Alexandra was the girl that a lot of guys wanted to date. Although she kept to herself, and told every single guy 'no' she couldn't stop herself from falling for Harry Styles. She didn't like attention, she didn't like guys constantly asking her out and she sure didn't like the fact that she was labeled as Miss Popular With The Guys by others. To her, Harry was different, he didn't ask her out when he first saw her and he didn't ask if she had a boyfriend either. But after saving her from a near death experience, he starts popping up again and again, saving her from something each and every time. Is it a sign of some sorts? Will she finally say yes? Find Out In Wolves.


18. Feelings Explode

Alexandra's P.O.V.

The next day Louis comes into my bedroom, waking me up.

"Louis!" I groan.

I can feel him smile. "Come on now Alexandra, we need to get up and get ready to leave."

Liam enters my bedroom too. "Well, I finally got Harry up."

I laugh in a way.

"Louis, do you need help with her?" Liam asks.

"You know what? A bucket of ice water might do the trick.

I shoot up out of bed and stand.

They both laugh and I shake my head, trying to cure my lightheadedness.

"We're going to leave in about half an hour." He says.

"Ok." I say.

I go into the bathroom and brush my teeth and hair. Then I change my clothes.

I put on a black tank top and black shorts.


Walking down the stairs, I see that the guys have fixed breakfast, which mainly consists of fruit.

Honeydew, pineapple, watermelon, blueberries, strawberries and grapes!

"Wow!" I say looking at it all.

"You like what you see?" Niall asks.

"I'm a fruit maniac!" I say.

He laughs and Harry walks into the room.


"Hello." He says to me.

"Hey. They woke you up too, didn't they?" I ask.

"Liam did." Harry says.

"Did he threaten you?" I ask.

"No, he just started singing really loudly in my face."

I laugh. "Louis threatened to pour ice water on me!"

"Typical Louis." Harry says.

We sit down  to eat and then head off to the laser tag center.


When we arrive we get ready and then start the game.

"I have never played this." I say.

"You haven't?!?!" I hear Harry say.

"Nope." I say shaking my head.

He runs me through the details and then the game starts.


It's like we're all in a maze, but my first victim is Niall.

I laugh quietly as I aim my laser. He's out.


I keep going through the maze and then come across Louis trying to get Liam.

Again, I aim my laser at Louis and he's out.

"Are you kidding me?!?!" He says as he walks out of the game.

Then I find Liam.... I end up getting him too, which only leaves Harry.

He may have beat me at pool, but I'm gonna beat him at laser tag!


As I search through the maze, I finally find Harry. He's looking in the opposite direction so I sneak up close to him.

He turns around and then, he's out. I got him!


The lights turn on and we both walk out of the maze. When we walk out, the guys just stare.


"Harry, how could you shoot me?" Louis asks.

"I didn't." Harry says.

"No, you couldn't have." Louis looks at me.

"I got you Louis." I say.

"Wow. I can't believe you didn't win this time Lou." Niall says.

"Me either." Liam says.


We end up playing two more rounds and then leaving. We head over to the bowling alley...


After getting our shoes, we head over to our lane.


We play over four games, with lots of laughing and joking.


Finally, the day is over and we arrive home. The guys go into the house and I go out onto the deck to view the ocean.

"Hey." I hear a voice say.

I turn around and see Harry walking over to me.

"Hey." I say with a smile. I look back at the ocean.

"Have you had fun so far?" He asks.

"Yeah, thank you guys." I say.

"Your welcome." He says. "Alex, I'm sorry but I have to do this."

I'm confused at his words, but don't have enough time to ask what he means. His lips crash on mine and then my hands reach up for his hair.

His hands find my waist and he presses his body against mine.

"H-Harry!" I gasp.

He kisses my neck and it's like our feelings for each other explode. I've been hiding my feelings, I know that now. Truth is, I'm in love with him. I could never tell him though cuz it won't work out.

I continue to kiss him and when he pulls away I stare into his green eyes.

Then, without warning, I kiss him again. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. The deck's rail is about even with his waist, so he sets me on top of it.

He starts kissing my neck and I give into him.

Soon, we pull apart from each other and he looks into my eyes.


"Me? You like me?" He asks, his voice husky.

"I just realized that now." I say. "I've been trying to deny it, but you're just so different."


He smiles. "I like you too."

I smile and we kiss once more.

We go inside and then just hang out with the guys.


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