Alexandra was the girl that a lot of guys wanted to date. Although she kept to herself, and told every single guy 'no' she couldn't stop herself from falling for Harry Styles. She didn't like attention, she didn't like guys constantly asking her out and she sure didn't like the fact that she was labeled as Miss Popular With The Guys by others. To her, Harry was different, he didn't ask her out when he first saw her and he didn't ask if she had a boyfriend either. But after saving her from a near death experience, he starts popping up again and again, saving her from something each and every time. Is it a sign of some sorts? Will she finally say yes? Find Out In Wolves.


1. A Normal Day For Me

Alexnadra's P.O.V.


I walk down the street, drink in hand. I decided to go to Starbuck's earlier this morning and spent some time there just enjoying myself. Thankfully I was able to escape the guys that were there. They all seemed busy, which was a good thing!

I didn't want to date right now, I actually liked being single.


As I walked down the street ignoring the stares of the guys passing by, I took a sip of my drink.

I didn't like it when guys stared at me. I didn't like that I got asked out a lot. I wasn't conceited, I actually did care about other, but nomatter what I did, guys, even guys with girlfriends, would come up to me and start flirting. I hated the attention, it wasn't something that I grew up with.

Guys didn't always ask me out... It all started after my senior year in High School. I'd dramatically changed, some didn't even notice me.


I keep walking until I get to my apartment building. Walking up the steps and opening my door, I go inside.

I lived a lone... My parents died a few years ago. They were killed in a plane crash.


I didn't have any other family. So I dealt with it and went on because I knew they'd want me to be happy.


My apartment is small but not that small. I finish my drink and throw the cup away. I decide to sit on the couch and watch TV.

Later on, my cell phone rings.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Alexandra, we need you to come down to the shop.... We need you to look over some things." Celia says.

Celia worked at my boutique down the block.

"Alright, I'll be right there." I say.

I get up off the couch, cut the TV off and leave.


I walk down the block and into my store.

"Ok Celia, what's going on?" I ask.

"Well, these designs, they need to be confirmed." Celia says.

"Where do I sign?" I ask.

"Here and here." She says.

I sign the thing and then look at her.

"How have things been?" I ask.

"Busy, lot's of people were here earlier." Celia says.

"Well, that's good. You're still ok closing up the shop, right?" I ask.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Celia says.

"Alright, I'm gonna leave things to you. I'll see you later." I say.

"Alright." She says smiling. "See you later."

I walk back to my apartment, although before I climb the steps I hear someone.

"Hey Beautiful." He says.

I turn around, already a annoyed at the guy.

"Look, if you don't shut up I'm gonna call the cops."

I turn around to spot a black haired guy with blue eyes.

"Sorry, sorry."

"Yeah right." I say going inside.

I sit down on my couch and sigh.

This was a normal day for me....


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