What About Love? What About Our Promises? *Sequel to His Mom, My Mom*

*Sequel to 'His Mom, My Mom' *

"Goodbye Princess"

New people. New country. New collage. Emily tries her best to stay in contact with the love of her life, Harry. But what happens when a small misunderstanding switches everything around, after four long months? Will Harry and Emily keep their relationship going strong, or will it fade away? Read to find out.


3. Nathan

Emily's P.O.V.

-two days later-

I was sitting at my desk in my room, when I heard Nathan calling from downstairs.



He came upstairs.

"Wanna take a stroll in the park?," he asked.

I looked outside. The sun was shining on the white snow.

"I guess. I'm sick of books," I said, slamming my book shut.

"Yay!," he said.

"Is someone else tagging along?," I asked.

"Nope, I wanted to go alone, but decided to drop by and ask if you wanna come," he said.

"Yeah, sounds great!," I said, putting my shawl on.

He smiled.

"You look really pretty today," he said.

"Thank you?," I said, then laughed.

He smiled again.

We went downstairs and I left a note on the table for Alisa were I'm at.

"Let's go!," I said, walking to the door.

I took a deep breath in when we stepped outside while Nathan closed the door behind us.

"So got your phone back yet?," Nathan asked.

"Nope, dad won't give it back until after Christmas," I said sadly.

"Sucks. What did you do anyways?," he asked.

"I spent time texting Harry last time dad took me out to eat, and he got mad and took it away. He never liked the idea of me and Harry being together. He once called him a fuck boy and reckless," I said, remembering the past.

"Well...Harry IS rather famous," Nathan said.

"You didn't even know who he is until I told you," I said.

Nathan laughed.

I reached down and made a snowball and threw it at him.

"Emily! C'mon!," he cried.

"Serves you right for insulting my boyfriend," I said.

"I wasn't insulting him!"

"Harry doesn't like being called famous."

"But he IS!"

"Don't make me throw another snowball at ya!," I warned.

"Fine, fine, I'll shut up now," he said.

I took a sigh of victory, for shutting Nathan up.

"So, your tattoo. You never told me what it stands for," Nathan said.

"Harry and I got matching tattoo's, when we went to Miami together for a short "Goodbye Trip". He got the same one, but with 'E' on the bottom," I said.

"Forever and Always?"

"He used to say "Forever and Always, our love will be strong"," I explained.

"Have you guys ever done 'it'?"

I glared at Nathan.

"What?," he laughed.

"Where did that come from?," I asked.

"Just wanna know how far you guys are in your relationship," he said.


"Because," he simply said.

"Nathan, it's privet for me," I said.

"Okay, wanna grab a coffee before we head to the park?," he asked.

I nodded.


Harry's P.O.V.

I arrived at Central Russian University and pulled up to the apartments where Emily lived.

I took a deep breath.

Four months and I haven't seen her.

I got chills all over and got out of the car with the flowers I bought for her. I locked my car and walked to the entrance.

I looked at my old messages from her. 

"Apartment 234," I told myself and walked around.

A girl came out of her apartment.

"Excuse me?," I asked.

"Yeah?," she smiled at me.

"Where can I find apartment 234?," I asked, showing her my old text from Emily.

"Oh Woodland apartments are those big ones on the other side of the campus," she said.

"Oh," I said. Damn Harold, how'd you get that wrong?

"Yes. just take a left from here and at the lights take a right. It'll lead you straight to them," she said.

"Thank you so much," I said.

"No problem," she smiled.

I turned around and walked out.

I looked at the sign. 'Firewood Apartments'.

Woodland, Firewood....anyone can get that wrong right?

I hopped in my car and followed the girls instructions.

Right away I saw a big 234 number. Oh, so her apartment is pretty huge. Like a house kind of.

I got out of my car, grabbed the flowers and locked my car.

I fixed my coat and knocked on the door.

"Hello!," a blond girl said opening the door.

"Hello, is Emily here?," I asked.

She blinked a couple of times and starred at me.

"Are you Harry....Styler?," she asked.

"Styles," I corrected.

Wow, so people don't even know who I am here? That's pretty nice.

"Oh my gosh! Hi I'm Alisa, Emily's roommate. Emily just went out with Nathan," she said.

"Nathan?," I asked curious.

"Yeah our friend that lives next door with my boyfriend," she smiled.

"Oh, were can I find them?," I asked.

"She left a note saying they're taking a stroll in the park," she said.

Stroll in the park, aye? With a Nathan dude?

"Which way is the park?," I asked.

"If you walk behind our house, on the sidewalk, you'll pass the coffee shop. Take a right, and it'll take you into the park. It's not big, but really lovely," she smiled.

"Thank you," I said and smiled back.

"Not a problem," she said.

I smiled again and walked around the house to the sidewalk.

Nathan and a stroll in the park. Wonder what this is all about.

I walked pass the coffee shop and it took me to the park.

And there I saw her with a guy sitting on a bench, a short distance away.


Emily's P.O.V.

"So have you heard about the Jingle Ball?," Nathan asked.

I sipped my coffee and shook my head.

"It's on Christmas night. Like a Christmas party thing," he said.

"Dad wants me home with him," I said, looking up at him.

"But I wanted to take you. Jim and Alisa are going and I thought you'd like to pull away from everything and just let lose a little," he said.

I laughed.

"Thank you Nathan, but I'm good," I said.

Nathan cupped my face.

I looked at him confused.

He leaned in....whhhaaaaa???

He kissed me gently. Being as stupid as I am I actually kissed back.

What the fuck am I doing?


Harry's P.O.V.

He leaned in and kissed her.


I walked up to them and stood behind the tree.

They pulled away and I saw Emily in a daze.

"I love you Emily," the guy said.

"I love you too Nath-"

That's it. I had it! She didn't keep her promise. I turned around and walked away.


Emily's P.O.V.

"I love you too Nathan, but as a sister-brother, nothing more," I said, getting up.

He looked at me sadly.

"I should get going back home," I said.

He nodded and got up too.

We walked back to my apartment.


Harry's P.O.V.

I walked past her apartment, and I threw the flowers at her doorstep and got in my car.

How could she!? After four long months she managed to find someone else!? What about our love? What about all our promises?

I saw her coming up with that guy. I turned my car on.


Emily's P.O.V

I looked at the car parked in front of our house.

"HARRY!?," I exclaimed.

He looked angry.


He backed up and gassed away.

"Wait, WAIT!!!," I ran after his car.

He took a sharp left and disappeared into the distance.

I tried to calm down. What was he doing here?

"Emily?," Nathan said.

I looked at him, and he pointed to the shattered flowers on my doorsteps.

I picked them up and found a note.


"Roses are red. Violets are blue. Poems are hard, who cares? I'm in love with YOU. -H xoxo"


That still doesn't explain him gassing away and leaving shattered flowers at my door step.

Alisa walked out.

"Hey!!!! Where's Harry?," she asked.

"Can you explain why he just literally gassed away?," I asked.

She frowned.

"He went looking for you in the park," she said.

"In the park," I gasped, and looked at Nathan.

"I HATE YOU!," I yelled at him and smacked the flower at him, running past Alisa and up to my room, crying.

No, no no, no no no no!

He saw us!

He must of seen us!

"Harry I love you," I whispered and cried harder.






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