The Day I Met You

Maddie Stone is a regular 19 year old girl that meets her idol at the club and everything changes. Yassss.....


4. Chapter 4

 Maddies POV.                                                                                                When I went to the coffee shop and saw Luke sitting down with sunglasses and a beanie on. "Mads?" He asked. "Yeah it's me." I said. "Hey can I ask you something" He asked. "Sure." "Where did you go to high school?" I was scared now. He doesn't know we went to high school together. He used to bully me. Should I lie? No. He would never forgive me. I decided to tell him the truth. I took a deep breath. "Sydney High School." I replied. "Madelyn Stone" He said. "You remember..." "How could I forget... I'm so sorry for what I did... You know.... Bullying you and stuff..." "It's fine.." "No it's not Maddie, I hurt you really badly" "Why are you telling me this, I thought you said you would never apologize to me." "The thing is... Maddie I really really like you. Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" I froze. Luke Hemmings.... THE Luke Hemmings asked me to be his girlfriend. "Of course!!!" I said and hugged him. My life is complete. 🙌🏻*2 HOURS LATER*.   🙌🏻                                                                                 We went to Luke's house to meet the rest of the boys. As soon as Calum saw me he walked out. "What was that?" Luke asked. "Me and Calum used to date" "Oh..." "Don't worry I'm only yours now. Can I just talk to him for a minute?" "Sure" I left to calms room and knocked. "Come in" I came in and he glared at me. "Close the door." He said. I closed the door. "Lay down" He said. I lied down. "Face me" He said. I faced him. He Kissed me and started undressing me. "Calum Stop" I said sternly. He didn't stop now he was undressing himself. I started screaming as he started raping me! "LUKE" I yelled. I started screaming and crying as he kissed me and started putting himself into me. Luke ran in as I was trying to push Calum off of me. "OH MY GOD LUKE HELP ME HES RAPING ME!"  Luke grabbed me and pulled me off of him, and punched Calum in the face. I kissed Luke for like 5 min and I put my clothes back on. 



"Mads I -" Luke started

"I love you too" I said and he smiled

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