The Day I Met You

Maddie Stone is a regular 19 year old girl that meets her idol at the club and everything changes. Yassss.....


6. Chapter 5

Calum's POV

I can't stay in the band if  Maddie's gonna be here she knows I still love her. I have to either get her to like me again or quit the band. I don't know how to get her to like me again, but i can't just say "Oh Maddie's here im gonna quit" That just sounds cowardly... So i just decided to make her like me again. I knocked on her room door.

Knock Knock.

"Come in" She half yelled so i could here her. I opened the door cautiously and stepped into the room. She lifted her head up from the book she was reading. She had those nerd glasses on but she looked so sexy in them. She looked a me then frowned.

"Nevermind, go away Calum." She said upset.

"No." I said back.

"Calum i said get out!" She yelled this time it was loud enough so her "Lukey Pukey" could come and help her. When Luke. came in he told me to get out of the room.

"Calum, just go." He said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because i said so and this is my room anyways." He said. He did have a good point though. I just glared at him and left.


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