''I can't leave you...i refuse to leave you behind'' She whispered into his neck,her breath hot and stuff from the tears pooling in her eyes.
''We can' together,and you know that'' He croaked hesitantly wrapping his arms around her small but curvy waist,pulling her closer he kissed the side of her head as she clinged on him as if her depends on it ''Don't go please..'' she begged her poor breaking voice coming out quietly almost above a whisper ''I..I-I.. have to..'' he slowly said knowing it couldn't go any further their love was forbidden after all.


3. The Beach

''c'mon Ellie iv'e been following you for 10 minutes just get in the car'' i sighed by now the rain was pouring down but she was still stubborn and did not get in the car she just kept walking she flinched when it started thundering i sighed getting out of the car picking her up ''Let go of me Justin !'' she screamed about just as loud as Ms.DeLaRosa i closed the door and by now my hair was soaking to i got in the car next to her and started driving she tried opening the door but i locked it ''You're so annoying'' i sighed looking at her ''Back at you Bieber'' she crossed her legs ''i need to get away from you before anyone sees us together'' she said ''well i don't think you want me to bring you home now do you ?'' she quickly shook her head ''hell no my mom sees your car she will kill me plus school isn't even over yet and i have detention all because you'' she yelled ''stop yelling at me would you ?''.


i smiled cheekily getting to the side of the beach no one ever comes cause someone got killed her oh boo hoo that was like 50 years ago i looked over at her and she had rolled her eyes and is looking at the sea but i  could still see her face she was absolutely the prettiest girl iv'e ever seen ''you have something on your face'' i said gesturing to that one line of mascara that went completely down to her cheek ''what'' she said feeling her face but she kept missing the spot ''let me do it'' i said pushing her hands down ''what a cliche'' she mumbled i chuckles leaning closer to her face wipingthe still wet spot of mascara away with my thumb.

i wanted to kiss her so bad i felt my pants get tight just looking at her body her lips we're basically against mine yet they weren't excatly against mine just as our lips were about to lock she pushed me away ''Justin know we can't'' she said getting out of the car as the rain stopped i walked out of the car ''you want to tho'' i said with a smirk on my face ''i think you have enough sluts on your list that want you'' she sat on my car ''true'' i said leaning against my car




''why what'' i asked looking at her ''why are you the way you are with teachers and girls'' she said crossing my arms ''well you gotta do things to get where you are i mean look at you your rich you never have to do something,you're mad you keep it in because you have nothing else to do you can't let it out you're weak'' i said standing infront of her ''no i'm not i'm not holding anything in'' she shook her head looking away from me i grabbed her face making her look at me ''hit me'' i said ''repeat that ?''' she frowned ''hit me do it as hard as you can'' i pulled her off my car  ''no no no way i'm not hitting you Justin''  she wasn't mad enough i had to make her mad ''You're weak !'' she shook her head backing away from me ''You're weak ! you're alone  you don't know how to handle it ! everyone does everything for you !'' i yelled at her ''Shut up !'' she yelled getting mad ''You're a poor soul you don't know you're not hit by reality yet you're just a rich little girl ! hit me then ! you can't because you're scared ! a scared little g-'' i got cut of by someone starting hit me in my stomach and chest ''shut up shut the fuck up !!'' she screamed breaking dow in tears pushing me away actually making me stumble  back i pulled her into my arms as she cried i sat down pulling her on my lap i actually felt bad i rubbed her back ''i'm so sorry..'' i whispered she wiped her tears away looking up at me i wiped her cheeks gently ''i'm sorry..'' i said she just shook her head resting her head on my chest.



It just felt good it felt amazing being comforted by someone he was right all i did was keep it in i just don't understand how he did it to make it get out so quickly i was breaking the first rule in my family Never ever ever come near a Bieber but here i was falling asleep on his chest i could hear he was already asleep and i fell asleep after that 

-your all probably wondering why i go so fast it's because the story isn't about them falling in love so slowly it's about fighting for their already exsisting love that is forbidden so don't mind if i go so fast xxx-


My eyes slowly fluttered open feeling sand underneath my toes i looked up slowly and saw Justin and all the memories slowly came back he was sleeping but his grip on me was very tight i could barely move i felt my phone buzz i grabbed it out of my pocket slowly hoping he wouldn't wake up '164 new texts from ''Mom''  and 94 calls from ''Dad'' I jumped up hearing Justin's head bang against the car and he groaned rubbing his head ''We have to go ! now now now !'' i yelled pulling him up ''woah..calm down i just woke up damn'' he said as i pushed him in his car and got in ''My parents are going to murder me !'' i yelled pushing his car key in starting the car ''okay okay'' he said and started driving

I was literally shaking this was like i was looking from some kind of death wish i felt his hand against mine ''stop shaking they won't kill you Ellie'' he reassured me ''You really don't know my parents'' i said as he parked infront of my house it was to early for anyone to be awake anyways ''we can't do this anymore Justin we can't'' i told him walking out of his car but he just walked out as well grabbing my arm pulling my towards him ''stop pushing me away,all i've been wanting to do ever since we met is kiss you i know i won't get you out of my head and especially not after this'' he said

''after wh-'' before i could finish my sentence his lips were against mine pushing my against his Bentley i shouldn't kiss back but i did i shouldn't want to kiss back but i did i shouldn't be liking this..but i do my arms went around his neck pulling him even closer as his tongue slipped into my mouth the kiss was passionate yet rough something iv'e never expercienced before his hand slipped into my shirt picking me up slowly i had to pull away because obviously he wouldn't so i slowly pulled away ''I..I-I.. need to go..'' i stuttered pulling away from him grabbing my bag from the floor and turned around feeling him grab my hand  again planting a kiss on my lips ''good morning'' he whispered before getting in his car driving away i was just mind blown by this guy


i shook my head turning around seeing my mom with a face red as a tomato looking at me she had seen me make out with him ? ofcourse she had my life is over it's done i will be preparing my own gold casket tonight,i walked inside the house and looked over at my mom i slowly looked down at her ''Only one rule stay away from The Biebers and now you're making out with their son ! then i hear you skipped school on the first day AND you have detention you're grounded young lady if i see you with that  guy again i will ship you to your aunt in England !'' she yelled and i nodded walking upstairs i knew i had to stay away from him i just knew it was over this time for real.

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