Alexandra was the girl that a lot of guys wanted to date. Although she kept to herself, and told every single guy 'no' she couldn't stop herself from falling for Harry Styles. She didn't like attention, she didn't like guys constantly asking her out and she sure didn't like the fact that she was labeled as Miss Popular With The Guys by others. To her, Harry was different, he didn't ask her out when he first saw her and he didn't ask if she had a boyfriend either. But after saving her from a near death experience, he starts popping up again and again, saving her from something each and every time. Is it a sign of some sorts? Will she finally say yes? Find Out In Wolves.


10. Plane's

Alexandra's P.O.V.


We walk through the airport to the private jet that awaits us. Harry can't take a regular plane because of fans, but I'm fine with it.

We get onto the plane and start our trip.  I sit down at a window seat and Harry sits across from me, looking at his phone.


I look out at the clouds and sky. I haven't been on a plane in a while. So I enjoy the feeling of it all.


After a while, I catch Harry staring at me.

"Sorry, I was watching your face. You were very focused on the sky." He says.

I smile. "Yeah, I haven't been on a plane in a long time."

He smiles. "Are you excited for your vacation?"

"Well, in a way, in another way I'm nervous." I say.

"Well, we are going to work on making you happy. Your parents would want that for you and I'm happy to help." He says.

"Thank you." I say.

"No problem." He says.


Soong, we land and our flight is over....


A/N: Ok guys, please tell me how you like it so far! :)

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