What About Love? What About Our Promises? *Sequel to His Mom, My Mom*

*Sequel to 'His Mom, My Mom' *

"Goodbye Princess"

New people. New country. New collage. Emily tries her best to stay in contact with the love of her life, Harry. But what happens when a small misunderstanding switches everything around, after four long months? Will Harry and Emily keep their relationship going strong, or will it fade away? Read to find out.


16. Another Text

 Emily's P.O.V.

~ four hours later~

"Just an unknown number?," my dad asked.

"Yes....," I said, still shaking.

Dad held me close and dialed the number.

No one answered.

"We must get this to the police department," dad said.

"Dad, here in Russia!?," I asked.

He thought for a while.

"Well you're right, Russian police won't help. We need to go back to America," he said.

I nodded.

"Emily, since Spring Break is next week, pack your bags, we're leaving earlier," he said.

"Okay, I will," I said.

He got up.

"Is Alisa coming over tonight?," he asked.

"No she's staying with Jim again," I said.

"Well then I'm staying with you just in case," he said.

"Thank you dad," I said.

"But for now let me ask you. Do you have any enemies?," he asked.

"Well for a second I thought it would be one of the fans, but I don't receive any hate anymore since Harry and I broke up for a while and no one knows we're back together again," I said.

"Mhmm, that's true....perhaps here on campus someone's jealous of you and Harry?"

"No, Nathan and I are in a good friendship again," I said.

"I see," he said.

"But dad today Mr. Winger...," and I told him the entire Mr. Winger story.

"That's shocking I must say," dad said.

"Do you think he'd send me that text?," I asked.

"As far as I'm concerned Emily, I don't think a thirty-year-old professor from business class, would send you a creepy text," dad said.

"But dad he WAS creepy," I said.

"Nonsense Emily! Drop the subject please," he said.

"Dad he-"

I was cut off by knocking on my door. My eyes grew wide.

Dad got up and straightened his suit and tie.

He walked to the door opening it.

"Hello, we're here in the name of Harry Styles to protect Emily Windfield," one of the two big guys said.

I took a closer look at them.

"Ralph! Paul!," I cried and ran to hug them.

"Emmmmmmmiilllyyy," Paul said in a singing voice.

"Did Harry really send you to protect me?," I asked.

They both nodded.

"Well that's what I call a boyfriend," dad said smiling proudly.

I smiled too.

"Come in!," I said, letting both men inside.

"Did you receive any more texts?," Ralph asked.

"No, just this one," I said, handing him my phone.

Both of them saw the message and gave me my phone back.

"Well first of all I think you should change your phone number," Paul said.

"Yeah, dads gonna do that," I said.

Dad nodded.

"And second of all, going back to America would be good. Even better if you stayed with Harry for a while since he's strongly protected by bodyguards," Ralph said.

"Yes, Emily and I are leaving on Sunday," dad said.

"That's good, did you tell Harry yet?," Paul asked.

"No not yet, dad literally just told me that we're going," I said.

"I still need to put more workers in place at my work, and buy plane tickets and well, get packed," dad informed.

Both of the guys nodded.

"Well since Paul and Ralph are staying, I guess I'll go back home and start packing," dad said.

"Well okay," I said and lead him to the door.

"Watch out Emily please," he said.

"With Paul and Ralph I'm sure nothing will happen to me," I said.

He nodded and hugged me then left.

"Well boys, tea? Coffee?," I asked.

"Coffee for Ralph he's staying up, while you and I both sleep, so I can protect you tomorrow and then we'll switch again," Paul said.

"Okey dokey," I said, going to the kitchen.

"Strong coffee please Emily," Ralph said.

"Yes sir!," I said in a manly tone.

They both laughed.


~ next day ~


"So where's this meeting at?," Paul asked as we walked to the place where Nathan, Jim, and Alisa and I were to meet.

"At this small cafe, on the corner of the street," I said.

"Mhmm," he said, looking around to check if no one was following us.

We got to the cafe and I found everyone there. I sat down next to Alisa and opened my notebook. 

Paul sat down right next to me.

Everyone looked at him.

"Uh Hi," Paul said.

I laughed.

"Wait...who are you?," Nathan asked.

"Names Paul," Paul said.

Nathan blinked.

"He's my new boyfriend," I joked.

"Whatttt??," Nathan asked.

"Just kidding, just kidding!," I laughed with Paul.

Then, I explained everything that happened yesterday.

"Oh so you're leaving Saturday?," Alisa asked.

I nodded.

"We'll miss you. How long you staying in the US?," Jim asked.

"As long as it takes to find out who is the creeper," I said. Paul nodded.

"That's scary...what if he finds you?," Alisa asked.

"Hopefully not, that's why Paul's here," I said.

"But what if....?," she said.

"I don't want to think of it, although I want to know who it is," I said.

Alisa nodded.

Everyone turned to their homework.

I finished mine and ordered a coffee.

My phone bleeped.


"You think bodyguards scare me? Think again."


I threw my phone on the table. Everyone looked at me.

Paul picked up my phone and read the text.

"This is not good," he said, looking out the window.

Alisa grabbed my phone and went pale, then Nathan and Jim read it.

"Who the hell is this!?," Nathan exclaimed.

"I don't know," I said shaking.

Paul put an arm around my shoulder.

"I want Harry here with me," I whispered to him.

"I know," he whispered back.

"I think we should go home Emily," Alisa said.

I nodded and got up. We said goodbye to Nathan and Jim and quickly walked back to our apartment.

Once we were home I called dad and told him that I got another text.

He told me to pack and that we're leaving tomorrow.

I went upstairs to pack.

Paul stayed with me the whole time.

"Well at least you'll be reunited with Harry soon," he said.

"Yeah," I said, day-dreaming of being in his arms again.






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