Alexandra was the girl that a lot of guys wanted to date. Although she kept to herself, and told every single guy 'no' she couldn't stop herself from falling for Harry Styles. She didn't like attention, she didn't like guys constantly asking her out and she sure didn't like the fact that she was labeled as Miss Popular With The Guys by others. To her, Harry was different, he didn't ask her out when he first saw her and he didn't ask if she had a boyfriend either. But after saving her from a near death experience, he starts popping up again and again, saving her from something each and every time. Is it a sign of some sorts? Will she finally say yes? Find Out In Wolves.


28. Just A Lie

Alexandra's P.O.V.


The next morning, I decide to go see how the girls are, even though they told me I couldn't work.

I was the manager after all and I needed to check on them. I felt guilty because I wasn't working, but the girls, were happy that I had some time off.

When I walk in, their eyes widen and I look at them.

"What?" I ask with a smile.

"Um, nothing." Celia says hiding something behind her back.

"What was that?" I ask pointing.

"Nothing, what are you doing here?" Jade asks.

"I was coming to check on you two... You're not telling me something." I say.

They look at each other.

"Tell me!" I say in my warning tone.

They both look at each other, bite their bottom lips and hand the magazine to me.


On the front page is a picture of Harry and I, that's not the bad thing though.... It's the Title...




                            "One Direction Singer, Harry Styles, Has A Dirty Secret Romance!!!"



I almost drop the magazine and my jaw almost drops, but thankfully, I have enough control to stop it.


Looking up at the girls, they have their heads down.

"We didn't know you were coming and this came in the mail." Celia says.

I stay silent and turn to the page that the article is on and start to read.

"I honestly don't think that that's a good idea...." Jade says.


I ignore her and read the article.



"Harry Styles was spotted earlier this month with a girl who is unknown to everyone. The girl, who is suspected to be a model or something of that sort, was spotted at the airport with him in New York and then on the beach with him in California. Sources say that they spent a whole month together and are back in New York where the girl lives. Fortunately we found out her name, Alexandra, Harry was heard calling her 'Alex', apparently a nickname he gave to her, and that's not all! The guys even like her! Louis and Liam were seen teaching Alex how to surf and a couple weeks before that, they all had a beach day together. So who exactly is this girl? Well, some say that it's just another short romance for the singer, but others are raging about how she could be just a fake girlfriend. While Harry has never been known to fake a relationship, could he be? They were seen in several locations, some places holding hands, one where they kissed and more, but could it just be pretend? Well, lots of Directioner's are hoping so, we'll keep you updated as we continue to follow this new thing between the two!"



Below were several pictures of Harry and I together. I slowly took a breath.

"Alex." The girls said.

Suddenly, someone came in. I didn't dare turn around, but the girls were looking as if they had expected the person to be looking for me.

"Alex," As soon as I heard his voice, I turned around to face him. "I'm so sorry." He says.

"It's alright, it could've been worse." I say.

He looks at me. "Darling, I am sorry. It's just a gossip magazine, they don't care about the truth!"

"I know, it's just...." I struggle to find the right words. "A new thing for me."


He hugs me and I hug him back. "You are not a pretend love, I'd never do that to someone. You are not just a short romance with, I love you nomatter what. You are a model in my eyes, but only for me, even though I haven't----"

"I get it Styles." I say laughing.

Harry chuckles then looks over at the girls. "I'm going to take her home, ok?"

"Alright." They say together.


Harry takes me home and then stays with me for a little while.

We snuggle together on the couch.

"Harry?" I ask.

"Yes my love?" He asks.

My heart skips a beat as I answer him. "Do you have to go home tonight?"

"No, I'll stay with you." He says.

I smile and lean into his neck and I kiss him there.

I can feel him tense just a little bit and I smile.

"You alright?" I ask him.

"Yeah, I um, I just..." He struggles to find the right words.

"You liked that?" I ask.

He smiles. "Ok, yes, I did."

I smile and kiss him on the neck again.

He moves my head towards his and he kisses me.

Leaning down into my neck, he kisses me there too.

"Harry!" I gasp.

"I bet that felt good." He says against my skin.

"Well, yes it did."  I say deciding to just tell him that I liked it.

He turns me a little and I straddle him. Placing his hands on my waist, he looks into my eyes.

"I love you." He says.

"I love you too." I say placing my hands on his cheeks.


"I won't let them hurt you." He says.

"I know." I say with a smile.

He stays with me and I love that. I snuggled up close to him and made sure that he didn't go anywhere. I needed him with me, I wanted him with me and I wanted to do anything to make sure he stayed.


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