The Day I Met You

Maddie Stone is a regular 19 year old girl that meets her idol at the club and everything changes. Yassss.....


1. Chapter 1

Maddies POV.                                                                                                 M= Maddie B= Brooklyn (Maddies BFF)




M= Hey B.     B=Hey M.   M= We going to the club tonight?      B= Oh hell yeah!!!! I hope we find 1D!!!!! My bæs!!!!       M= 1st of all We won't find 1D in Australia. 2nd of all 5sos said they were clubbing tonight!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Lol....                                                                                          When Brooke and I got to the club she immediately went to the boys. I just stayed at the bar and ordered a few drinks. Until I saw him. The one and only. Luke Hemmings.

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