What About Love? What About Our Promises? *Sequel to His Mom, My Mom*

*Sequel to 'His Mom, My Mom' *

"Goodbye Princess"

New people. New country. New collage. Emily tries her best to stay in contact with the love of her life, Harry. But what happens when a small misunderstanding switches everything around, after four long months? Will Harry and Emily keep their relationship going strong, or will it fade away? Read to find out.


17. Going Back Home

Emily's P.O.V.


"I'll miss you Emily," Alisa said as she hugged me goodbye.

"Awe, I'll miss you too girl,"  I said, hugging back.

I hugged Jim next.

"It's been awesome to meet someone like you. Stay safe and watch out, and hopefully you'll return for the rest of the semester," he said.

"Yeah, hopefully," I said.

I looked at Nathan.

"Come here," I said, and hugged him tightly.

"I'm sorry, for what I caused. I hope you remember the good times we had as friends," he said.

I looked into his hazel eyes.

"I'll never forget what great friendships I made here, including you Nathan," I said.

He smiled and hugged me again.

"So when's your dad com-.....oh, there he is," Jim said, looking down the road.

I hugged Alisa one more time.

"Ready to go Emmy?," dad asked, getting out of the car.

"Yes sir," I said.

He put my bags in the back of the car.

"I'll never forget any of you," I said, and got into the car.

"Call us once you get to Cali safely," Alisa said.

I nodded.

"And watch out!," Jim said again.

Dad turned the car around.

"Bye Emily, we LOVE YOUUUU!," Nathan yelled after us.

I waved my hand out the window.

"You made some good friends here haven't you?," dad asked.

"Yeah.....it's weird to say, but I'm going to miss it here,"  I said.

Dad chuckled.

"But I'm still a Cali girl one hundred percent," I said.

Dad nodded.

My phone beeped.

I took it out of my purse.


"Trying to escape now, huh? Don't worry, I'll find you."


"D-Dad?," I said, handing him my phone.

Dad frowned.

"Have you tried texting this unknown number?," he asked.

"No...," I answered.

"What should I write?," I asked.

"How about, 'Who are you and what do you want?'," he said.

I gulped and sent that text.

I put my phone down and waited, starring out the window.

My phone beeped. My heart pounded.


"Let's just say we know each other. And I want you of course!"


I showed dad the text.

He frowned, pulling into the airport parking lot.

He took my phone and texted:


"Emily will NEVER be yours, whoever the hell you are, and stop texting my daughter and following her, or I'll see you in court!"


He gave me my phone back.

We got our luggage and went inside the airport.

My phone beeped.

Dad took it.

"Oh this is for you," he smiled.


"Love when you going to be here?" -Hxx


I smiled.


"Soon, soon, mister ;)" -Emxx

"Awe c'mon." -Hxx

"At 2 am, I think. Grrrr to time differences. Did you take a day off of the tour?'' -Emxx

"Nope we don't have a concert till Thursday." -Hxx

"Oh where?" -Emxx

"It's a surprise. ;)" -Hxx

"You know I can just check online." -Emxx

"Baby, you and me in Miami ;)" -Hxx

"Is that the surprise?" -Emxx

"Yes love xoxo" -Hxx

"YAYYYYY!!!!!" -Emxx

"Well see you soon my princess :*" -Hxx

"See you <3" -Emxx


Dad and I got on the plane and it took off. I got no more messages from the creeper. I sighed and took a nap.


~ few hours later ~


I yawned for the fifth time as I waited in line to get off the plane. 

Dad chuckled.

"Whhhaattt? It's two in the morning. Aren't I allowed to yawn?," I said, yawning again.

"Yes, yes indeed you are," dad said, laughing.

I just frowned and looked at the line to the exit.

Soon dad and I got off the plane and we were going through the tunnel.

"California knows how to party," I sang jumping around.

Dad chuckled some more.

We walked out to a waiting crowd of people, and I noticed him.

"HAAAARRRYYYY!!!," I yelled and ran to him.

He ran towards me with his arms spread wide and caught me, hugging me tightly, and kissing my cheek.

"I missed you baby, I'm so glad you are safe," he said into my ear.

"EMILY!," mom yelled running towards us.

Harry put me down and I hugged mom.

"Honey are you alright?," she asked, looking me up and down.

"Yes, nothing has happened yet and hopefully we figure this strange thing out and everything will be alright," I said.

She nodded and hugged dad, who finally came over.

I looked up at Harry.

He smiled at me, and cupped my face, finding my lips with his and kissing me passionately.

"Well once the two love-birds are finished, there are cars waiting outside for us already," mom said.

I pulled away.

"Cars?," I asked confused.

"Yes, I brought bodyguards and drivers to come and pick you up," Harry said.

"Oh," I said, looking outside at to big black cars, and a lot of paps.

Harry took off his coat and put it on me, pulling the hood over my head. Mom pulled her hood up as we approached the doors. We quickly moved through the crowd of paps and got safely to the car. Harry and I got in one and mom and dad got in the other one.

"Whew, what a crowd!," I exclaimed once I caught my breath.

"Yeah," Harry said, looking outside, while wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder.

"Good to be back home?," Harry asked, kissing my forehead.

I nodded. 

Harry yawned and took his phone out.

"Baby?," I asked.


"When are you suppose to go back on tour again?"

"In two days," he said looking at me, slightly worried.

"Oh, do you think I could go with you?," I asked.

"I don't know if it's safe, but then again.....we change our location really quickly now that we're on tour, so it'll be harder to find you if you came with us," he said.

"So it IS safer to go with you," I asked.

"Yes, but we need to talk with your mom and dad," Harry said.

"But what about Miami?," I asked.

"We leave Saturday and stay until Tuesday," Harry smiled.

"Yay," I whispered.

Harry chuckled deeply and hugged me tightly.

Soon we were pulling up to my parents house.

"Are we staying here tonight?," I asked Harry.

"I don't know yet love," he answered.

We got out of the car and went inside.

Mom, dad were deep in conversation, in the kitchen already.

"Emily," mom smiled, once she saw me walk in.


"Are you staying with us tonight?," she asked, looking at me, then at Harry.

"Um, do you want us to?," I asked.

"I feel like Harry's house might be safer, cause it's more hidden," she said.

"But I wanna go to bed and Harry's house is half an hour away," I pouted.

Harry chuckled slightly.

I grinned. 

"Yeah, but I guess you're right, so we'll get going and come back tomorrow around one," I said.

"Okay, bye sweetie, stay safe," mom said.

I hugged her and dad and went outside to the waiting Cadillac, which Paul was driving. Harry was already inside waiting for me.

"So home?," he asked, smiling.

"Home," I said.

"Paul take us to my house," Harry instructed.

"Yes sir," Paul answered.

I leaned my head on Harry's shoulder and lightly dozed off.

I was slightly wakened up when I felt Harry carry me into "our" house. He put me down on the sofa and I heard him go get my luggage.

"Goodnight," he whispered to Paul.

"Harry before I go, I want to inform you that me and Ralph will be on guard in the car in front of your house," Paul whispered back.

"Okay, sounds good," Harry said.

"Well goodnight," Paul whispered.

I heard the front door shut and Harry walked over to the sofa, picking me up gently. I dozed off again, waking up already changed in my pj's.

I opened my eyes to find a dark room with the bed empty.

"Haz?," I whispered.

I noticed light coming from the bathroom and water running in the shower.

I laid back down and dozed off again for the third time.

I woke up, yet again, when Harry slipped into bed next to me.

I flipped over so I was facing him.

"Took a shower?," I whispered.

"Yes, I haven't showered in two days," he quietly chuckled, stroking my cheek, pulling me closer to him.

"They don't let you shower on tour?"

"No, not that. It's because I had a tight schedule. We had the concert then I had to go to bed quickly to wake up for my flight yesterday at 7 am, then the plane had to stop at a random city for more gas, with a three hour delay. Once I came home here at 8 pm yesterday, I was too exhausted and today I woke up at 2 pm..and just didn't feel like taking one until now," he chuckled softly.

"Oh quite a story, I must say," I said.

"Mhmm, sleep love. You need rest," he said, softly.

I closed my eyes as he ran his fingers through my hair, planting kiss by kiss on my forehead.

The sudden buzz off my phone, jolted me awake.

"Shh, it's okay love," Harry said, reaching over to check my phone.

"Who is it?," I mumbled.

Harry kept quiet.

"Harry who is it?," I asked, opening my eyes.

He gulped and turned the screen towards me.


"Remember to watch your back. I'll find you, even if you are with that famous asshole. I know where you are Emily, just you wait and see."


 I shivered under the covers.

Harry turned my phone completely off and put it on his bedside table.

"Harry....what if he finds me? What if he....kidnaps me?," I asked, shaking.

"Shh baby, I won't let that happen. Nor will your parents," Harry said hugging me.

I cuddled into his chest and soon fell asleep, dreaming of me and Harry in Miami.







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