''I can't leave you...i refuse to leave you behind'' She whispered into his neck,her breath hot and stuff from the tears pooling in her eyes.
''We can' together,and you know that'' He croaked hesitantly wrapping his arms around her small but curvy waist,pulling her closer he kissed the side of her head as she clinged on him as if her depends on it ''Don't go please..'' she begged her poor breaking voice coming out quietly almost above a whisper ''I..I-I.. have to..'' he slowly said knowing it couldn't go any further their love was forbidden after all.


5. Done

''You are such a dork'' i laughed as Justin tried to keep the strawberry on his nose ''Ouch,hurts babe'' he laughed ''maybe you should try this i said grabbing the strawberry,eating it he pouted ''You ruined my magic show'' he said ''Are you really a magician hm ?'' i asked ''Nope i'm a thief i stole your heart'' i felt myself blush ''shut up my heart is still with me'' i smiled ''i'm slowly sneaking my way into your heart i'm so fast that you can't even see me'' he smirked ''Right'' i said and he laughed looking at the time ''is it bad ?'' i asked ''4:40 PM'' he said and i knew i was going die once again knowing our school finishes at 3:30 PM i am an hour late ''i'll bring you home'' he said standing up holding out his hand for me to take and i took it and we walked to his Bentley ''everything will be alright'' he said looking at me


When i saw 3 different cars my heart started racing one was my dad's BMW the other was my mom's Range Rover and the other was an Audi ''that's my mom's car'' he whispered and i could feel my heart speeding up ''Are you sure ?'' i asked looking over at him ''dead sure that is my mother's car'' he slowly stepped out of the car as i got out of my car before i  could open the door he grabbed my wrist gently kissing me for about 30 seconds,he kissed my forehead and i opened the door seeing my mom standing at the dining table her arms crossed over eachother and my dad behind her and at the otherside i saw probably Justin's mom walking over to us she just grabbed his wrist forcefully pulling her to his dad making our hands tear out of each other's grip ''this is stopping right now'' my dad said ''no more skipping and seeing each other Ellie they're scums,nasty dirty scums !'' my dad yelled ''talk about yourself David !'' the man that was holding Justin snapped ''Get you're husband in control Marie !'' Justin's mom said to her and in a matter of seconds they we're screaming at each other ''What do we have to do in this stupid fight !'' Justin roared pushing his dad away from him ''so i can't like a girl anymore now ?'' he said walking over to me ''Yes i like her,i like her alot no matter what you do you can't keep us away from each other'' he said i could feel myself walk closer to him ''You take one more step towards that boy and you're out of this house Ellie !'' my mom yelled she would actually kick me out i looked at Justin and he was giving me the 'don't fucking do it Ellie' look i was gonna regret this i walked over to him crashing my lips on his for about 10 seconds before he pulled away looking at me ''you shouldn't have done that'' he shook his head but i didn't care i grabbed his hand and felt someone grab him away from me it was Justin's dad ''Let go of me !'' he groaned trying to push his dad away ''Justin Drew Bieber that girl is just like them she's a mistake isn't she Marie ?'' his mother asked  mine and suddenly my mom looked very guilty ''Shut up Karen that hideous shirt of yours is more of a mistake then Hitler's birth'' my mom snapped ''Don't worry same store where you bought your husband'' i gasped  in shock that she actually said that ''You're just a mistake Ellie'' my eyes widened slowly ''Mom !'' Justin yelled and i felt tears burn in my eyes i knew i was a mistake my parents didn't want me they wanted to abort me but the doctor was against abortion so he didn't do it and they couldn't a find a new doctor in time i shook my head walking towards the door ''Your choice Justin follow her or follow us your parents'' his dad said and that's when i started running and i heard him run after me ''Ellie !'' he screamed running after me but i just kept running faster and faster when i was deep into the woods i  came to a small waterfall and i slowly sat down feeling  tears escape me ''Baby..'' i heard Justin's voice he sat next to me and i looked over at him tears streaming down my face he hugged me pulling me closer after maybe an hour i had calmed down finally i looked over at Justin and he was looking at me ''we really need to stop Ellie..'' he said standing up with me ''stop what ?'' ''us..we can't be together i'm not going to risk you being homeless'' he said.

no one's pov

''I can't leave you Justin..i refuse to leave you'' Ellie said wrapping her arms around him ''Ellie..please'' he teared up himself ''i'm not letting this happen i can't let this happen'' Justin's head leaned against hers he didn't want to lose her but she would lose it all if she stayed with him he was just a scum ''No Justin..don't leave me please..''  his arms found a way around her waist locking their lips together poorly the kiss was fragile like they would break any second ''Don't go please..'' she begged him he shook his head licking my lips ''let me take you home..'' he sighed softly ''No i'm not going anywhere'' she said and he knew he had to force her so he picked her up and walked all they way home.

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