Our Secret

Isabelle and Sebastian likes each others but its not that simple when they have been long time in same friend group and theres too much drama. even though they are hiding the day when they have to choose their friends or each others will come.


1. Hidding

This party sucked. My friends were drunk as hell and Anthony was checking me out the way i didn't like. Anthony and i had history. Year ago when i met him i had the biggest crush on him and he knew it and decided to use it for his own benefits but when he got bored he friend zoned me. First i was angry and broken by getting used by him but like i had any other choice his friends were my friends and i had to forgive him and move on or the other choice would be that i would get new friends but i liked my old ones even though Anthony had the be one of them. He was drunk and i saw the  spark in his eye what reminded my of the night we met. I was so over him and totally had enough of his games. I excited myself from the room. We were at Kristen's place her parents were in Bahamas so they were not going to come back so soon. I walked around the house. It was so different of mine it was all modern and luxurious. As i walked to some room i saw Sebastian there he was standing in front of book shelf and holding a book reading it. "Hey." I said he took his eyes of the book and placed it away. "Having a good time?" I asked. He let a laugh. "Not really. I just took one beer i really don't feel like i want to get my self super drunk and have a massive hangover tomorrow."he said. Sebastian was one of this group who i liked the most. He was something unusual and even though he was year older than me he wasn't childish guy he was like an adult. "Yeah me either. Others are so wasted. Anthony was making me uncomfortable so i decided to walk around." I said. "Oh? Really. What did he do?" He asked. "Well nothing yet but he was undressing me with his eyes." I laugh. "Well thats rude,but i really cant blame him you look super gorgeous and beautiful in that dress." He said giving me a kind smile. "Thanks." I blushed. "You are not so bad your self." I said. He smiled. "This house is breathtaking." He said. "Tell me about it." I said. "I really like that painting." Sebastian said pointing big beautiful painting what was hanging on big white wall. I walked closer to admire it. "It's beautiful." I said. Sebastian stood next to me and looked at me. "But not as you." He smiled his boyish smile. "Sebastian Hemingway are you hitting on me?" I smirked. "Maybe, it depends on if its working." He blushed and smirked. "Yeah i think it is." I smirked biting my lip touching his arm,muscular arm. He moved closer watching me curiously and i felt my stomach jump as his arm gently took me by my waist and pulled me on to him as he watched my lips as i bite them harder. "Stop biting them?" He whispered huskily. "What if i don't?" I teased. "Then i cant help my self." He said before pressing his soft lips on mine. The kiss was sweet and gently and i was enjoying every second of it i moved closer as i couldn't get enough and Sebastian's grip on my waist showed that he couldn't too. We heard foots steps and as the door opened we fast pulled of the kiss. "What are you guys doing?" Serena asked she was so wasted. "Just looking at the paintings they are so cool." I answered and i could see Sebastian smirking as he licked his lips.  "O-okay,well have fun!" Serena said closing the door and we heard the footsteps got further. Sebastian pinned me on the wall kissing me harder. I melted in his arms. The kissing was turning more heated and his shirt was on the floor and he was kissing my neck. As i run my fingers on his hard six pack. "Wait Sebastian." I moaned. He stopped looking at me telling me to say what i had in mine. "What are we doing. I don't want to get hurt." I said. He run a finger on my face tucking a peace if my hair between my ear. "You know Isabella. I am not Anthony. I wont hurt you. I know what Anthony did to you. I promise i am not him. I care about you. And i really want be more than friend to you, i have always wanted. Since the first day we met but you were with him. And seeing him hurt you like that. You know when he hurt you and next day we were drinking and i punched him wasn't accident I wasn't even drunk. I was angry at him doing that to you." He said kissing me cheek. "But i understand if you cant be with me, if this too soon." He said. I was speechless. My heart was beating fast. I have always felt something towards him but i never couldn't think what that was. But lately the feeling had become a stronger and right now my stomach was going  crazy from the butterflies. "You deserve to be happy. To have someone who cares about you." He said. I took hold of his cheek and pulled him for a kiss. "I would like that." I said. He smiled wider and hugged me. "I promise i wont hurt you." He said. "I know." I said. "But what about the others? Jenna has a crush  on you." I said. "Well we cant tell the others,then. Anthony wouldn't like this. Even though you are not together he thinks he owns you." He said. "Okay,then when we are around them we act as friends." I said. He smiled. "Even though it hurts me that i cant hold your hand whenever we walk or tell everyone that you are mine." He said. I smiled. "But this is enough for me, but we cant hide forever." He said pecking my lips.


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