''I can't leave you...i refuse to leave you behind'' She whispered into his neck,her breath hot and stuff from the tears pooling in her eyes.
''We can' together,and you know that'' He croaked hesitantly wrapping his arms around her small but curvy waist,pulling her closer he kissed the side of her head as she clinged on him as if her depends on it ''Don't go please..'' she begged her poor breaking voice coming out quietly almost above a whisper ''I..I-I.. have to..'' he slowly said knowing it couldn't go any further their love was forbidden after all.


2. ''My Wife''

I sighed sitting cris crossed on my new bed in an empty room,white boring sheets resting under my butt i sighed it was my first day here in California i used to live in Arizona but then my parents decided they wanted to come back here because they needed a ''reminder of their childhood love'' bullshit,see because my parents are the richest people on the planet maybe why my last name is as ridiculous as 'Gold' oh wait it is Gold,Ellie Gold,I've never moved before so it was weird for me even though i was born in California it was on an airplane to Arizona just against the border so technically i'm from California i don't really care,i have zero friends here all i have well actually don't have is 'The Bieber's' aparently i have no right to come near Justin Bieber since he's in my high school iv'e never seen him before but we'll see that tomorrow ''Ellie get out of your room for the tenth time the workers are here'' my mom yelled i didn't want my room to be dine i liked it while walls white bed simple closet that's she just has to make everything Gold i sighed standing up my parents were very strict and always out it's like i don't even know them and they don't know me and ofcourse i am an only child  so no siblings my parents don't want to give me a sister or brother they give me clothes and makeup ''Ellie Millicent Joanne Gold'' she screamed i sighed walking downstairs ignoring her stupid glare i looked over at my dad he was half glaring half hiding sympathy i just walked away after about 5 hours my room was finally over ofcourse it was full of gold is this a room for some kind of princess or something i'm not Cinderella and let's not even start about the walk in closet it had so much hallways i would get lost it reminded me of The Maze Runner i sighed plopping down on my new princess bed dreading for tomorrow 


Sitting on that one chair in my dining room alone was one of my best dreams not hearing my mom nag about my clothing choice or about not putting my hair loose i sighed tapping my fingers against my fingers looking at the time i knew i had to go i just really did not want to,i heard footsteps knowing it was Richard our butler my only friend ''Shall i bring you to school Ms.Gold'' he sadi with his thick french accent ''do you have to'' i pouted and he nodded i rolled my eyes standing up grabbing my bag walking to my dad's BMW not even a bit excited for what's about to come


It looked like nothing like a normal school we all know there is no school on the planet like the one in mean girls but this one was probably the only exception everyone was divided it didn't even look like a school it looked like a bunch of fandoms in a school some i was just to freaked to come near the only one that actually caught my attention were the cheerleaders,computer geeks,nerds,jocks and 3 girls that looked like Regina George Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith iv'e never seen a school like this it freaked me  out i felt like i was an added personage in the movie,they gave me my schedule and monday started with Math ''fun''.


i don't suck at anything because my parents pressure me but i don't like math it's stupid i was one of the first in class as always i suck at making friends 20 minutes into the class i found out 1, my math teachers name is Ms. DeLaRosa 2.she's single 3.she doesn't give us any math 4.she only talks about her hopeless love problems that always fail she got interupted by a door opening and 3 boys walking in the first was dark skinned and had black hair a snapback resting backwards on his loose hair the second guy was very pale and had almost white hair with beautiful blue eyes and the finally the third guy walked in behind them and he actually looked like a greek god he had beautiful honey brown eyes with that small spark they were all three laughing so i could see his mind blowing smile he had a bit of a tanned skin but it looked natural he was wearing a snapback aswell that he took off while he walked in and ran his fingers through his silk brown hair most girls were focused on him ''Ah my 3 favorite late arrivers Chris Brown,Lucky Smith and my favorite of all Justin Bieber'' she said standing up he gave her a cheeky smile ''ah look at that my wife is grumpy again'' he said walking over to her wrapping his arms around her and everyone started laughing  she just pulled away ''take a seat guys'' she said hiding a smile i can't believe he's in my class and ofcourse the only seats left were next to me the tables were places in a square and i was in the corner so Justin had to sit next to me Chris sat at the other side of me and Lucky sat next to Chris ''new girl ?'' i heard a voice say i turned towards Justin,nodding our eyes locked and i could tell i reminded him of someone ''Ellie Gold..?'' he said my name and that's when i knew his parents probably gave him the same talk as mine ''we're not allowed to talk'' i turned towards the teacher but i could tell he was still staring at me

Justin's POV

Something about her eyes just attracted me made me want to look into them forever and kiss her pink lips that smelled like candy i don't even know what i was saying before i felt a hand slam against my table i knew it was Ms.DeLaRose she's the only one that's not scared of me she never yelled at me but i could tell she had a bad day i sighed looking at her she was about to say something but i beat her at it ''i'm not interested in your lesson Mrs.Bieber'' is what i called her because she's my wife and i like to piss her off ''have you ever taught about that huh ? i only like to think of all those sleepless nights full of moans with you'' i smiled at her as her face grew red ''i just don't care about math it's stupid'' i simply said ''Detention !'' she roared i just laughed throwing my head back and she turned to Ellie ''and you to no talking in my class ! now get out'' she screamed i loved pissing this woman off so much  i could hear Chris and Lucky laughing the loudest of everyone in class but Ellie was pretty furious since she stood up grabbing her stuff and walked out slamming the door i stood up grabbing my phone i don't have backpack why the fuck do you need that why do  you have arms and hands then ?


''Oh and i want a divorce Ellie is my new wife''


i laughed walking out and saw her stomping out of the school ''hold up hold up hold up..'' i yelled after her running towards her grabbing her arm ''what ?'' she snapped ''Ooh Mrs. Bieber is mad'' she just sighed pulling her arm away and kept walking but i just kept following her ''you know just because we're not really alowed to talk won't stop me'' i said with a smirk leaning against my white bentley as she crossed her arms looking at me ''i know you need a ride home cause there's a key hanging over your bag and it only has  a house key on it ''Pfft i do have a car'' she lied right through her teeth ''oh where is it then ?'' i asked  '' I'll walk'' she snapped walking away from me well she's a tough one but i kinda liked that,

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