Alexandra was the girl that a lot of guys wanted to date. Although she kept to herself, and told every single guy 'no' she couldn't stop herself from falling for Harry Styles. She didn't like attention, she didn't like guys constantly asking her out and she sure didn't like the fact that she was labeled as Miss Popular With The Guys by others. To her, Harry was different, he didn't ask her out when he first saw her and he didn't ask if she had a boyfriend either. But after saving her from a near death experience, he starts popping up again and again, saving her from something each and every time. Is it a sign of some sorts? Will she finally say yes? Find Out In Wolves.


13. California Night's

Alexandra's P.O.V.


I put on a sundress with some wedge heels. Getting my purse I went downstairs to the living room.


Harry had insisted that we go out for dinner tonight, it was part f his plan of making me happy.

I smiled as I entered the living room and he just stared for a minute.


"You look beautiful." He says.

"Thank you, you look very handsome this evening." I say.

He was wearing his black skinny jeans, with some black boots and a white button up shirt.

"Thank you." He says. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yep." I say with a  smile.

He takes my hand and leads me out the door. We get into his car, which got here yesterday evening, and make our way to the restaurant. When we arrived, we got seats out on the patio. The sun was starting to set behind the beautiful ocean and the colors were gorgeous! Orange and pink, it was a tropical sunset all right.


After ate, we decided to go for a walk down the street.


Leaving his car at the restaurant, we made our way into the town.

I was staring at lights, they were beautiful! I mean, lots and lots of lights. I liked being outside at night during the Summer, because not only was it refreshing, the lights of the city were beautiful.


"You look like your in a dream." Harry says.

"Well, this is so beautiful that it barely even seems real."

"How?" He asks.

"Look at all the lights!" I say with excitement. "Aren't they beautiful? There's tons of them, everywhere!"

He smiles. "I'm glad you like them."

I smile back at him.

After a while we start making our way back. He drives us to the beach house and then I take off my wedges and find Harry on the deck, facing the ocean.

The moon is full and it's reflection on the water is stunning.


"You know Alex," He says. "I've learned a lot about you without you saying anything... You are adventurous, but can be shy. You are very caring, but if someone hurts you then you walk away from them. You forgive others and you love seeing the city lights at night."

I smile and look down.


"You are very different from all of the other girls. You don't try to make a guy want you. You're nice and, just, you."


"Thank you Harry." I say. "No one has ever told me that before."

"I think that that's because no one really pays attention." He says.

"Alex, the guys that have hit on you and flirted with you and whistled at you, they're wolves..... They don't want you for your personality, they want you for your looks. Those guys are wolves trying to attract you, their prey. Don't fall for those tricks and traps, they'll end up damaging you worse than you can imagine." He says.

I turn to face him and I smile. "Harry, why do you care about me so much?" I ask.

He smiles. "Because, I'd hate to see a beautiful girl like you get broken."

"Thank you." I say.

"Anytime." He says.

I go upstairs and change my clothes, then I go to bed.



Harry's P.O.V.


I'm still standing on the deck. Alex went to bed a few minutes ago and I can't get her out of my mind.


"Why does she affect me so much?" I ask myself. "I can't fall for her, I'm trying to help her."


I go upstairs and peek through her door. She's asleep. She's beautiful. But that's not whats making me fall for her, it her....


California Nights can sure make you share your feeling more easily....


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