The Day I Met You

Maddie Stone is a regular 19 year old girl that meets her idol at the club and everything changes. Yassss.....


3. Chapter 3

Maddies POV.                                                                                                 I got Luke Number I decided to test it out to make sure it wasn't fake.        M=Luke.  L= Hey Madelyn. M= MADDIE.  L= Yeah okay I'm sorry.   M= Whatcha doin.  L= Nmu?  M= Just Chillin with ma bæs. L= Who r ur bæs M= My 5SOS and 1D posters and CDs. L= Awe you love me M= I never said you were my fave L=...... Who is ur fave then M= Out of 1D, Niall, 5sos, You. L= Yassss. What kind of pants are you wearing? M= What kind of question is that?????😳 L= Just answer it. And shirt and bra and undies. M= Um well I'm not wearing a bra cause I'm in my pjs but my pj pants are one direction and they have all the members except Zayn on them and I have a shirt that says Ew your not Luke Hemmings. L= I have that shirt... Lol. M= But you are Luke Hemmings. L= I'm aware of that. Mwahahahahaha. Ha. Wanna go out for coffee tomorrow? M= Sure when and where and I'll meet you there. OMFG THAT FUCKING RYHMED!!!!!! L= The Starbucks in Sydney and at 10:30 am. M= K. I'll see u there. L= Bye Mads. M= Bye Lukey.                                                                                        I can't believe I texted the Luke Hemmings. It was already 11 pm and I had to get up for coffee tomorrow so I decided to go to sleep. I climbed into bed and went to sleep...

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