What About Love? What About Our Promises? *Sequel to His Mom, My Mom*

*Sequel to 'His Mom, My Mom' *

"Goodbye Princess"

New people. New country. New collage. Emily tries her best to stay in contact with the love of her life, Harry. But what happens when a small misunderstanding switches everything around, after four long months? Will Harry and Emily keep their relationship going strong, or will it fade away? Read to find out.


5. New Year's Eve

Emily's P.O.V.

I woke up to sunshine on my face. 

I just had a dream of Harry and me. I looked at my black screened laptop still on my bed. I got up and took it over to my desk and checked my phone.

He hasn't responded.

I called him again.


I sighed and went downstairs.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!," mom yelled.

"Merry Christmas," I smiled a bit.

"How are you? Did you sleep well? Come let's open some presents," mom said, smiling.

"Yeah, I'm good. Where's dad?," I asked.

"He's in the bathroom, he'll be back in a few seconds," mom said.

I nodded and sat down on the floor, by the Christmas tree, and looked at all the presents. I felt like a kid again.

"So how's Harry doing? What's he up to this Christmas?," mom asked.

"He's...uh....spending time with his mum and relatives. And then he goes back on tour," I plainly said.

"Oh nice. Busy boy. They should rest more, the band that is," mom said.

I nodded and dad came in.

"Merry Christmas girls!," he smiled.

I smiled back, and jumped up to hug him.

He seemed surprised and hugged back. 

At a moment like this, it's nice to have him and mom around.

"So, who's is the big box for?," dad smiled, pointing to the box.

I giggled a bit and went to check.


Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up, to find it snowing. I sighed and got up. 

My phone started ringing.

Caller ID: Emily

I threw my phone on my bed.

I walked around my room for a second and somehow went over to the guest room next to my bedroom. The room where I met Emily. The room where she first stayed at.

I sighed. It was empty...but I could see it full of her things.

C'mon Harold. She cheated on you! Why are you thinking of her!?

I looked at my tattoo's, the one's I got in Miami.

"Did you let her explain?"

Gemma's words came to mind.

I shook my head.

It was obvious. She told him that she loved him.

I left the room and went downstairs.

"Merry Christmas honey," mom said.

"Merry Christmas mum," I said and kissed her cheek.

"Do me a favor and go wake your sister," she said.

"Yes mum," I said and went back upstairs to Gemma's room.


~ 1 week later ~


"Bro you didn't let her explain!," Niall said, following me around.


"But she said that they're just friends!," Niall said.

"Friends DON'T act like that! That's more then 'just friends' Niall," I said.

"Guys calm down. We're going on stage in a couple of minutes," Liam tried calming us.

"Tell him to stop talking about Emily," I said.

Niall became quiet.

Before we went on stage he just looked at me.

"Why are you doing this to her?," he said.

I didn't have time to answer, since we went on stage.


Emily's P.O.V.


New Years Eve. Yeah, I should of known they'd be on TV.

"On sec, I need to finish my cocoa," I said.

"C'MON!!!! IT CAN WAIT!," mom yelled.

She turned the volume all the way up.


"We're only getting older baby. And I've been thinking about you lately...."


I stopped what I was doing and went to the living room. That song....


"Does it ever drive you crazy, just how fast the Night Changes?"


Harry's eyes were glossy as he starred into the camera. It reminded me of that time we said goodbye.

When they finished singing, the interviewer came up to them.

Mom left to go to the bathroom.

"So, I asked some fans to send in questions," the interviewer said, "Here's one. Which one of you is single? Raise your hand."

Harry was the only one.

Niall glared at him.

"Harry? I thought you were taken," the guy said.

"Not anymore," he said.

My eyes teared up.

"Tell us what happened between you and Emily," the guy said.

"We...it's personal," Harry answered.

"Okay I understand. You heard it guys!? Harry is single again!," the interviewer yelled.

I started crying and ran to my room, slamming it behind me.

Why just why?

My phone rang.

"Hello?," I said.

"Hey, you okay?," Jessica asked.

"Yeah," I choked.

"You've seen him...on TV?," she asked.

"Yeah," I answered.

"Oh Em. I'm so sorry, I heard Niall talking to him, but Harry keeps saying you told Nathan you loved him," Jess said.

"WHAT?! I didn't say that! I said, "I love you too Nathan, but as a brother-sister" that's what I said!," I told her.

"Harry must of only heard the first part then," Jess sighed.

"What can I do!!??," I cried.

"Open your window," she said.

"Wait what?," I asked.

"Open it," she repeated.

I went over and opened it, looking down.

I saw Jessica waving.

"OH MY GOD!," I yelled and ran downstairs out the front door through the snowy yard, to Jessica's open arms.

"GIRL WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEE!!!????," I yelled hugging her tightly.

"SURPRISE!?," she said, laughing.

I let her go.

She laughed more, making me laugh too.

"Let's go inside," she said.

I nodded and ran back inside.

Mom met us at the door.

"Jessica!," she exclaimed.

"Surprise!,"  Jess smiled.

"How are you!?," mom asked.

"I'm good, I'm good. Long flight, but good," Jess smiled.

"How long are you staying for?," I asked.

"Well I need to be back on the 23rd of January, that's when classes start again," she said.

I frowned.

"What?," she asked.

"Classes start on the 8th here," I said.

"Well then, I'll keep you company," she smiled.

I giggled a bit.

"Okay, now get undressed Jessica, I'll make you some hot chocolate," mom said.

I helped her get undressed and we went to sit down by the fire and TV.

"So how are you cooperating with it?," Jess asked, lowering her voice.

"I still don't know why he won't answer me so I can explain myself. He hasn't let ME explain!," I said.

Jess nodded.

"How's Niall?," I asked.

Jess looked down on her left hand. I saw a ring.

"NO FOOKING WAY!," I yelled.

Jess laughed.

"What's going on!?," mom asked.

I raised Jess' left hand.

"SHE'S ENGAGED!," I yelled.

"Surprise?," Jess laughed.

"Congratulations Jessica!," mom smiled.

"Thank you," she smiled back.

"Niall's one special guy," mom said.

Jess blushed a bit.

I looked down on my hand, with the ring Harry gave me, when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Jess noticed.

"Don't worry Em, he can't live without you. He'll think it over, over time and then come back begging you to forgive HIM," Jess said.

"Wait what?," mom asked.

I blinked and looked at Jess.

"Uhhh," I started.

"Emily...did you and Harry get in a fight?," mom asked.

I looked down and started crying.

Jess hugged me.

"Mrs. Victoria, Harry caught Emily and Nathan in a park one day, here in Russia, and he saw them kissing, which was Nathan's move. And then he heard Nathan say ' I love you ' and he heard Emily START saying 'I love you too...but as a brother-sister' . Harry heard the first part and got mad and gassed away," Jess told the whole story.

I sobbed.

"Oh Emily, honey. You should of told me!," mom said, coming over to sit by me and hugged me.

"I just wanted to try on my own. But Harry won't even answer my calls or texts!," I cried.

Mom stroked my hair.

"It's okay honey. Just give him time maybe," mom said.

"Yeah that's what Jess just said," I said.

I pulled away and dried my tears.

Dad came in.

"Oh hello Jessica!!," he said, his arms full of wood.

"Hello," Jessica smiled.

"I brought wood for the fire," dad chuckled.

"Better put it in, it's the New Year in about half an hour!," mom said.

Jessica moved closer to me and hugged me again.

"It'll be alright," she whispered.

"I hope so," I whispered back.







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