''I can't leave you...i refuse to leave you behind'' She whispered into his neck,her breath hot and stuff from the tears pooling in her eyes.
''We can' together,and you know that'' He croaked hesitantly wrapping his arms around her small but curvy waist,pulling her closer he kissed the side of her head as she clinged on him as if her depends on it ''Don't go please..'' she begged her poor breaking voice coming out quietly almost above a whisper ''I..I-I.. have to..'' he slowly said knowing it couldn't go any further their love was forbidden after all.


4. I Miss You

I ran my fingers through my hair walking in my school i wasn't in the mood for anything or anyone's bullshit at this point it's been a week,a week since Ellie's been avoiding me,a week since we kissed and a week since i can't get this girl out of my head Brianna has been pissing me off so much,asking for me the whole time yeah it's been a week since i fucked her so what she won't fuck off but i always stay with Chris,Lucky,Brianna,Ariana and Kelly well Kelly is to stupid to function so not really she just stays with us because she follows Brianna.


Brianna is kinda my girlfriend in some kind of way nobody is allowed to have her except me and same rule goes for me even though i just broke that stupid rule of hers i miss Ellie i want her not Brianna,Brianna is not a bitch i wouldn't stay with her she's cool and fun to be around but hell she's mean that's why people hate her they just don't know her because she doesn't want to get to know them i sighed feeling someone jump on my back and kissing my shoulder knowing it was Brianna i didn't really put an effort into carrying her because she's just so skinny you don't even have to put an effort ''Justy !'' she laughed smiling at me i just looked over at her the look that says i'm not in the mood fuck off like the whole week she sighed getting off looking at her holding her tiny hands against my chest so i couldn't keep walking ''Is it this Ellie chick Ariana saw you drive off with her cause if it's her i'll-'' i cut her off ''yeah it's her what are you gonna do now'' i snapped looking at her i could feel her looking over my shoulder and just then she grabbed the back of my neck crashing my lips on hers she harshly bit my lip to the point where i could feel blood drip from my lip she smirked and walked away i could feel everyone look at me i licked my lip for the blood to go away and turned around and saw Ellie looking at me i cursed under my breath as she walked away i started running after her.


After only a week i hoped he would forget and he did but i didn't think it would hit me so hard i saw them kiss it pained my heart i didn't know why tho he was just a guy nothing special i heard him running after me calling my name as the bell rang he grabbed my wrist


''Ellie please listen to me'' he said i just pulled my wrist away ''i have to get to class'' i coldly said and before i knew it i was slammed against a locker ''it's not what you think,you can't even be mad at me you've been ignoring me for a week like that kiss never meant anything to you'' he said that last sentence got me thinking very hard ''Well maybe this is why i'm avoiding you you're just a player that play around with girls then throw them away like a toy and go on to another toy !'' i yelled ''You know it's different with you Ellie !'' he yelled back ''oh is it ? Really'' i said ''okay look into my eyes and tell me you didn't feel anything when we kissed tell me there was nothing between because i felt it and you felt it to !'' he yelled i sighed looking away from him why was he making me feel like this why did i have to be this stupid to keep liking him ''fuck off..'' i mumbled trying to push him away but he didn't eve budge ''kiss me'' he leaned closer his lips breathing against mine ''stop Justin i can't be seen with you'' i said trying to push him  away he just grabbed my face making me look at him ''It's just you and me Ellie there isn't anyone else here'' i shook my head looking down and he lifted my head up gently pressing his lips to mine and my guilty pleasure started kissing him back it was wrong but why did this feel so damn good ? ''skip with me..i'll explain everything''he asked quietly ''fine'' i mumbled knowing i was probably going to die when my mom finds out i am so dead.

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