What About Love? What About Our Promises? *Sequel to His Mom, My Mom*

*Sequel to 'His Mom, My Mom' *

"Goodbye Princess"

New people. New country. New collage. Emily tries her best to stay in contact with the love of her life, Harry. But what happens when a small misunderstanding switches everything around, after four long months? Will Harry and Emily keep their relationship going strong, or will it fade away? Read to find out.


25. The Website

Emily's P.O.V.


Day two. Wait maybe one. I don't know...it was hard to tell how long we've been in this shed. 

Alisa moved in her sleep. Jess slept peacefully. I starred at the ceiling.

What's going to happen? Will Harry and Niall find us? Will my parents help? Will they know were to look?

I didn't even know where we are. Are we still in Florida? 

I looked down on my legs, scratches all over them. 

Smart idea, huh? To wear a tight black dress to get kidnapped.

Hopefully...they'd let us in the house. Was there a house here?

"Jess?," I whispered, shaking her awake.

She opened her eyes.

"Yeah?," she asked.

"Is there a house here?," I asked.

"Yeah, more of a mansion. It's huge! We are in a shed behind it. In the front there's a huge gate and the house is three stories tall. It's huge!," she said.

Alisa woke up.

"Then why do they keep us in here, instead of in the house?," she asked.

Jess shrugged.

"Guys what if they have more girls in there?," I asked.

"Do you think so?," Alisa asked.

"Who knows.., " I said.

"I want to go back home," Jess whispered, "I want Niall here with me..."

"Same. I wish Jim was here," Alisa said.

A tear slid down my face.

"I miss Haz," I said, remembering him running after me at the concert.

The door burst open and three random guys walked in, in masks.

One of them opened his eyes wide when he saw us.

"Boss says to take them to the room near his room," the biggest guy said.

The one starring at us nodded, along with the quiet other one.

They each took us and lead us out of the shed into the house, through the back.

We were taken upstairs and into a small room, with a bed.

"Stay here," the bug guy said and they all left.

I looked at the girls.

"What's going to happen?," Alisa trembled.

"I don't know...but did you notice that quiet one with the brown eyes?," I asked.

"Yeah...he was starring right at us, sorta confused. Plus he smelled familiar to me when he was caring me," Jess said.

"Weird...," I said.

Jess sat down on the bed, while Alisa walked around the room, trying to find a way out probably. I studied the door. 

I was about the turn the knob and try to open it, when someone from the outside, opened it, sending me tumbling back.

It was the guy with the brown eyes.

"Hi," I said.

He closed the door and locked it.

I gulped. What was he gonna do?

He slid his mask off.

"ZAYN!?," I yelled.

He quickly covered my mouth.

"Hush or they'll know. I'm not suppose to show myself to you, and now I know why. They never told me you were the girls they are after!," he said.

I took his hand off.

"What the fuck are YOU doing here?," I asked.

"They forced me into helping them, if not, they'd kill all the boys and Perrie," he said, sadly, "But I never knew you were the girls they were after, I swear!"

"This is too complicated," Jess said, putting a pillow on her face.

"I swear, I'll get you out. Or better yet....text....the boys...," he said, slowly.

"You'll risk your life on that one!," Alisa said.

"I'll manage somehow. I need to tell them were you girls are, they're probably worried sick!," Zayn said.

"Call Jim!," Alisa said.


"My boyfriend! He's in Russia, well I don't know if he still is...but the others won't get suspicious if you call or text Jim," she said.

Zayn opened the door and looked around outside.

"Give me his number," he said and took his phone out, quickly.




Harry's P.O.V.


I waited impatiently at the airport, awaiting Jim's and Nathan's arrival.

"They can just catch up. We're wasting time!," I said, to the main sheriff.

"If they are going to be in this search, they must be with us from the beginning," he answered.

I grunted.

Soon, I saw the two boys running to us.

"Harry! Harry! You won't believe what text we got!," Jim said.

"Including the address!," Nathan added.

"From who!?," I asked.

"Zayn!," they both said.

I starred at them, as if they were out of their minds.

"Who?," I asked again.

"Zayn, he said he'll explain what's going on later. But first we need to go to this address, and think of a plan. Turns out Mr. William Windfield, and Mr. Winger, are human girl traffickers, selling girls as sex slaves. They're asking one million for Jessica, Emily, and Alisa, since they are very young aging from 19-21. Look Zayn even sent us the website," Jim said.

He showed me a picture of Emily, Jess, and Alisa, all together in a room, tied to metal posts, naked.

"Fuck it," I said, looking at Em. She was trying hard not to cry.

"Can we go now!?," I asked. Time was precious now. We couldn't waste another second.

"Yes, indeed," the officer said, taking the phone.

Oh Em....please stay strong.




Emily's P.O.V.


"Smile," one guy said, as the other one took a picture.

They made us strip off our clothing, taking us to the room across from ours, were there were metal poles, which they tied us to.

"Come on, we need at least five pictures for each one," William said.

"How's the profiles going along?," Winger asked him.

"Perfect. I already set up a page. 'The sexy, hot, chicks, ages 19-21'," William smiled proudly.

"Sweet, Z look at this," Winger said.

Zayn, who went by Z, looked at the computer.

I fidgeted.

"Okay, now I'm gonna let you go, and you'll grab the pole and pull yourself up spreading your legs wide open," the photograph dude said.

"What! No way!," I said.

"Boss?," he said.

William walked up to me.

"Listen bitch, you'll do what you're told or I'll make sure that Harry of yours is gone for good," he said.

I gulped.

"Deal?," he smiled.

I gave a slight nod. He slapped my face.


"Yes, okay I'll do it," I said.

He slapped me again.

"Watch what you say. There's no talking back in my house," he said.

The other guys let my hands go.

I touched the pole with my hand.

Okay, I had to do this for Harry. I grabbed it, pulled myself up, and dreading it, opened my legs wide, just as the guy took a picture.

"Excellent. Blondie you're next," William smiled.

Alisa let out a small cry.

God, oh God, were are you Harry!? Or Jim? Or anyone!!!??



Harry's P.O.V.


I yelled every time a new nude photo of Em showed up on the website.

And the comments on her...


"Fucking slut. She'd look nice in my bed."

"I'll give $550,000."

"So tight, damn."

"Perfect chick for me. I'll give $700,000."



"Calm yourself Harry, we're getting to our destination," Emily's dad said.

"How can I!? My girlfriend and your daughter is being exposed naked to the whole world!," I exclaimed.

He just shook his head. Niall banged on the window, he was super mad at this, so was Jim. I just wanted to go and choke that William, and Winger.

I've never been so mad.

"We're here," the driving officer said.








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