What would you do if you found out that everything you have ever known has been a lie. That you are not just a regular girl. And that there are assassins out there trying to kill you. I guess you would just Live.


1. I'm A What?

My name is Taylor Short I am 17 years old and until today I have lived a pretty normal life, I have a loving mother, and a father we don’t really talk about and my twin sister Layla. I, like most teenagers, spend 98% of my time huddled in my room listening to music. Until the 11th of June, that’s the day that everything changed.

It started out pretty normal I was at home by myself but at around 3pm I got this feeling like something was wrong. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was though so I thought it was best to lock the doors, mom was at work and Layla was at soccer practice so I was alone for another four hours at least.

Just as I was about to lock the front door there was a knock, I looked through the peephole to see a tall male, around my age, he had light hair and deep green eyes and very chiselled features. I realized I’d been staring at him for an awfully long time when he knocked again, so I took a step back and opened the door.

Once the door was opened and we came face-to-face he just stared at me for a minute with a look of reassurance. Which confused me even more.

“Can I help you with something?” I ask after a moment more of him looking me up and down,

“Yes, I’m here to see Ms Short,” He spoke and as soon as he did my knees were weak, I recognized his voice, I couldn’t quite figure out from where but I definitely knew it.

“She’s not home right now. Was there something I could help you with?” I ask staring at him again

“Are you Taylor?” He questions as he takes a step forward

“Yes, and you are?” I ask immediately taking a step back and then so did he,

“Right sorry, Leighton Hart,” he replied holding out his hand,

“Your brother,”

“I’m sorry, did you just say my brother?” I say surprised and confused

“Yes and I was really hoping your mother was here so she could explain things, can I come in?” he asks

“Sure, come have a seat,” I say as I lead him into the lounge room. Once in the lounge room he starts looking at some old photos on the wall.

“My mom will be home soon,” I say as I walk over and sit on a chair across from where Leighton’s standing

“That’s good it gives us time to talk,” he responds as he sits directly across from me

“So you're my brother?” I ask

“Technically,” he replies vaguely while looking around

“What do you mean by technically?” I ask with a furrowed brow

“We should keep the questions until Rose arrives,” he responds,

“Everything will make sense then. I do have one question for you?”

“And what would that be?” I ask with an irritated tone

“Do you remember me?”


Just as I was about to answer Layla comes strolling in her blonde hair pulled into a ponytail, even though we are twins we are pretty much polar opposites.

“Hey Tay who’s this?” she asks confused as she takes a sip from her water bottle

“Leighton,” I reply calmly, “Our brother,”

“Wait what?” she says as she spits out her water

“Actually Taylor I’m only your brother not Layla’s,” He replies as he looks up at me

“What do you mean how can you be my brother and not Layla’s? We’re twins that’s impossible” I say

“It’s hard to explain,” He replies

“Well I obviously have nothing to do with all this so I’m going to go to my room,” Layla says as she makes her way up the stairs

“Wait Layla why aren’t you at soccer?”

“Coach is sick, I’d stay with you but you have some stuff to talk over with your brother,” she says with a giggle as she climbs the rest of the stairs and disappears.


“Okay so explain this to me again,” I say trying to rap my head around everything that Leighton said. We had been at this for a couple hours now Leighton trying to explain all of this to me.

“So, You are the heir to the throne of a small country named Ambaland, Rose was a very close friend of our mothers and when there was talk of an uprising our mother asked Rose to take you and hide you in plain site, seeing as Rose had Layla already they changed your name and date of birth to conceal who you really are. Our mother wanted you to grow up and see how normal people live so that when it was time for you to take over the throne you would be the best judge of character and know how to be a good Queen.” Leighton explains again

“Okay and other then you I have another little brother?” I ask curiously

“Yes Skylar he is a year younger then me,” He answers

“I thought the eldest male was to be heir of a throne?” I ask

“Normally it is, but in Ambaland they believe that the first born male or female should be the rightful heir to the throne.” He explains

“I should give you the night to pack your things,” he says as he stands up

“What do you mean?” I ask, “I’m not going with you,”

“You have to Taylor, Our mother is dying and you are the next in line. We have to teach you how everything works and how to run the kingdom before mother dyes.” He says anxiously

“Fine, I will see you tomorrow.” I say as I walk Leighton out

“I’ll see you tomorrow and Taylor don’t tell Layla she won’t understand,” Leighton says as I shut the door. I race up to Layla and my room to start packing, as I enter I see Layla lying on her bed reading a magazine with headphones in.

“So what did your brother want?” she asks

“Nothing I am just going with him for the weekend to meet my family. I’m sure mom can explain it to you later.” I say as I grab a bag and start packing up my things.

After I had packed up all my things I crashed, but was woken in the middle of the night to my mother standing over me.

“Taylor, you need to get up now.” She says as she grabs my bag

“Why is all of your stuff packed?” she asks as she looks in the bag, I was about to answer when I saw a teenage boy in my bedroom.

“Mom who is this?” I ask

“Taylor answer me first, why are your bags packed?” She asks

“Because her brother showed up this afternoon,” Layla says and then rolls over covering her head with a pillow

“What did he look like?” Mom asks

“Light hair, green eyes. What does that matter, who is this?” I ask again

“Leighton Hart, Your real brother.” He says as he walks over to me. I can’t lie I could see the resemblance between this boy and me more then whoever was here earlier, we both have dark hair mine is obviously longer but his still hangs done around his shoulders, He has the lightest grey eyes I think I’ve every seen and I thought my eyes were light. Don’t get me wrong mine are a light grey but his are almost white.

“Well if you are the real Leighton then who was here this afternoon?” I ask him

“From the vague description you gave most likely one of the Armstrong brothers. There father is trying to take over the throne of Ambaland, so by killing you they’re one step closer to the throne.

“So are you taking me to Ambaland then?” I ask

“Yes I am,” he replies as he grabs my bag

“Are you coming with us?” I ask my ‘mother’

“No sweetie, Layla and I need to find somewhere to lay low for a bit. We will see you soon though,” She says with tears in her eyes, “I love you Taylor Rose Short.”

“Is that the name you gave her? Mom will love that.” Leighton says with a laugh, “We should get going ‘Taylor’,” he says in a mocking tone

“Goodbye mom,” I say as Leighton pulls me down the stairs and out the front door. Once we are outside I see Layla waving to me from the upstairs window, I wave back thinking this may be the last time I ever see my not so twin sister. There is a helicopter waiting in the middle of the street obviously to take us to Ambaland, to see my mother and meet my other brother. My life just changed, for better or worse this was how it was going to be for the rest of my life, a princess, the heir to a throne, a Queen in my own right. What have I gotten myself into?

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