What About Love? What About Our Promises? *Sequel to His Mom, My Mom*

*Sequel to 'His Mom, My Mom' *

"Goodbye Princess"

New people. New country. New collage. Emily tries her best to stay in contact with the love of her life, Harry. But what happens when a small misunderstanding switches everything around, after four long months? Will Harry and Emily keep their relationship going strong, or will it fade away? Read to find out.


29. 'Good' Idea


Harry's P.O.V.


I walked into the restaurant where I came to meet Niall. I noticed the Irish boy right away.

"Hey bro," I said, walking up to him.

"Heya, long time no see Harold," he smiled.

I sat down and the waitress came up.

"Tea, coffee?," she asked.

"Tea is fine," I answered.

She went off in a hurry.

"So what's the point of this secret meeting of ours?," Niall asked chuckling.

"I feel like Em wants me to propose," I said, rubbing my temples.


"I don't know if I'm ready bro. I love her dearly and want to spend the rest of my life with her, but I don't know if I can get down on one knee and ask her for her hand, and then get married," I said.

Niall thought. I just starred at him, wanting some advice from him.

"So what it looks like for me, is that, you're not worried about the whole 'getting down on one knee' only of the marrying part, am I right?," he asked.

"I guess so. Once we'll be settled, she'll probably want kids...I'm not ready for all of that, I'm happy the way it is right now," I said, sighing a bit.

Niall chuckled as the waitress put my tea down. I thanked her.

"You're one weird guy Harold," Niall said.

"How did you go through it all? How are you cooperating with it?," I asked.

"I'm fine. The girl I love is gonna be my wife, I couldn't be happier. I don't want to lose her and I'll do anything to make her happy," he said.

"It seems so simple," I said.

"It is Harold! All you have to do is go down on one knee, and when you see those happy tears in her eyes, you just know it then....this is it. She's the one," Niall said.

I blinked and took in his words.

"And then the whole rest of the thing, wedding and all that, it goes by easily. Trust me, the nut to break here, is the getting down on one knee thing," he continued.

"What if Jess wants kids afterwords?," I asked him.

"Then we'll have kids! I don't think there's nothing greater then being a dad," he smiled, "But knowing Jess she'll want to settle down first and after a year or something, maybe, think about our next generation."

I chuckled a bit.

"Trust me Harold, I know Em is the right girl for you. You put yourself under the wheels of a car for her, for goodness sakes! How hard can it be to propose!?," Niall said.

"It just is...and I don't have any ideas of how to do it," I said.

Niall thought a bit, then a wide grin spread over his face.

"What?," I asked.

"I've got an amazing idea," he said.




Emily's P.O.V.


I smiled as Jess walked out of the dressing room in a beautiful, sorta puffy, white dress.

"I love it," I squealed.

Jess' mom smiled too.

Jess looked at herself in the mirror, and I noticed tears in her eyes. She turned to face us.

"This is the one," she whispered.

"Oh honey, you look so beautiful!," her mom said, tears in her eyes too.

I nodded.

"How much is it?," Jess asked the lady that was helping us.

"$1,500," she answered.

"Mom?," Jess asked.

Her mom nodded. 

Long ago it was a big price, but you know, the 1D boys have the money. It's not like we were using it...but we needed it. Jess asked Niall for some before we left and he gave her $5,000. So this price was pretty good.

"Oh can I please try on a dress too," I begged.

Jess laughed.

"Which one?," the lady smiled.

I pulled out the one that caught my eye.

"This one," I said.

I went to the dressing room and she helped me put it on.

I walked out and Jess' and her moms mouths fell open.

"What?," I giggled, "Is it that good?"

I turned to look at myself. Bad idea.

"It's so beautiful," I whispered, biting my lip so I wouldn't cry.

I spread out the delicate white fabric of the dresses bottom part. It had a sorta sparkly top, with rose embroidery.

"Em...I know Harry hasn't asked for your hand...but I would probably kill myself if you didn't buy that dress," she said.

"Jess I can't," I said, looking at myself in the mirror.

"Urgh, I hate you!," she yelled.

I giggled a bit.

"Is it possible to keep this dress on hold for a while?," I asked the lady.

"Like how long?," she asked.

"6 months?," I asked, trying to think of the longest date.

She thought.

"Okay, but when you come back for it, it'll be a extra $300," she said.

"So I can keep it on hold-"

"As long as you like," she smiled.

"Oh thank you!," I exclaimed.

Well, at least I knew what dress I'd wear.....but would I wear it?

"I guess I'll take it off then," I said and walked back to the dressing room.

We paid for Jess' dress and drove her mom back home, heading towards Beverly Hills to leave me at Harry's and my flat.

"I can't believe it still....I mean I'm marrying Niall Horan in less then a week," Jess said.

"It all seems just like a dream doesn't it?," I asked, putting my hand out the window.

"Yes. Well except for the kidnapping part....that was terrible," she sighed.

"It's okay Jess," I said.

"Do you miss him? Your dad, that is?"

"Yes, tons. He won't be able to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day...I've always imagined that," I sighed.

"Who will you chose then...to walk you down the aisle?"

I smiled a bit.

"Would it be weird if I asked Niall?," I said.

She giggled.

"Cause I thought it'd be my mom, but she said that it's a mans job," I giggled a bit.

"You'll have to ask Harry if he'd approve," Jess said.

I nodded.

Jess drove into the drive-way of mine and Harry's house and I got out.

"Well see ya soon bestie," I said.

"Yes ma'am," she winked, pulling out.

I waved until she disappeared down the road, and I turned around walking through the gate and into the front yard.

As I neared the front porch I smelled something good cooking.

I walked into the house and head something sizzling in the kitchen.

I tip-toed over to the kitchen opening and saw him, humming, and flipping something over on the pan.

"I could smell that from a mile away," I said.

Harry jumped and looked at me.

"Miss Emily....have we gone over a lesson called, 'We Do Not Scare Mr. Styles' yet?," he said, smiling, walking over to me.

"Um...I don't remember?," I said.

"Well, then we'll have to go over it, won't we?," he smirked, pulling me into the kitchen and picking me up on the counter-top.

I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Do we have to?," I asked, sticking my bottom lip out.

He looked up at the ceiling.

"Nah," he said and slammed his lips to mine.

I giggled.

He pulled away to smile.

"What you cooking Mr. Styles?," I asked.

"Taco's, our favorite," he winked.

"Yay!," I smiled.

"Go wash your hands and we'll eat outside," he said, helping me down and playing slapping my arse as I walked away.

I ran to the bathroom like a little kid, washed my hands, and ran back to the back yard door.

I sat down by the table and starred at the pool, taking in the stillness.

Soon Harry came out with two plates of taco's.

"Voilà!," he said placing the plate in front of me.

I smiled and he sat down.

"So, how did the wedding dress shopping go?," Harry asked, biting into his taco.

"Very good, we found "The Dress"," I smiled.

"That's good. The wedding's next week, so it's great that she found the one," Harry smiled.

"Yeah," I sighed.

"Everything alright babe?," he asked.

"Mhmm," I nodded and bit my taco.

Harry looked at the pool.

"I've got an idea," he smiled cheekly.

"Oh Mr. Styles, you and your ideas," I said, rolling my eyes playfully.

"This one is super good," he winked.

"And what would that be?," I asked.

"We should go swimming when it gets dark," he smiled, looking at the sparkling pool water.

I looked at him confused. He looked back at me.

"Trust me, it'll be romantic," he said.

"Stop being so romantic," I giggled.

He took my hand in his.

"For you, I can spend the rest of my life being romantic," he smiled.

I blushed.

"I can see that I made you blush. Now, that hasn't happened in a long time has it?," he chuckled.

"Yah, yah," I said and bit into the taco.





Harry ran outside and jumped into the pool. Romantic aye? When your man is acting like a five-year-old.

I walked down the steps into the pool and slowly sunk into the water.

Harry came up from under the water and looked at me, flattening his hair down, and swimming over to my side.

"Nice isn't it?," he asked, looking up at the starry sky.

"Mhmm," I said, deep in thoughts.

"What are you thinking about?," he asked, trying to read my thoughts.

I looked at him.

"Almost everything that's happened to us so far," I said.

"And still, our love is strong," he smiled.

"Yeah," I said, looking away from his face.

"But there's still something bothering you. What is it love?," he asked.

"I...I can't tell you," I said, looking down.




"I just can't Harry," I said, looking at him again.

He looked a little sad, but placed his hands on my waist.

"You know you can tell me everything. And I mean everything," he said, pressing his forehead to mine.

"I know Haz," I whispered.

He nodded and kissed my forehead.

"Shall we swim?," he asked, winking.

"Yeah," I smiled.

We swam around for a while, until Harry grabbed my waist and pressed me up against the wall.

I bit my lip.

"So....I counted up, that you called me silly exactly fifteen times while I was away," he smirked.

I rolled my eyes playfully.

I felt him pull my swimming panties down.

"You know what that means, don't you?," he asked.

I gulped.

"N-no," I said.

He leaned in closer.

"That means I must punish you," he said, in a seductive tone.

"Will you ever tell me why I can't call you silly?," I asked.

"Mmm, no," he smirked.

"Urgh, Styles I hate you," I slapped his wet chest.

He chuckled and took my bikini top off. It made me feel weird...I was outside, in a pool, naked.

Harrys lips found mine and soon I forgot where we were.

He led me into a fog. All the way to the rainbow. 

I panted hard as we finished. Sweating, even if we where in the water.

"I'll never stop loving you," Harry whispered into my ear.

I swallowed and tried to control my breathing.

Harry took me out of the water and carried me inside and upstairs, where we took a long shower.




Never in my life have I wanted so bad to marry Harry. 

I lay in bed starring at the ceiling, as Harry brushed his teeth in the bathroom.

I couldn't just tell him: "Haz, what's bothering me is that, I think it's time to get married. To get engaged."

How was I certain that he loves me if-

Wait no, I can't think of it that way.

Harry loves me a lot. I should know that by now.

But why...Why could Jess and Niall settle down so fast and Harry and I couldn't?

Was he scared?

Harry came out of the bathroom, wearing only his black Calvin Kleins.

"Want me to close the window or leave it open?," he asked, pointing to the open window.

"I think we should leave it open," I said.

He nodded and walked over to the bed, sliding in next to me.

"That was nice," he smiled.

"It was one of you 'good' ideas," I said.

"Oh? So what are my 'bad' ideas then?," he asked.

"You have no bad ideas. All of your ideas are amazing," I smiled.

He chuckled and pulled me into his chest.

"Oh Em," he said, holding me close.

I snuggled into his warm chest.

He kissed my shoulder, and soon I fell asleep, dreaming of getting married.









Hi everyone, getting a bit emotional because well, this is the chapter before the last chapter, and I don't know....I feel like I should write a third book to this story...LOL.....did I just say that? Well yeah, that's been roaming in my mind. I'm not 100% sure. So, as for now.....Thank you for the support again and well see you in the next chapter :) 


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