What About Love? What About Our Promises? *Sequel to His Mom, My Mom*

*Sequel to 'His Mom, My Mom' *

"Goodbye Princess"

New people. New country. New collage. Emily tries her best to stay in contact with the love of her life, Harry. But what happens when a small misunderstanding switches everything around, after four long months? Will Harry and Emily keep their relationship going strong, or will it fade away? Read to find out.


12. Problems in Class

Emily's P.O.V.

"So, how's Russian collage going for you?," Harry asked, once he laid down again.

"Good, I guess," I answered.

He raised an eyebrow.

"I got bad grades from business, and now I have to do extra credit, or I won't graduate," I said.

"Oh, but I thought you said that class is going well for you," Harry said.

I sighed.

"Ever since the incident with Nathan, and since you haven't been answering me, I've been lost in that class. I couldn't cooperate. And I missed a few classes since that damn place doesn't know there's a thing called a snow day," I said.

Harry chuckled deeply, and turned his head towards the window.

"I'm sorry I caused you to worry so much," he shook his head.

"It's okay Haz. All that matters now is that you get better," I said, putting my hand on his.

He smiled.

"So are you done talking with her?," Nadine asked walking in.

"No. And she's got a name it's Emily," Harry said.

Nadine rolled her eyes.

"How are you feeling?," she asked, going to his other side, fixing his pillow.

"Good, good, a little light headed," he chuckled, looking at me.

"Maybe I should get a doctor," she said.

"No, no, nothing severe," Harry said.

"They say your wound is pretty severe. It's a miracle you remember," Nadine said, sitting down on the bed.

"Yeah," Harry said, squeezing my hand.

Nadine noticed.

"So are you done with her?," she asked.

"I've never been done with Em," Harry smiled at me.

"What!? I thought you two called it quits a long time ago," Nadine said.

"It was a misunderstanding," I said.

Nadine snorted.

"Nadine, I think you should go," Harry said.

"I'm staying HERE," she said.

"Listen, you were a great friend to be with me when Em and I were apart. But now everything is clear to me. I love Emily and I can't live without her," Harry said.

"So what was I to you? A sex toy?," she asked.

"Nadine we never had sex," Harry said.

"Then what am I to you? Nothing?," she asked.

"No you're just a friend. I never had any real feelings to you," Harry explained.

"You always come running to me when you break up," she muttered.

"You come over to me, when you hear I'm single," Harry corrected.

She snorted again and walked out, slamming the door.

"Well, I hope the door didn't break too much," Harry chuckled.

I giggled a bit.

"Oh Em," Harry sighed, looking into my eyes.

"Harry," I smiled.

He looked at my hand.

"You still have it," he smiled, mentioning the ring he gave to me, when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

"Yes....it hasn't come off since you put it there," I said.

Harry smiled wider.

"Did you get my Christmas gifts?," he asked, looking at my face again.

I nodded and showed him the two necklaces I was wearing.

He smiled even widerer. (Like that's a word)

"How do you like the movie I made?," he asked.

"It's beautiful, funny, and amazing," I smiled.

Harry moved a bit in his bed and pulled the covers back.

"Lay down with me?," he asked, sticking his bottom lip out.

I giggled and took my shoes off, climbing in.

He wrapped his arm around me and inhaled the scent of my hair.

"You haven't changed a bit," he smiled.

"Neither have you. But your hair grew a bit," I said, running my fingers through it.

He nodded.

I sighed.

"When does Spring Break start here?," Harry asked, a short while later.

"I believe on the 26th of March to the 9th of April," I said.

"Ahh, so I can't steal you from here now," Harry chuckled.

"No Mr. Styles, you can't," I giggled.

"Well then we'll wait for Spring Break," he said, holding me closer to him.

"Where are you taking me this time?," I asked.

"It's a surprise," he winked.

"As always, you silly man," I smiled.

"Emily...even after all this time!?," he said.

"What?," I laughed.

"We. Do. Not. Call. Me. Silly.," he said.

I laughed loudly.

Harry quickly put his lips on mine and slipped a hand under my dress.

I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck.


~ one week later ~



"HARRY!," I yelled, coming out of the bathroom.

"Yes babe?," he asked, walking into my room.

"Can you please make me a coffee to go? I'm running late to class," I said, quickly finding an outfit.

"Yes babe," he said and left.

Gosh, oh gosh. If I'm late to business class again, Mr. Winger is going to kill me. I stayed with Harry in the hospital all week, so I missed the classes. And yeah guess what? He sent me an e-mail, saying


Miss Emily,
You were not present in class today or yesterday or the day before that, what am I saying? You weren't present all week! Do you remember our deal?


I'll have to face that guy again. I slipped on some warm leggings, a purple sweater, and knee-boots. I grabbed my bag, mittens, shawl, and gloves along with my coat, and ran downstairs.

Harry was just pouring coffee into my thermos.

"Thank you so much baby," I said and kissed his cheek, while putting my coat on.

"Maybe I'll drive you to class?," he offered.

I thought for a while.

"Well yeah, that would save me time, and I wouldn't freeze," I said, drinking a bit of coffee.

Harry nodded and grabbed his coat and car keys.

I ran out the front door to his Range Rover.

He came out shortly after, with sunglasses on.

"So where to?," he asked, turning the car on.

"Just go left and on the next lights take a right, and there's a parking lot there where you can drop me off," I said.

"What if I want to join you?," Harry asked.

I looked at him. He smiled. I giggled.

"Well then Mr. Styles, you just gotta park the car," I said.

Harry chuckled.

"I think I need to explain to Mr. Wifer?, why you weren't here all week," he said.

"Winger," I corrected.

"Winger, Winger, Winger," he repeated.

We pulled up to the building where I took business. Harry quickly parked the car and soon we were in the building.

Harry held my hand as I made my way through the crowd.

"You want me to stay with you?," Harry whispered into my ear as we approached my class.

"Can you?," I asked.

"Of course! Do I have anything better to do?," Harry said, smiling, showing off his dimples.

I smiled back and reached for the doorknob, but Harry caught my hand. He looked around then slammed his lips to mine.

"That's for good luck," he said, pulling away.

I bit my lip and nodded.

We both walked inside, Mr. Winger eyeing me.

"Well if it isn't Miss. Emily!?," he said.

"Sure is," I said, holding Harry's hand firmly.

Harry brushed his thumb over my hand to calm me down.

"I sent you an e-mail yesterday," Mr. Winger said.

"I saw," I said.

"You better have a good explanation," he said.

"I was in the hospital, with my boyfriend Harry," I said, mentioning Harry who stepped forward.

"But YOU weren't hurt were you?," he asked, looking at me.

"Well no," I said.

"Ahh, so you see. You missed classes AGAIN," he said, shaking his head.

"Sir, I was severely hit by a car and wanted my girlfriend to be with me. If someone is to get a punishment it's me not her. I will not allow her grades to fall because she was there supporting me and helping me get better," Harry said.

Mr. Winger eyed him.

"And who might you be son?," he asked.

"Harry Styles from One Direction, Emily's boyfriend," Harry said.

"One Direction?," Mr. Winger asked.

"Yes, we're pretty famous, if you must put it that way. But as I seen and heard, not much people know who I am here in Russia," Harry said.

"Well just because you're so called "famous" won't help Emily with her fame in this class," Mr. Winger said, looking down on his notepad.

I looked up at Harry, who just shook his head, I looked back at Mr. Winger.

"Very well, Emily I'll give you two assignments, and maybe you can make it up," Mr. Winger said.

I fell to my side and Harry caught me. 

I just literally finished the last assignment!

Mr. Winger handed me the papers.

"Go to your seat please," he said.

I lead Harry to my seat.

"Mr. Styler?," he asked.

"Styles," Harry corrected.

"I wish you to leave," Mr. Winger said.

"NO!," I said, louder then usual.

Everyone in class looked at me, including Nathan.

"He's staying with me," I said, firmly.

"Miss Emily, you won't mind if I call your father and tell him what you are doing currently? Yelling at your teacher like that?," Mr. Winger asked.

"Not at all," I said.

"Okay that's an F for this class," he said.

"Oh fuck it," I said under my breath, grabbed my bag and stormed out the door into the hallway.

Harry quickly came out after me.

"Em..," he said.

I turned to him teary eyed.

"Oh Emily," he said and hugged me.

"I hate him and this class and Russia!," I yelled into his chest.

"Shhhhh," he said, hugging me.

"Emily?," Nathan asked walking out.

I turned to face him.

"What?," I asked.

"C'mon Emily. You didn't give up through the first semester don't give up now," he said.

"Yeah Em," Harry said.

Like he knew who he was agreeing with.

"Nathan I can't cooperate in that class anymore," I said.

"Nathan...," Harry said.

Nathan looked at him confused.

"Harry not now," I said.

"Harry...," Nathan said.

Harry pulled me closer to him.

Mr. Winger walked out.

"Kids get back in class," he said.

Me, Nathan, and Harry all looked at him.

"As for you, get out of the building, you famous ass," he said to Harry.

I saw Harry get angry. He took my hand and lead me to the doors.

Once we were outside, he sighed deeply.

"Take me somewhere. Somewhere far, far away," I said.

Harry looked at me, from under his long hair.

He walked closer to me and pulled my face to his locking lips for a good five minutes.

"Soon baby, I'll take you away," he said and lead me to his car.






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