen. I promise."

His face lit up but his eyes darkened with excitement,

"It's getting late. I should really leave you to sleep now." He quickly changed the course of his emotions as i noticed the rising tent in his pants. I bit my lower lip cheekily as he disappeared from sight all together with the low growl still echoing through my mind.

I could get use to this very quickly. 

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