Bloods Gods


1. Blood Gods

There was a tribe that lived in a world of life.

They danced and danced.

There was one female and four males.

The males danced to the Gods but they did a bad thing.

All four men banished the woman from the tribe.

But when the men danced around the fire the dance was wrong.

They needed a female as well but they banished her and that made the Gods mad.

The gods sent the Blood Gods.

They are tall, thin and dressed in blood with their death sticks.

They came and made blood rain.

The rain melted everything.

The Blood Gods came and killed the four men and the one female was taken to a better world.

To make a new tribe.

With four hundred men, two hundred kids and twenty mothers.

There was a herd of cattle and a village to live in.

The Gods gave that one female a name.

Her name was "Mahjong".

Mahjongs tribe called her gallery because of her beautiful art work.

She made paintings out of colours from plants and fruit.

The whole tribe grew and grew.

Soon there was six hundred men, three hundred kids and ten mothers.

Most of the females died because of a disease that they catched.

Gallery (Mahjong) had six kids and two hundred husbands.

She fell sick after having her second child.

After five years other tribes started to move in.

They built home's out of metal and bricks.

Mahjong's tribe was curious about their homes.

Mahjong had never seen a building like that, only one built of stick and leaves.

Mahjong hated everything, so she danced wrong.

The Blood Gods came down with their death sticks and killed every one.

Mahjong was broken all over from head to toe.

She couldn't walk or move.

Her kids were dead, even her two hundred husbands.

The Blood Gods bent down all around Mahjong and said "why".

Mahjong did not understand why they said why.

But after she died, peace was reborn.

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