Daddy [cth]

in which calum likes being called daddy for sexual pleasure


3. two

just one chapter & this is already number 1 in 5sos most popular this month & number 2 in all time popular this month? wow. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH

Reese's POV

"For the fucking millionth time Calum, I will not have sex with you" I protested as he followed me to the kitchen.

"And why not baby girl?" he asked me biting his lip, making me gag.

I was about to say something when I caught a glimpse of Luke making out with some drunk brunette. It made my heart shatter into a million pieces. I tried so hard to fight the tears escaping my eyes, but as I realized I couldn't I just let them fall. Of fucking course Luke would move on that quickly. 

"Are you okay?" Calum asked genially worried, which let me tell you surprised the fuck out of me. Calum was just simply the school's fuck boy, he didn't care about anyone. The main reason I vowed never to sleep, let alone fall for him.

"Yeah I-um, I'm fine" I lied stuttering over my own words as the tears began falling even faster.

"Hey baby girl, tell me what's wrong"He said wiping my tears with his thumbs. My heart may or may not have melted due to his words. 

"Luke, he clearly moved on" I said pointing towards Luke and the skank he was making out with.

"Is he kissing Arz? God he downgraded from you. She's a solid 7, and you baby girl are a 10" He said kissing my cheek. 

"It still hurts, it's just been 6 days since we broke up" I told him as I remembered the heart ache that was.

"She's clearly rebound. Either way he's a dumbass for breaking up with you. Let me tell you a little something, if you were mine, I wouldn't let you go. Because you baby girl are something special" he slurred and I realized then, that he was in a drunken state. 

"You're clearly drunk Cal, you don't mean that" I said rolling my eyes, but a huge part of me wished he did.

"Ohh but I do" he said pushing me against the wall as his hands roamed around my waist as he let his lips slowly touch mine. This wasn't your typical drunken messy kiss. It was slow, gentle, and passionate. Maybe my vow of not falling for Calum Hood would be broken because I was enjoying this more than I expected too.


It was Monday morning and I was not looking forward to going to school. Last night Calum and I to completely drunk and just made stupid jokes about everyone in the room. It was nice to have a distraction from Luke. I smiled thinking about it, but then I remembered my huge headache and groaned. I grabbed some pain killers as I headed to the shower

As I got out, I grabbed a pare of black tights and a Led Zeppelin crop top and hurriedly put it on. I put on some eyeliner, mascara, and blueberry chapstick. I looked in the mirror and decided I looked fine and headed out the door.

Michael was already there waiting for me in his car. I smiled as I got in the front seat.

"You look pretty happy for someone who saw her ex making out with another girl" He said 

I told Michael everything through text last night, but I let out making out with Calum because knowing Michael he'd never let me live it down.

"Calum actually made me feel better" I told him as I put my bag on his car floor.

"Told you he was a nice guy" Michael winked

"Yeah a very nice guy" I said smiling


here's a crappy update, hope you all liked it (:

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